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  1. I went on and watched it. Looks like my friend was joking around with me, the guy loved it lol
  2. I didn't watch it cause one of my 23yr old friends at work was saying this guy was giving it a low rating like a 73 out of 100 or something like that. Was he just messing around with me?
  3. Wow she really stans Janet! She's been covering "If" for years and now this
  4. Overseas was ready for Janet regarding both projects
  5. I love that wavy groovy sound those songs have. If the album sounds like this then I love it
  6. AFY and Damita Jo were both her fault. She could've resumed the AFY tour later on and she could've toured for Damita Jo but she didn't.
  7. cute but you can't hear Janet for shit. I wonder if she did a sound check or forgot to turn her mic up
  8. a beauty as always! the slayage she continuously gives us!
  9. Where is Joey from and what ethnicity is he? I hear an accent when he talks
  10. too bad I didn't read it with ya red ass why is it that i've only been getting into it with light skin hoes this past week. Y'all got some kind of aura that's toxic
  11. I wonder what criteria they're using. Definitely not album sales or no.1s cause Trailer Stiff shouldn't be right behind Michael and 6 spots above Janet.
  12. wth? I was able to read the whole article lol
  13. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/rnb-fridays-review-janet-jackson-highlights-mixed-marvel-stadium-show/news-story/2a1b7311c89f9c30dd5aa18663a68363
  14. The review of the show was good but it was embarrassing to hear that it was far from a sellout
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