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  1. Janet definitely isn't running her own account all the time cause some of the stuff she be posting. I be like "um ok"😬
  2. really? What forum? A forum for a different artist?
  3. "Anytime, Anyplace" (R. Kelly remix) on 97.7/98.3 KWIN here in cali
  4. sounds way better than the vocals on "Would You Mind" or lack there of
  5. I'm doing good but it's so scary these days. I feel bad for the younger generation having to grow up and see all this shit. I'm also in another way happy that after all the fighting and protesting to be treated like normal human beings these younger ones are out there in the streets protesting like the ones before us have done. What makes me see more hope in the future is that all these white people are out here protesting for us and with us. I've never seen this in my lifetime. Yes i'm sure back in the day a few whites have marched in protest with blacks but now when you look at the protests other races are outnumbering us and it's about time. We would never be able to do this by ourselves. We need them by our side. Angie idk if you're still out there in L.A. but its a shitfest out there. Y'all LAPD got dragged along with the police chief Michel Moore. The citizens were calling in getting on that ass. Cursing him out, calling them all trash, saying "fuck you", threatening to find out where they live and all kinds of info. One white boy called in and told him if he doesn't resign there's gonna be hell to pay and that he has no choice but to do what the people of LA say.
  6. JoeJoe


    I love being a part of this forum. I don't post a lot but I do look in almost everyday to see if there's a thread that interests me. I would engage in some of the threads that do interest me but they're made by Bailey and I've had him on block ever since Game was kicked out for being toxic.
  7. James DeBarge turned Janet out while they were married. I bet that version didn't make the album cause of her parents and she didn't wanna send a message like that that young. Just imagine if she would've followed through with songs she really wanted at that age. Madonna's name wouldn't of been the only name thought of and also Janet being black probably would've been banned on many radio stations
  8. Rhythm Nation album rose to no.3 on Itunes R&B album chart and it made it into the top 200. It may of gone higher on both charts but Idk Edit: Updated Rhythm Nation moves up to no.2 on the R&B album chart and no.31 on the top 100 main chart
  9. i'd rather get one of her singles back on the charts lol
  10. I'm not doing it. I bought Damita Jo on itunes 3 yrs ago and Rhythm Nation again like 2yrs ago lol.
  11. Oh it definitely will! If it's anything like the Rhythm Nation 30th anniversary show I went to then it for sure made up for the lack of dancing. Best show i've seen in person since TVR in my honest opinion.
  12. we get older every year. Idk at what point she'll be able to continue it. She did the breakdown with her arms that one time and hasn't done it since then. She'll be 54 soon. What i''m saying is just because she was able to do something at 52 doesn't mean she'll still be able to do it at 54. There's gonna be a point where her body just won't be able to do it. We don't know if it's at 60 or younger. I'm already seeing it. Just sayin💁‍♂️
  13. I agree plus I kinda feel she's gotten too old where she won't be able to pull off her breakdowns but I could be wrong. Damn when you said she's a Legacy act now it kinda hurt. It's a hard pill to swallow cause no one ever really prepares for their fave to one day be one of those lol. I agree she should just wait til next year. We're about to be 5 months into the year already.
  14. we've all been wanting this for over a decade
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