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  1. I tired to look for the chatroom and I don't see it anymore ??
  2. Cissy was just being a mother even though he was spreading negativity
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    the chat is not working i am getting an error message.
  4. www.jacksonsempire.comĀ 

  5. Yesterday while in the Car The Hawk with his assistant they were involved in an accident as another drove in front them. Joe said I got out of it without a scratch. My assistant, however, had to be taken to the emergency because the airbag in the car broke his thumb. We are leaving and going back out to enjoy our lunch at home. All is well. Thank God. Joe Jackson reported that he is okay and he thanks god that everybody is okay.
  6. Stacie Latoya Samuel Katherine and Janet
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    Austin and auntie Janet
  8. Hi Guys. I'ts nice to be here I am peterpanpyt :
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