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  1. I don't see it from that pic
  2. Dragon Ball Super: Broly I loved the fighting. Showed how Broly became the insane beast he was. His father was a p.o.s. Finally got an in depth look at Vegeta and Goku's upbringing and how their home planet was destroyed. Also showed Frieza's upbringing a little. I give it an B+. It was good but there are other Dragon Ball movies better than this one.
  3. I first heard about this 6 months ago. I definitely believe the fake streaming numbers accusation. Bey hasn't even made the top 10 streaming females in the last 3 years but Rihanna has even without new music
  4. Thank you and this was before fuckin' Paula. I can't stand when people try to credit Paula for the way Janet dances. Momma been tap dancing and pirouetting way before her music career took off. I need basic bitches to be more informed about Damita Jo
  5. the shit is rare cause I ain't never seen it in my life before until you posted it Dance mirror where? They're on a big ass set and I highly doubt there's dance mirrors there and if there are then I don't see them. Either way why are y'all so pressed that people liked the way Janet moved better than Paula whether she made mistakes or not? Well she's made progress way before this. It's just Paula's dancing was different. Janet's a bad bitch and she been had confidence doing things like pirouettes way before Paula stepped in. Check this clip out. Miss Jackson been had skill. Look at those spins
  6. When Paula said "audience" she wasn't correcting Janet cause her eyes weren't even on Janet to see where she was looking. She said it simply because that's the part where they look at the audience. Why do you come off as mad af about it?
  7. JoeJoe

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    i'll have to start it after I finish Star on fox and Sabrina on Netflix
  8. Who was looking at that ass? I know I was lol
  9. JoeJoe

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Yes I just added that to my list. Shit looks like it's gonna be good!
  10. JoeJoe


    I actually think I like "Girl" better. My ex loved it too. I love everything about it musically. Did a great job sampling The Dramatics
  11. JoeJoe

    Surviving R. Kelly

    here it is but it sounds just disturbing
  12. JoeJoe


    I love the electric guitar in it and it was played on the urban stations boy stop complaining about everything
  13. JoeJoe

    Janet in London Jan 3

    Lawd! smh and where y'all getting this tea from? His estate needs to stop this from being released. A cease and desist you know they gon try to drag her in it too smh