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  1. BlackCat77

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    Guess who officially saw the news
  2. BlackCat77

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    I didn't know he said all of that lol. My guess is he saw some fans talking about Danielle Polanco's choreo for Fallon and comparisons probably came up....IDK what he thinks he'll be doing that's PETTY if he doesn't even call out whatever is bothering him directly let alone who. Half the time no one even knows what his rants and tirades are about anyway. It is what it is at this point.
  3. BlackCat77

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    She probably released it early because she didnt want to battle Ariana and didn't think Travis Scott would outsell her. It's almost sad
  4. BlackCat77

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Made for Now - Last night iTunes: #1 Oman #1 Philippines #1 Qatar #2 Kenya #3 Argentina #3 Dominican Republic #3 Netherlands #5 Spain #6 Singapore #7 United States #8 Chile #8 Mexico #9 Greece #12 France #13 The Bahamas #17 Sweden #20 Hungary #20 Kazakhstan #20 Portugal #21 Australia #22 Canada #22 Romania #22 Taiwan #23 Brazil #23 Denmark #25 United Kingdom #27 South Africa #29 Poland #30 New Zealand #31 Colombia #32 Finland #32 Norway #33 Slovakia #34 United Arab Emirates #36 Belgium #36 Ireland #38 Hong Kong #38 Italy #38 Switzerland #45 Germany #51 Indonesia #57 India #89 Thailand
  5. She was great!! Dance breaks, indisputable vocals and just pure positive energy!
  6. BlackCat77

    Made For Now Music Video

    It has TONS of replay value even though it t could have been a bit longer! Her looks on the rooftop, the breakdown, and the end shot were my favs but they all were great.
  7. BlackCat77

    The Official Panorama Festival Thread

    I'm estatic that my hometown and Janfam were showering her with love 💙 It really showed!!
  8. Night wins No Sleeep wins second place
  9. Broken Hearts Heal
  10. BlackCat77

    vote for Janet

    Janet won the last few times they made this. How many times are they going to rehash this poll?
  11. BlackCat77

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    I'm glad to see that this hashtag has been going STRONG ALL DAY. I'm sure she knows it's going on and is grateful!
  12. BlackCat77

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    Exactly. I’m surprised so many people ride the Whitney comparisons and barely mention Janet in that sense
  13. BlackCat77

    SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    Maybe when her new music (if it happens) comes out she'll bring the tour there and other regions
  14. BlackCat77

    TLC to Release Album in June 2017

    TLC by TLC https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tlc/id1232889122