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  1. idk. Probably same reason why a lot of people don't post much but he's always posting on IG and FB. He just lost his granny a few days ago
  2. I just got home from seeing it too! I loved it! The torch has been passed to Joaquin as the Joker!
  3. Happy Birthday! Also happy birthday to you too John aka Roc but I already said it to you on facebook lol
  4. exactly and when has Janet not done lots of arm and hand movements? She's going to strut more, she's fuckin' 53! Hello! I ain't seen no 53yr old female or male performer dancing as much as her.
  5. yes! They were the last group of dancers I liked in total
  6. Ditto! Those are my exact favorite and add in the female Asian dancer cause she be serving those facial expressions like a bad bitch and I love it! Whyley can go too, he just be doing too much and it's annoying. Leave it to Gil to insert his family in there to keep getting that bag. lmao sign out! neow!!!! I ain't finna deal with you or his ass if y'all keep it up
  7. Allison gets standing ovations because she's a big girl. Let's not pretend we all don't know this. Secondly she's never been excellent and you can clearly see that in the "Dammn Baby" video where she's supposedly pop lockin' for those few seconds. It was a no ma'am for me. She can dance but "excellent dancer"? Never
  8. Alison ain't never been excellent at dancing but Did you really just try to compare Janet, a legend, icon, blueprint, and trendsetter who's been dancing since she was 7, to one of her backup dancers?
  9. I'm glad she was absent from the SF Chase Center show cause Lord knows what my reaction would've been had I seen this shit up close 💀💀
  10. I've tweeted Jimmy that a few times years ago. My thought on Made For Now is that I don't think it would've been successful. It didn't hit your ears like that. It only sold 20,000 copies the first week of release and that ain't good.
  11. Who are you? I agree with everything you said. I had no idea Jimmy said he doesn't care about reissues smh
  12. Look idk what's going on but when I see anybody I expect costume changes. I can get boring watching a PERFORMER do a whole 1 hour plus show with the same tired outfit on. It's tacky and inexcuseable. Production is also needed and not just the basic production. What Janet did with this RN 30th tour anniversary and TVR were the best i've ever seen. I've never seen the RWU tour but I saw clips and that was awesome as well although it flopped. Janet needs to keep that kind of production
  13. I'ma just say this right off the jump. SOTW was better than Unbreakable period. Bingo! Madonna knows she better offer top notch production cause she can't compete with anyone otherwise. Janet has never needed the kind of production Madonna has. I can only imagine if Janet would've used Madonna type production when she was younger but hey at least she's doing it now.
  14. It was a great performance for me. The End!
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