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  1. She deserves it. She doesn't get enough credit. To often people will see what Janet has done and instantly want to insert her brother into the equation. He was the greatest but she is too.
  2. Travis Payne was a Janet dancer first . He was on the RN tour. It actually launched his career. He posted about it today. And here's a video of him discussing how he got the gig
  3. Now you know..... It's funny I never really care whether her family shows up or not. Especially MJ kids. A lot of his stans act like Janet owes them something. She don't. Janet is more MJ than they ever will be.... Sorry not sorry!!!
  4. Damn... 12k I heard they just cancelled their tour too.
  5. When she does get in. I hope she is a no show... And if asked why she didn't go her reply should be "I had better sh*t to do" lol!
  6. Y'all are a mess! Lol! Love your reviews and footage @JoeJoe
  7. Chile.... She handed that Pizza to them because she didn't want that sh*t. Lol! Janet you ain't slick. I see you sis!
  8. Ain't this the same site that had Janet faking her pregnancy?! I don't believe this mess. And when was Janet in Atlanta earlier this year? Plus Tony isn't even her trainer now. This sh*t is made up....
  9. Great!! Now can we get a pic!!! Are is it gonna like when Beyonce went in 2015.
  10. Sounds about white.... Chile.. people are going in... And I love it! Justice for Janet!
  11. I really enjoyed reading this! And lol! At you saying "I wanted to tell them to stop being fat". I hollered!
  12. Man I hope she gets to interview Janet. She is a Stan and she will ask all the questions we want to know. I can't wait to hear the new music!!!!!
  13. Janet like you said is the megastar in the relationship. She is used to the spotlight and the Paps. That is the world she comes from. Wissam comes from a completely different background. So some fans may find it more odd for him to do this than Janet. I'm just taking all of it in because after this tour she will probably go back into hibernation.
  14. I agree, hopefully as time go on they can work out their differences and co-parent lil Eissa. Janet should want her child's father in his life as long as he is a great father to him.
  15. She dressed like a Nun. I ain't mad tho. Cuz when she hit that stage the old stage Janet is back in control!
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