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  1. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1087665453021970432 Associated Press: BREAKING: Police officials say US singer Chris Brown detained in Paris after rape accusation. Waiting for more details x
  2. It wasn't evidence. I posted it to rile people which worked since you're here I only stan alcholics that can't sing like they used to and europe-ignorers that can't commit.
  3. It was a cute idea but Jagged Edge & Xscape have been performing their own tours recently so it didn't make sense to do a reunion tour when their demographic/fans have probably already itched the nostalgia scratch. I only use Mariah's remixes with them and also Xscape and the odd Jagged Edge song
  4. Eww why would I donate my hard earned money to that . Keep caring though x Whether it's irrelevent or not I posted it so stay mad
  5. I know you don't care too much but you still care I never said it was evidence. I was merely stating a fact. No one knows the truth except Wade and MJ.
  6. I mean this is a video of him dancing to MJ during the time that he was scouting for publishers to publish his book just before he came out with the accusations. I guess he still had amnesia about it
  7. bu.

    2019 Album Release Wish List?

    I don’t think Britney is coming. She’s on a hiatus because her dad had a heart attack and cancelled Domination. Im looking forward to Rihanna’s new album. Also looking forward to Ariana new one Thats about it haha! Beyoncé will probably be 2020.
  8. I thought Tina didn’t choreograph that part though?
  9. I need some money. Let me make false accusations too
  10. bu.

    Janet in London Jan 3

    In her defence it’s cold as fuck in the UK right now. Minus figures haha.
  11. bu.

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I know ! I kept saying I'd watch it and delayed and delayed until there were like 8 seasons lmao! Black Mirror is another show I want to check out. I started Bandersnatch just to try the interactive thing. Yes
  12. bu.

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I finally got around to watching AHS properly. I just finished Murder House. Moving onto the next one which I think is Asylum? I saw Coven when it aired so I'll probably skip that until I've seen them all and re-watch that. I also started watching You but it's lowkey boring. I must get around to finishing Elite.
  13. Taylor exposed this with her 1989 album didn’t she? It was the whole premise to Tidal too which flopped. It’s actually earning her slightly more though if they take into consideration the numerous versions of it being played too (notably a Michael Bubles who is the Christmas king)
  14. Where is Europe? We want the damn dates for Europe! *inserts that gif*
  15. bu.

    Two Beyoncé Albums Leaked & Removed

    They been in YouTube for years. It was hilarious seeing people think it was new. The same happened to SZA
  16. Congratulations!! I’m so proud and happy for her
  17. Ohhh mess I thot it was the new phone.
  18. I deleted them all tbh. Out of choice . PM him - he probably still has the drop box file
  19. No point making a new thread. Mariah Carey recently sat down with Genius and dissected her lyrics from throughout her career and gave so much insight into the stories behind the songs etc. It was really incredible to watch as a lifelong stan. Like it was over an hour long too. I’d love for Janet to do something like that. Like actually talking about specific songs and lines in songs and hearing more about the background and what inspired it etc. Especially the album cuts. I know we got stories in True You but a sit down interview would be amazing. Oh well a guy can dream haha,
  20. Coldplay is definitely their biggest. They’re still so huge. I was looking at their list of artists and they have “Amy Winehouse Hologram” listed? Da fuck?