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  1. I just can’t see it because of how short the set list would have been. I can’t see her performing songs from the first two albums. But then in the 80s was it normal to tour with a short setlist? Theatres would be been cute I guess as a sort of “introduction”. A “I’m Janet let me show you what I can do” word of mouth type thing. Not a full blown out tour but like a small little House of Blues one night special kind of show with like 5/6 dates where it was all word of mouth. Kind of like how new artists do it today. I feel like the control tour would have been successful in the US but not that much globally. Touring during Rhythm Nation was perfect. Her cards/planets were aligned and it became the cultural moment it became in a way it might not have had there been a Control tour.
  2. There a part of it that’s about Palestine
  3. So can we all finally agree Damita Jo was a good album without having our opinion come for?
  4. This forum won’t be the same. He was a pain but he was my pain. I’ll miss him here. The end of an era.
  5. bu.

    Night Clubs?

    Haven’t noticed a decline in clubs here but then I live in a city so I guess there’s always a market
  6. I know archeologists is Madonna stans but who are the carbs?
  7. Also DJ isn’t trash 🙄. It’s a cute summery album with bops galore.
  8. Fair enough. I personally always thought there was more of a blacklist with 20 YO. MTV still played her videos until DJ era was over as far as I remember. But it was so long ago that I can’t remember much.
  9. How can something that wasn’t released be expected to sell x amount? Predictions mean nothing.
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