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  1. You can see Eissa's effect on Janet in those pictures. And I'm happy that Wissam agreed to let Eissa come to the states for 6 months. That's huge considering Eissa is only 6 months. Babies go through a lot of milestones in their 1st year of life. I wonder if Wissam will visit Eissa in the coming months. That's a long time to be away from his only child.
  2. BlackCat1989


    This is an award that shouldn't be given to everyone. It shouldn't be given out every year either. Xtina has a beautiful voice, however her videos were nothing special. That was something Britney spears always had over Xtina. Missy should have gotten this award over a decade ago. Nobody from this era deserves one except for maybe Lady Gaga.
  3. Yep! And guess who maybe representing her....Lisa Bloom. She tweeted saying that she has been contacted by multiple women about Usher. I hope Usher got his sh*t in order....
  4. Yep! Mona was also on the set of "What's it gonna be". She was Busta's manager at the time. Mona was the one who had to get in contact with Janet's people after Janet told Angie Martinez that she wanted to work with Busta.
  5. One of the blogs on Instagram posted this pic...and people in the comment section was telling Janet to run!!!! Lol! I don't believe Mona is involved with Janet's documentary. Although they've known each other for 2 decades now.
  6. I like Usher too. But yeah this is all kinds of wrong. I hope he is ready because if he has been with multiple women since 2009 which mostly likely he has.... Homeboy is about to be sued multiple times. When them females see that this woman has gotten paid... They are going to be looking for a check. Don't be surprised if Gloria Allred or her daughter Lisa Bloom come forward with multiple women claiming to have slept with Usher. This could get really ugly for Usher... I mean it already is, but it could get worst.
  7. So true! Janet really has to love that artist to come out like that. Missy is her girl so I'm not surprised. It's so exciting to see Janet out and about. It feels like old times. It feels like we got her back.
  8. He can still be bi. Which I don't have a problem with....he couldn't be my man tho. And God forbids a male comes out talking about he got herpes from Usher. I know this shit has got to be embarrassing for him. Who in the heck did Isher piss off? This case was settled back in 2012. His Instagram is crazy tho. People are going all the way in.
  9. BlackCat1989

    New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA

    lmao! Yep! She probably got 30 pairs of them. I wish I could sneak in her closet and burn them all!!!!!!
  10. BlackCat1989

    New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA

    awwww! Eissa is adorable!!! I bet all Janet do is hold him all damn day. He is her world...and you can tell. She's in love with him. That smile on her face says it all. I'm so happy she gets to experience motherhood. I always thought she'd be a great mother. She has a warm caring spirit. Love this woman!
  11. BlackCat1989

    New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA

    I don't care if she called them are not...I'm just happy to see Janet in mommy mode. I'm just glad she's not hiding him like I thought she would.
  12. BlackCat1989

    New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA

    really....Eissa doesn't look like Prince at all to me.
  13. BlackCat1989

    New Pictures of Janet in Malibu

    Awww! She looks happy asf! I love me some her!
  14. BlackCat1989

    Here's a question....

    The Anderson Copper interview 2012.
  15. You can tell whoever wrote this is a Janet Stan. Lol! Mariah's last few performances have been quite embarrassing. Although if Janet don't start making some moves soon concerning this tour she will soon face issues selling these tickets.
  16. BlackCat1989

    [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London

    Maybe Janet wanted to control how her son's image would get out for the world to see. It does seem strange that ultra private Wissam whom we barely see is doing these photo ops for the press. He is supposed to be more private than Janet, yet we are seeing him out and about with the baby more than Janet is....and she's the celebrity. What is he trying to prove? I hope for Eissa's sake that this doesn't get ugly. He's got two powerful parents...I'm praying that they think of him first and keep this as friendly as possible...they've got the next 18 years to get this right. It's best they get a handle on it now.
  17. BlackCat1989

    [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London

    lmao! I was just about to say this.
  18. BlackCat1989

    [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London

    Chile....wtf do Janet be doing to these man after she leaves them!!! And they all look so similar to one another. Why is baby Eissa's face blurred now? And do all outlet have to blur his face now?
  19. BlackCat1989

    Janet Jackson Father Joe Jackson was in a Car Accident

    Exactly! I hated that she was involved in what people now call "grannygate". I remember growing up in 90's when the family would have drama....Janet would be out of the drama. But I understood that this is her mother and the public does not know everything that goes down in that family.
  20. BlackCat1989

    Janet Jackson Father Joe Jackson was in a Car Accident

    Sadly this is true. Both Joe and Katherine are in their 80's. And the media will definitely go into overdrive when Katherine goes(man I hate saying that) but it's true. Hopefully everything will be in order.
  21. BlackCat1989

    Are her boobs real?

    Yes, Janet has breast implants. I remember reading back when her and Rene were divorcing that she got them done in 1991.
  22. BlackCat1989

    NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings

    Lmao! I can't with you!
  23. BlackCat1989

    NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings

    She looks happy while Wissam looks sad... And this may explain why she couldn't make the ceremony for Jimmy and Terry.
  24. BlackCat1989

    Jimmy and Terry Song Writers Hall of Fame....

    Considering Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are the team that put her on the map and vise verses. She should definitely be there are sent something!!!! This is huge for them and they would definitely be there for her induction. She should definitely be there for them. Those guys are like family to her....hell they seem to be more supportive of her then her own family have been.