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  1. Maybe Teyana or Tinash. Really don't care for anybody up there. I tried with Normani but she's just flopping everywhere and I think she's gonna fizzle out like Tinashe
  2. Agreed! People don't realize how hard "If" is to cover. You see Kelly was barely able to take a breath before she had to sing the next line. You see all the comments on youtube about how hard it is to cover. I did not like her cover of "Love Will Never Do" no ma'am I didn'tπŸ₯΄
  3. I rarely get on snap but i'm always on twitter and fb. Twitter is where I find out entertainment news and what's trending lol. I used to rarely get on IG but I use it more than snap these days although I barely post pics but I do post stories.
  4. She sure was! That was so cute! Never noticed that before
  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ boy I'm on too many platforms of social media. IG, Snapchat, FB, Twitter, This message board, etc.
  6. Um I could've sworn I already commented on this and you and i had even discussed the production on her 30th anniversary tour and you said the "janet." tour had the best opening ever. Must've been in another thread cause i'm having Dejavu lol
  7. Boy I said I didn't like "Rhythm Nation" being sexually themed. It didn't make sense. She could've dressed like that for the "All For You" routine
  8. I minded lol. It took away from the message a little for me
  9. Ever since she let her bestie take charge it started to go downhill. One more thing I forgot to point out is that I hated how she made "Rhythm Nation" sexualized. IDK who's idea it was but I hated everything about it. From the S&M bondage outfits to the sexual choreography. Just thinking about it makes me roll my eyes.
  10. Ima have to agree with you here! I thought she would have tons of dancers on the field and no joke when she was doing Rhythm Nation I was really anticipating the breakdown and she didn't do it. I was like "huh?". As for "If" idk why tf she cuts the breakdown out of so many big events. She didn't do it for Superbowl, she cut it from her 2006 Billboard Medley, I haven't seen her do it on MTV since 1993. I didn't mind her doing All For You since it was her most current hit and last no.1 but when I saw the choreography I was like "Oh no baby, What is you doin'?" I don't know why she let Gil have her switch to that ugly choreography and then have the nerve to not even do the breakdown She did none of her iconic breakdowns when that was the largest audience she'd ever be able to expose herself to in this lifetime SMH
  11. she's still with the old dancers. I was hoping she'd switch up but she isn't. I'm so tired of seeing Whyley's flamboyant ass doing too much all the time thinking he's a girl and looking stank while doing it. HE IS NOT CUTE
  12. The Invisible Man. I give it an A. It was good, loved the plot and it had a good ending. Made me jump a couple of times too. I love suspensful movies.
  13. she could've and should've. One thing I did hate is that it seems right after she was done that the next year or 2 is when the NFL started adding way more production and technology into the halftime shows. It would've been amazing to see what Janet could've done
  14. I was just talking with some friends about going to see that. I heard it's like non-stop suspense from beginning to end. I'm gonna go see it soon
  15. I saw Sonic The Hedgehog and it was better than I expected. I give it a B. Good movie
  16. yeah she needs to do more promotion. After being on The View I haven't seen anything else. She is continuously posting on social media tho but it's like posters of dates. We need more live promo
  17. You might wanna watch ya damn mouth πŸ‘Š
  18. OMG she was even worse on that tour. Her body was in great shape but she damn near lost all of her ass and when she put on those blue shorts for it her legs looked way too skinny while doing that breakdown. well she's in her 50s. IDK what fans expect her to do lol. Actually she's still doing great. Her State of The World tour and Rhythm Nation 30th anniversary shows that I attended were both awesome. What's the last tour you saw her on cause these last 2 she got great reviews.
  19. oh ok. I've only heard one british person speak in person. In my bedroom lol. I kind of like the accent
  20. Nice. I always felt she was too skinny during that tour. It also looks like she wasn't in the process of dying her hair red just yet.
  21. If anybody's goin to the Sac show and wants to say hi before we go to our seats then lmk. I love meeting other Janet fans
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