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  1. feehgarcia

    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    All I know is I got an e-mail from her team earlier this week requesting to take down the SOTW tour book scans from JANET.br photo gallery. I never had problems with them about content/posts/pics/videos/copyright... none of that. Only once when Gil did a Instagram live and spilled the tea about the tour/setlist/outfits... Then we wrote down what he said and they asked us to remove it from Facebook "he said none of that", but when the tour started it was all there LOL Anyway... My point is: I did the same thing with UNBREAKABLE. The tour wrapped, I scanned and shared the photoshoot. Nobody said a thing. I did the same with SOTW this week and they ask me to remove it. If the tour is not continuing, they will use those images for something else and we can't share it in high quality on the internet yet. Plus, Preson and Robert Behar were in London this week... I'd say she's cooking something.
  2. feehgarcia

    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    holographic Prince
  3. feehgarcia

    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    Could be... "Look who already performed here, look out for this year's line-up!" Or maybe Idris Elba leaked it too soon LOL
  4. Idris Elba shared this pic on his Twitter today. I CAN'T BREATHE! Hope its true.
  5. feehgarcia

    JANET Vault | Our photo gallery is back!

    Still working on it, there are a lot of pics missing. But tks I hope to complete it very soon!
  6. I got an e-mail from JDJ Office asking to take the pic
  7. www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/miami-international-airport-florida/
  8. I always loved the RWT soundboard leaks. Those audios are EVERYTHING! I knew Discipline was missing + the final interlude, but I thought it was it. WRONG! This new version have Janet interacting with the dancers during the Street Act, and almost every interlude is extended. It also have Discipline and the final interlude!Dammn.. That was her best tour ever! The concept, videos, acts, the looks... I can't understand how some people don't like it! LOLI mean, the janet. world tour was EPIC/ICONIC/UNTOUCHABLE, but for modern days parameters RWT was THE THING.Too bad everything fell apart in 2008 :/ You can find a download link on video description. Who ever found this, THANK YOU!
  9. Have u guys seen this? Don't know who leaked it, but I love it!
  10. feehgarcia

    Janet at Out100 Event

    THIS BITCH... I CAN'T. www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/magazines-out100-gala-new-york-city/
  11. feehgarcia

    SOTW Teaser?

    She saw my fan made poster and changed her mind LOL
  12. feehgarcia

    SOTW Teaser?

    Yes. He's the photographer and art director. He works with Janet since the Rock Witchu tour... Those collages she used on screen? His work. PHOTOS HERE: http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/solaiman-fazel-2008/ Since then, he's her official tour designer *-* I LOVE his work.
  13. feehgarcia

    SOTW Teaser?

    There's "nothing" here but I'm freaking out! LOL My body is so ready.
  14. How cute is this? *-* I LOVE the Private Home Movies special... Janet should do something like that! That's the kind of special I'd live for!
  15. feehgarcia

    Gil's Talks Tour With ET