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  1. It's not a good album. I can't remember a single song.
  2. I'm SO glad she's not been extra with the album title. The cover is cute - very Fanmail-esque.
  3. bu.

    Mariah’s “GTFO” + “With You”

    GTFO is a mellow bop. With You should not be a single but it's a grower. great to sing along to - doesn't go anywhere though. Queen
  4. bu.

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    My first 2 uber drivers were so hot. One of them was almost coming on to me tbh but I had a train to catch. The good sis knew it was Pride and I was a hunty so he must have thought "easy target".
  5. bu.

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Has she said anything about touring international?
  6. well according to Janet there was a conversation for this years
  7. bu.

    So....I’m at the club...

    Club I went to played If today
  8. bu.

    Big Bang Theory to End after 12 seasons

    Didn’t realise it was still going
  9. Yet you’ve not got it anywhere in the title or body of the post
  10. I love it. Love the song too tbh! Video made me laugh at the beginning lol
  11. In My Feelings video is out but I’m on my phone and can’t link
  12. Ugh I’m so tired of waiting for her! I need her to hurry and bring it here. Thanks for the support you two 😭
  13. bu.

    Demi Lovato Hospitalized after Heroin Overdose

    Legit. Weed solves everything. No need to go for the dangerous shit.