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  1. Britney toured stated-side last year & toni braxton is touring state-side right now. What are you talking about? lol...
  2. I wouldnt mind seeing Fantasia do that. Bitch will sing her FACE awf. Ha!
  3. I dont care abut reviews or box scores. I just said it was bad that doesnt mean I care.
  4. lol....Janet tours ALWAYS get great reviews....so thats not very shocking...and pretty much a given seeing how its Janet performing...
  5. Dammmmmnnnnn, whew, thats bad.... But honestly, why the hell was Janet booked for little rock?!? Nobody goes there...for this very reason...
  6. Madonna, Tina, Cher, Barbara, all had better boxscore numbers at usually higher ticket prices during their last tour(s)... The numbers dont look great when seeing them, but some of those low numbers ARE in cities where demand isnt so much high...so its great those smaller cities got the opportunity to see Janet, b/c most acts, especially those of high caliber, would NOT book there.
  7. Mannnnnnn Janet ATE the stage TONIGHT HURR IN DALLAS!!!! Cardi B's track had a lil extended play during "What have you done for me lately" Janet even started to get crunk wit it lmaooo. Man I wish I woulda recorded it, but i was gettin' my life! The arena was packed, btw. It was an awesome turn-out.
  8. Not many artist visit Austin, but I think thats now starting to change due their population growth in recent years. Rihanna visited during her last tour and sold out. But honestly, Janet should have just done one city. Austin is only an hour and half from San Antonio.
  9. Meh. I wouldnt mind swinging in a chair being mean to people all day cashing in millions. I wish my life could flop like that
  10. Meh, i guess. Her vocals are on point. I love hearing her singing in her upper range
  11. I wanna go sooooooooo bad but the tickets are all sold out on ticketmaster
  12. Her voice is just amazing... But this songs sounds like like something someone already recorded....3 years ago...Its a no for me.
  13. ah. First and only time I meet him was in 2008. He was thin.
  14. she does. she knows we will burn the city down if she cancels
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