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  1. I heard Kevin was making $85k a day doing Janet's makeup. Can't wait to watch. I DVR it.
  2. BlackCat1989


    Jeez....y'all gotta chill in here. Janet is doing damn great for someone with her most recent tour track record. You gotta remember a lot of people are still very upset with the way The Unbreakable tour turned out. A lot of folks complained about not being able to get their money back. Hell one person even sued Live Nation. Despite that Janet is still able to sell these tickets. I don't get why she has so many dates in Texas tho. Houston and Dallas should have been enough. Regardless I'm still glad she kept her word and is back on tour. With all she's going through it would have been easier to just let this tour go and go heal and be with her son. She kept her word! She's back! And she giving her fans a real show. Y'all gotta learn to appreciate what's given especially right now. Love you Janet!
  3. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    I just want Janet to do what's right for her and her son. Finish this tour. Then go off and spent time with her baby and do some soul searching. Life is to short. I want her to be happy and healthy.
  4. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    Yes, she is in for a long ride especially since this is Wissam's first born child and a son. He isn't going to give up on this.
  5. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    That's what I fear. Because in the end Eissa will be the one most effected by this. This shit can get real nasty real quick.
  6. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    She had no choice...Randy was gonna kick Wissam's ass if she didn't. Unless she can prove that Wissam is unfit she is gonna have to go back to London. And since he agreed to let Eissa go on tour with her does that mean he can now ask for Eissa to go back to Qatar with him?? I'm sure this is a scary thought for Janet.
  7. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    Yeah, I heard about that months ago when the separation was announced. Somebody said that they knew Wissam from passing and that he liked to mess with private call girls when he was with his rich friends. It's not that far fetched considering that's what he did in his youth.
  8. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    I really do believe he thought her having the baby would make her want to give up her career. He would probably get mad asf when she would talk about going back on tour. I don't know what he expected. Janet has spent her entire life on stage. That shit just doesn't leave you. It's in her blood!!!! I don't want her to go back to London after the tour....especially after hearing that the abuse is still ongoing. I'm legit scared for her.
  9. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    A complete and utter asshole!!!
  10. BlackCat1989


    @JoeJoe I remember you kept saying that he was trying to control her and that he didn't want her touring....You were right. However I do feel that she wanted this baby. She probably felt like it was her last chance...so she took it.
  11. BlackCat1989

    PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    I knew her adding "What about" and then breaking down on stage had to do with him. What kind of man calls his pregnant wife a bitch daily???? He thought her having a baby would turn her into a submissive housewife.... She wasn't having it. And kudos to Randy for stepping up and coming to his little sister's rescue. Fuck you Wissam!!!!! Every time I look at a picture of him and Janet now I get angry.
  12. Ugh! Y'all still go to ATRL???! When I saw a thread called Miley Cyrus is a legend...I got the fuck outta there and never returned!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes.
  13. BlackCat1989

    The "If" dance breakdown

    In her 20s, 30s, and early 40's that move was probably nothing for her to do. But Janet's in her 50s. I'd imagine that would be hell on her upper body.
  14. BlackCat1989


    ummm could be, but her saying "Don't let nobody control you" makes me think strictly of Wissam. Both James and Rene have been out of her life for decades....she wasn't talking about them. I give Wissam the benefit of the doubt because I didn't want to feed into the stereotype that all or most Muslim man are controlling. But now when you look back on certain things you can defiantly see that she was bending to all his needs and wants.....she got tried of that shit and bounced.
  15. BlackCat1989


    Is the pic where Janet has the gash on her nose a result of Wissam hitting her? That shocked me when I saw it. If so I hate his ass now!!!!
  16. BlackCat1989

    New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!

    I believe these are all real. The real question is how this unknown guy got ahold of these recordings? Has Jimmy said anything?? Either way I'm loving what I'm hearing.
  17. BlackCat1989

    BAD 30 - Janet at MJ's concert, 1988

    She wanted to bust a move so damn bad! Lmao!
  18. BlackCat1989

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    Lmao! You guys are a mess! I love what Michael said about Janet. They should really meet. Janet was outcha really saving peoples lives.
  19. BlackCat1989

    Groupon Deal: State of The World Tour Tickets

    I love Jan... But this is all her doing. Baby Eissa was worth it but it came at a price. And from what I'm hearing and seeing her tickets are selling fast. So this is a positive.
  20. BlackCat1989

    Sigh...Mary J. Blige owes millions in back taxes

    I hate hearing this about Mary. I hope she can get this under control. Glad she got rid of that trifling ass husband.
  21. Lol! Preston didn't say sh*t we didn't already know...... Janet taught him well
  22. BlackCat1989

    The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

    Me too! I hate and I love when people say this. But it's true.
  23. BlackCat1989

    Usher regains popluar vote with Carpool Karoake

    That would make my day!!!!! I know James would love to have her! I like Usher's music but it hard to listen to any of his music now.
  24. Janet reminds me of Paula Abdul here. And I think she was probably eating little to nothing here. Janet's body during the AFY tour was awesome. I remember pausing the HBO special multiple times to admire her physique. But I think it was hard to keep that up. Janet is a naturally thick woman. But because she is a sex symbol she was sorta pushed to stay thin all the time. It something she's struggled with over the years. When she lost all that weight back in 06....I was worried because in some pics she looked emaciated. Like she lost the weight too quickly. But this time it's seems totally different. She took her time and over the last 6 months has managed to lose the weight and look healthy.