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  1. lmao! So you noticed....it's the first thing I saw.
  2. Right! This performance had nothing to do with MJ!!! I wish they would stop linking Janet's greatest moments to Mj. She is a separate artist all to herself. I understand he was her brother and he is/was huge but she deserves credit for her own success without always being linked to him. This is done way too much.
  3. Lmao! They both still love each other. And I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up at her Altanta show.
  4. Lmao! This mess was funny as hell! When it said she'd oil her body up and then walk pass him nude....I lost it! Too funny. Radar gives no fu*ks!!!
  5. You know I wouldn't be mad. I'd listen to what he had to say. Rene more than anybody else especially during that time would know more than Jimmy, Terry, Tina, Shawnette, etc. Even her own family. But that ain't gonna happen because homeboy can't even utter Janet's name or he could be sued. And with her no nonsense lawyers they would be on it unless Janet okayed it.
  6. Made up shit.... Janet said that she and Randy live in London. Couple that with her niece Brandi basically saying Janet is headed back overseas after this tour. She might spend Christmas here but she's definitely going back to London.
  7. I wish Bobby would leave Janet out of his shit storm. Between this movie and The Debarge movie next year. Janet's legal team needs to be on deck!
  8. Janet said in that video from Gary that she and Randy live in London. Which makes sense . That will most likely be her home base for some years since Wissam has to see his son. It wouldn't be fair to him for her to just live in America and him have to travel to another country to see his son. Randy said in that People article that Wissam agreed to let Janet take Eissa on tour with her. So I'm thinking she has to go back to London after this.
  9. I'm not trying to add to the drama but....If what her brother Randy said about her husband verbally abusing her during her pregnancy is true(and I believe it is)....she didn't have an easy pregnancy. You're also forgetting that she was pregnant at 50. I'd imagine that isn't easy. I've been pregnant 4 times and none of them were easy and I'm 32. So I know it had to be hard on her body. If she was asked what was harder touring or being pregnant I'll bet money she would say being pregnant without the support of her husband. That being said I got excited for the foreign fans when I saw her niece Brandi say she had to go see Janet before she goes back overseas. I thought for a minute that must mean a second leg in Europe. But than I realized Janet and Randy live in London. And I think it's apart of her divorce agreement that she returns to London after the tour in America. I hope she does something for you guys. Even if it's smaller venues.
  10. Awww! This was beautiful! I'm glad Janet made this woman's dream come true. She will cherish that moment.
  11. I took it as he doesn't mess with little girls. Remember Janet played Penny, a little girl on Good times. I don't think he was dissng Janet. Chris respects Janet. Otherwise this song is Horrible!
  12. lmao! Have you been watching Alexanda Rodgers? Jussie has loved Janet since he was a little kid.
  13. Janet wanted a baby... Bad. I feel like her and Wissam were trying from the start. She never give up even while she was on tour. I'm happy for her. She got her miracle baby and she kept her word and came back with the tour. So I'm not mad at all.
  14. Her fucking DIGNITY!!!!!! I remember so vividly how they trashed her through the media. That was a terrible time to be a Janet fan. I remember having to defend Janet at every turn. They are back tracking big time with this Janet isn't banned shit. Fuck em! Fuck em all!
  15. The NFL is full of SHIT! She was banned. Janet don't take the bait! These fuckers want to use you.
  16. I swear someone is always doing RN around the world. Iconic!
  17. Actually that's Janet's bodyguard and Joey's brother.
  18. When that celebrity Disney spotter site posted photos they didn't even acknowledge Ciara. I was like well damn y'all don't know that's Ciara right next to Janet.
  19. She sure is. She has a mystique about her that many of the current artists of today don't have. I've always liked that about her.
  20. So true! Its so weird seeing her out doing normal stuff. I'm enjoying the ride. We all know how miss Jackson likes to disappear. So y'all betta enjoy this.
  21. she probably slicked it down with some baby lotion.
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