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  1. As a hardcore fan I miss her traditional released. Surprise released are cute though
  2. She's such a troll! I love it.
  3. I would say it is. It's a new Janet we're seeing.
  4. bu.

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    There's a thread on ATRL were a Xtina fan said there's no filler on the album and someone replied they lied because they can see filler on the cover
  5. They've released it everywhere
  6. What comparisons?
  7. bu.

    The Official Beyoncé Thread

    And Nas
  8. Apeshit went OFF!! This album is fire. Fucking Tidal needs to die.
  9. bu.

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    I couldn’t even stomach the singles haha Yeah them two. Although Britney does give some bops now and then. Work Bitch slayed. Shame it was so long ago.
  10. bu.

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    JT has single worthy songs? That’s news to me... I don’t know what happened with these late 90s/00s veterans. They all fell off except the one on an abysmal stadium tour right now and the one that does gymnastics
  11. bu.

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    They are except Dreamers. That was cute. Masochist was good! I’m disappointed that this was the follow up to Lotus. I waited for this? Lol. Disappointed with the album overall but some nice tracks on it.
  12. bu.

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    Listening to it now. I’m on track 9 and only want to revisit 2 songs. Maria and Right Moves. Deserve is cute. It’s a bit of a boring album so far although I loved the Dreamers interlude