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  1. She'll take a break after September. I'll finally be meeting forum member/friend Kishi after over a decade.
  2. and then she only has what?, like 1 show left? I'll never understand any of what happened smh
  3. Did Janet or her team think that shit was cute? Talking about surprise but didn't surprise us with anything. Literally nothing we haven't seen already. People including herself have already been showing us clips of her show for months. Had fans all excited for nothing. I honestly wasn't expecting anything but I know a few fans on the facebook pages were.
  4. I know all that but "famous". Nah. Famous is "Together Again", "Rhythm Nation", "All For You" and many others but MFN....nope. was it?
  5. what's a famous song? Surely you're not talking about "Made For Now".
  6. exactly cause the single itself didn't even sell
  7. My boss and I were talking about this earlier. He won't even watch the show cause of her face lol. He whispered to me and said "If she was the last woman on Earth he wouldn't even use her to reproduce". He said whenever his wife watches he leaves the room
  8. why does she annoy you? lol
  9. I gotta catch up on Handmaid's season 3 but that's it. I love it I've been told about that show but I can't start it yet. I just finished Queen of The South on netflix, I just started Bad Blood so I can't be watching 3 mafia cartel type shows all at once or i'll get lost lol
  10. At some point you have to get an oil change or it's gonna fuck up your car. Angie did what she had to. Oh janet.club aka Janet-Xone was one of the most toxic message boards ever. Mikel is trash and he let his mods do whatever they wanted. I got banned for going off on Janet fans for making fun of her weight back in 2006 when she gained weight. They were talking shit including some of the mods. DJ Boo is the one I went off on and he banned me. I contacted Mikel about the situation and all he said was "Well i'm sure he banned you for a good reason". He didn't care that he or anybody else was bashing Janet. As far as Jimmy. Jimmy didn't like the album cause he was selfish and didn't want Janet working with anybody but them. Oh well too bad. Oh and Gil...well we won't even go there. Yup! It was a good album and idgaf what nobody else says. They all trying to ride the train Jimmy started when he said "There were too many cooks in the kitchen". She gave us bops like "Sexhibition", my fave from the album "SloLove", "Just A Little While", and "All Nite" which Jimmy had no hand in producing. I love that Janet reached out and explored different music. She gave us some euro infused tracks for the first time.
  11. For what? The single is dead
  12. I just finished this and I love it! Can't wait for the 2nd season. Right now i'm watching this mafia show on netflix called "Bad Blood" and it's good af. It has that italian guy from that old Chris Tucker/Charlie Sheen movie "Money Talks"
  13. I will. I just got another warning so he's back on ignore from now til the end of this board's existence. He tried it and got dragged again so i'm good. Too bad it had to come to this but it is what it is. I don't play games on or off this board and throw shade and hands when needed. Yeah the board will have less activity but I can't keep going back and forth with messy people. He can go and message whoever he needs to to get his feelings out. If y'all got any questions Dayz can give you the rundown of the messiness that's been going on for years lol. *clicks the ignore button*
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