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  1. I’m shocked at you not seeing Poetic Justice just because it’s so big to music culture history, isn’t it? I can’t think tbh. I guess I should say I don’t know what the second half of 20YO sounds like because I skip
  2. bu.

    Do you still own CDs?

    I still own mine! I had a purge years ago And regret getting rid but I still have a substantial collection! I rarely buy new CD’s unless it’s an artist I really like. Last CD I bought was Lover by Taylor Swift. Before that it was probably Mariah Carey’s Caution.
  3. I just can’t see it because of how short the set list would have been. I can’t see her performing songs from the first two albums. But then in the 80s was it normal to tour with a short setlist? Theatres would be been cute I guess as a sort of “introduction”. A “I’m Janet let me show you what I can do” word of mouth type thing. Not a full blown out tour but like a small little House of Blues one night special kind of show with like 5/6 dates where it was all word of mouth. Kind of like how new artists do it today. I feel like the control tour would have been successful in the US but not that much globally. Touring during Rhythm Nation was perfect. Her cards/planets were aligned and it became the cultural moment it became in a way it might not have had there been a Control tour.
  4. There a part of it that’s about Palestine
  5. So can we all finally agree Damita Jo was a good album without having our opinion come for?
  6. This forum won’t be the same. He was a pain but he was my pain. I’ll miss him here. The end of an era.
  7. bu.

    Night Clubs?

    Haven’t noticed a decline in clubs here but then I live in a city so I guess there’s always a market
  8. I know archeologists is Madonna stans but who are the carbs?
  9. Also DJ isn’t trash 🙄. It’s a cute summery album with bops galore.
  10. Fair enough. I personally always thought there was more of a blacklist with 20 YO. MTV still played her videos until DJ era was over as far as I remember. But it was so long ago that I can’t remember much.
  11. How can something that wasn’t released be expected to sell x amount? Predictions mean nothing.
  12. No as she was selling less and less anyway (as most people were). But it would have done even better than it did.
  13. You wouldn’t. Your stan glasses are on
  14. Bitches be delusional. It’s ok to admit Janet has several duds before Damita Who, 20 NO, Disappointed, and Unintelligible
  15. It drags what could have been a perfect album all the way downE
  16. It was 7am and I was hungover. Dull Love still sucks
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