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  1. We're at $191, can anyone help us get to $200?
  2. Another fan has advised me to set up the fundraiser directly on the make a wish foundation's website which I have now done so I hope people now feel willing to donate tomorrow. Please spread the new link if you can, thanks! http://site.wish.org/goto/janetjackson50
  3. www.crowdrise.com/janets-50th-make-a-wish-fundraiser Thanks
  4. thankyou and I already have posted it in a few. If others could post it too to help spread the word that would be great
  5. It's the exact same website used as the unicef fundraiser last year where you have to click on the registered charity so it's legit, actually look at the website
  6. Why would it not be legit? look at the website it's for registered charities
  7. UPDATED WITH DIRECT CHARITY FUNDRAISER LINK SO PLEASE DONATE!! site.wish.org/goto/janetjackson50 $120 raised so far, please keep donating! Hey guys, I know it's abit last minute but last night I was thinking about the Unicef fundraiser a fan set up last year for Janet's birthday and I thought why aren't we doing it again this year? or why don't we make it a yearly thing? So I've decided to set up a fundraiser this year to celebrate Janet's 50th birthday, but have switched it up abit by picking another one of Janet's supported children's charities, Make A Wish Foundation. I've set a goal of $500 but obviously it would be great if we could surpass that. Please consider donating whatever you can whether it be $10 or $50. There isn't a deadline yet but I'm hoping we can raise the money for her birthday as soon as possible. Please spread the word and post the link on your twitter's, facebook janet groups, instagram etc. with the picture if you'd like, would greatly appreciate it! site.wish.org/goto/janetjackson50 http://i.imgur.com/WPJqYMN.png THANKS! And Happy Birthday Janet!