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  1. Congratulations!! I’m so proud and happy for her
  2. Ohhh mess I thot it was the new phone.
  3. I deleted them all tbh. Out of choice . PM him - he probably still has the drop box file
  4. No point making a new thread. Mariah Carey recently sat down with Genius and dissected her lyrics from throughout her career and gave so much insight into the stories behind the songs etc. It was really incredible to watch as a lifelong stan. Like it was over an hour long too. I’d love for Janet to do something like that. Like actually talking about specific songs and lines in songs and hearing more about the background and what inspired it etc. Especially the album cuts. I know we got stories in True You but a sit down interview would be amazing. Oh well a guy can dream haha,
  5. Coldplay is definitely their biggest. They’re still so huge. I was looking at their list of artists and they have “Amy Winehouse Hologram” listed? Da fuck?
  6. I don’t know much about it but I read that she’s one of the reasons Kpop became a thing because of her heavy influence on someone called BoA?
  7. He’s just a sour puss. Ignore him. Great review
  8. Nice! Who do they have on their roster?
  9. bu.

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    I’ve tried but I can’t
  10. bu.

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    I was defending my point not Mariah hence how I dragged her later on. A kii at you thinking you did something. Who said you’re on my list
  11. bu.

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    Someone to Call My Lover Trust a Try Discipline