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  1. You. The way she makes it seem she's taking shots at someone but really she's taking a shot at herself. I can't
  2. Endjhshaja wrong thread 😂😂
  3. AFY tour is my least favourite. Sorry. Rhythm Nation - basic in the right way and that energy of a brand new artist. WOW. The live vocals too. Janet tour - her bad bitch tour. Showing everyone how it's done. TVR tour - her best imo. Polished, focused. Everything and more. Proving to everything why she's the best. AFY - felt too rushed. The start of her bad press in europe Rockwitchu - FUCK YES. That fucking set-list. The aesthetics. It showcased Janet as THE ULTIMATE performer. Such a shame it was performed tragically. If it was successful it truly would have been one of those iconic moments in the same way as Madonna COADF tour or Queens Live 8 moment imo. UCAP tour - intentionally basic. a cute re-introduction. Should have tried to capitalise off of it after but oh well. Unbreakable tour - I feel like her first real attempt to shy away from the typical medleys and routines. She was really experimenting here adding interpolations of other songs into her songs etc. SOTW tour - feels like Unbreakable on steroids tbh. More beefy. I haven't seen many videos tbh but I was excited for this to come to Europe. Not so much now.
  4. Come sit on my dick so you can loosen up
  5. bu.

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    I'm lowkey done at this point but good for her for supporting HBCU's though. Rhythm Nation, her best album, is still alive.
  6. bu.


    it worked for MTV and Billboard
  7. My Need, Anything & Take Me Away
  8. bu.


    Maybe she should pay them
  9. bu.


    I can see you not RT’ing them “impact” and “induct Janet” tweets now.
  10. I honestly love the whole album although One Mo Gen is probably my least fave. It’s a short album which I think was a great move. Giving Me Life is definitely a favourite. I’m not sure if you’re a rap fan but Slick Rick came out of hiding to rap on it haha
  11. bu.


    No. Like I said if it was Janet you’d be creaming
  12. The album is expected to do around 50k which is similar to her last album. I’m shocked there wasn’t a drop but that’s still good to me tbh. I’m so proud of her tbh. It’s been a good for her overall.
  13. bu.


    Thanks! You’re too kind Truly. Mariah has had a good year. Yeah I do 😛 Still impressive for a 17 year old album that’s not on streaming platforms