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  1. JoeJoe

    Mariah’s “GTFO”!!!

    She's constantly trying to keep up with trends and appeal to the younger audience and it's always a fail with her. She's trying to recreate a Emancipation and it ain't gonna happen
  2. JoeJoe

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    Lonely, Can't B Good, and SloLove
  3. JoeJoe

    Janet Announces Untitled EP Coming This Fall

    WYM is absolutely disgusting! I actually hate that song and I never listen to it. I'm not a prude, I just want some respect.
  4. JoeJoe

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    They sure do lol. I never thought of it as that.
  5. JoeJoe

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    I actually think i'd rank these albums the same exact way!
  6. JoeJoe

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    who said they weren't?
  7. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    that's definitely what he said. She's always been undercertified so who knows
  8. JoeJoe

    Mariah’s “GTFO”!!!

    I heard its trash smh
  9. It was. It made it in the top 20 at no.19
  10. JoeJoe

    I got banned from J Club

    Fuck Mikel! What did you say? I'll help you whoop his ass in person if need be. It's on sight when I see his ass again anyway.
  11. Now these hoes wanna investigate and spill tea after over a decade. She already got her career back morons. Can't keep a strong black individual down forever 😎
  12. JoeJoe

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    You ain't finna do "can't b good"! You just ain't. Anyway my 3 I'll never see it for 1. Weekend 2. Would You Mind 3. Tie between The Body That Loves You/ Nothing
  13. JoeJoe

    Janet for InStyle Magazine

    One of the most beautiful women to of ever existed on this planet!
  14. JoeJoe

    The Other News Thread

    At this point the rrhof is a joke😂
  15. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Music Video

    30 million views! Congrats Janet!!!
  16. Well you knows how the camera in phones can just make you look funny sometimes. Her head looked shaped weird and she was looking down into the camera but the angle was all bad mixed with that stick on top of her head just made the pic worse. Trust me you don't wanna see it lol. I'm glad it's gone. You know how some of these shady sites and people wanna use the worst pics of somebody.
  17. She did look good in the full shots but that facetime pic was horrible. No joke lol
  18. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    He's so mad at your "oop" he hit that negative button😂😂😂 And look who's always in the middle of the fights. Are you really surprised?😐
  19. JoeJoe

    Janet’s social media posts

    She's on ig live right now with @blameitonkway aka titi for her bmi icon tribute
  20. @blameitonkway aka Titi just posted a screenshot of him and Janet face timing during black girls rock and I must say the pic didn't look good. It was so bad he deleted the pic because people including Janet fans begged him to delete it. This happened 5 minutes before I typed this.
  21. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Look who you're talking to. 💁🏾‍♂️
  22. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Remember he's new to being a Janet fan with his "all for you" era head ass😂
  23. JoeJoe

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Music hardly sells these days and she knows it so putting all that work into a full album for it to barely sell would be a waste of time. I'm sure she learned from the unbreakable album.
  24. Oh trust me I done already shared it. She needs more retweets.
  25. That's what it looks like lol. Any other kind of hair would work but this hairstyle on anybody just looks a fool