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    Paul is sexy. I’ve met him a few times. And will meet him again next time I’m in London.
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    I miss henrietta:(
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    Still think Angie is Janet. Notice she always pops up the same time Janet has her phone and tweets.
  5. She uses Queen Cardi B too. Talent and taste confirmed
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    A Memo to Bottoms

    You reminded me I need to pack my douche
  7. They’re on. I think Janfam is reaching
  8. bu.

    Serious topic

    Ch I suffer it big time and I’m not on meds atm. I literally felt suicidal 2 weeks ago and even now when I think too much my chest feels so heavy and wants to explode. Depression is a fucking cunt. I ain’t gonna do anything to myself though because I want Mariahs new album and Janets and I want to witness Beyoncé win album of the year in my lifetime. Basically having goals helps. Always create new ones though when you reach the old ones
  9. Cissy acting like she was some big megastar “I been here for years” bullshit. Ma’am sis you’re mostly famous for being someones mother and being a back up singer for Elvis, you were not a Beyoncé or Rihanna. Karma came for her for this with that terrible BET awards performance where she embarrassed vocalists everywhere. Good on whitney for not responding - you could tell she was lowkey shocked and not feeling the janet diss.
  10. I saw one on twitter and I still don’t see it I’m sorry but I can’t see it at all. I feel like Rachel in Friends when she can’t see her baby in her sonogram :(.
  11. I don’t see it myself
  12. Eissa is beautiful!
  13. Lol @ “janet has a terrible relationship with her father but not in public” as if she’s really going to have a big massive picture of him in a music video just to save face. These writers need a slap or Jesus or something
  14. bu.

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    But it has already happened boo. Island Life is a bop
  15. Dame gave Lee $2million a long long time ago as a loan when he was struggling and not famous. Lee went on to make Monsters Ball with that money which kickstarted his career. Lee never paid it back even though he’s become a huge name with films such as Precious and The Butler. Monique starred in Precious. She did her job that she was paid to do ie act but apparently was expected to go around to tv shows to promote the movie, unpaid. This pissed Lee off who apparently told her she “has to play the game if she wants an Oscar”. I think playing the game means going on these promo slots for free and kissing ass to Hollywood. She didn’t. She won the award. She was offered Oprah’s role in the Butler and the role of Cookie in Empire but apparently these were then rescinded which she blames on Lee, Tyler and Oprah for allegedly getting her blacklisted for not playing the game. However Lee said it’s because Moniques husband demands too much money and because she’s supposedly been blackballed. I think there’s an audio of Tyler agreeing with Monique but I can’t find it. So now Dame exposes Lee for being shady, people think Monique was onto something and telling the truth that Lee purposely tainted her name so people wouldn’t hire her
  16. OK so Mariah and Lauryn aren't technically featured as they're sampled but they should be On first listen I think it's a solid album. Up there with NWTS although not quite up there with Take Care. Side 1 is rap and side 2 is R&B
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    Janet’s Dad in poor health

    RIP Joseph.
  18. bu.

    Childish Gambino stole "This Is America"

    He been hanging around Bey too much recording The Lion King huh?
  19. bu.

    Janet to receive BMI Icon Award!

    It’d be great! I mean I’m sure they can think of another prestigious award now they’re giving the Vanguard to anybody and everybody thus reducing its specialness Omg really??? Ooooo I wonder They’re not but the VMA is still good for exposure
  20. I didn’t say every song was a banger on Control .
  21. I forget how some of these tracks sound but my highlights were Always Feedback, Rock With U, Luv, 2nite & Never Letchu Go. Curtains grew on me later. She has a tendency to make long albums. I’d be content with a 9 track album ala Control where every song is a banger.