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  1. Global music superstar Janet Jackson is set to debut her new single, "Made for Now," in collaboration with Daddy Yankee, on the Friday, Aug. 17 telecast of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." The appearance marks Jackson's first performance on late-night television in 14 years. She last served as musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" in 2004. This will also be Jackson's first appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Fallon as host. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.broadwayworld.com/amp/c.php%3furl=Janet-Jackson-to-Debut-New-Single-MADE-FOR-NOW-with-Daddy-Yankee-on-THE-TONIGHT-SHOW-STARRING-JIMMY-FALLON-20180813
  2. kaeh1213

    New Promo Pic 8/8/18

    Ughhhhh. Ever since I got an Alexa like 2 years ago I’ve been mostly listening to Janet on Amazon Music Unlimited and not Spotify.... or else I would’ve def been one of the top Janet Spotify streamers in NYC. The only thing that’s making me a feel a teeny bit better about it is that I’m out of town next week. But still: FOMO
  3. kaeh1213

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    The graphics and screens for SOTW are, oh I don't know, 1,000 times better than what was used for the UCAP. The video dedication before the show started was barely, if even hi-def (at least it seems that way at the Chicago stop). But the ones she's touring with now are crystal clear and make the biggest difference. It's funny, I know there's not much a set on the stage (no offense to those light boxes on either side), but I don't think of it as being scaled back as a whole. The screens are so big! The choreography is so major! She does costume changes! (And not a single pair of drop-crotch pants grace the stage...hehe) Because they put so much extra effort into these details, I really didn't miss any of those extras like fireworks or levels on the stage. And i don't think I'd change a thing.
  4. kaeh1213

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    I feel like I'm still on a high from the Panorama performance... But I feel like the reviews from that performance and most of the stops on this current tour are some of the best I've ever read. Maybe the lack of pyro and special effects really allows people to focus on the dancing/choreography, which is she is bringing 110%. You can feel the renewed fire and energy in her moves this time that I feel like I haven't seen at this level in awhile. I know HBO doesn't really do live concerts much these days, but if this tour does get extended through the fall it would be awesome to see it wrapped up at a bigger venue and televised or recorded for some sort of release on a streaming service at least. (Hopefully part of the rumored Netflix deal)
  5. kaeh1213

    The Official Panorama Festival Thread

    Just saw another review of the Panorama performance. It's so satisfying to see the media and general public to finally give her the damn respect and legend we've all been seeing the while time: https://www.stereogum.com/2007842/janet-jackson-panorama-2018-review/franchises/sounding-board/ My favorite part of the review: "It was the kind of performance that as you walked out of the fest — carefully walked out, that is, now through mud that threatened to suck your shoes off — you were left with the impression that stars like Janet Jackson, there’s only ever a couple of those per generation. There’s only ever a couple people who have that much charisma, that much larger-than-life presence. But eventually, they can transcend that generational association. They might be one of the only ones of their time, but then they appeal to people from before and after, and end up where Jackson is now in 2018: a still-exhilarating performer who all of us could appreciate equally."
  6. kaeh1213

    The Official Panorama Festival Thread

    And a glowing review of last night’s show from Billboard: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8467528/janet-jackson-panorama-2018
  7. kaeh1213

    The Official Panorama Festival Thread

    It was soooo good. Loved how energetic and more carefree she was and the audience was giving it right back. So good!
  8. https://twitter.com/kevinaeh/status/1021859948718899202?s=21
  9. I heard a bit of a beat, but the extras were making “hey/ho” noises while dancing...so that covered up any music that might have been playing. I was also on the other side of the street, so not close enough to make out any real sounds.
  10. I recognized that skincare boutique! It’s a ten minute walk from me, so I wandered over there and stumbled upon the set. I must’ve JUST missed Janet...but did see Daddy Yankee filming his part. Managed to take a pic (trying to upload, but it keeps saying the file is too big) before they asked me to put the phone away, but let us (me and like three other passers by) stay and watch. Stood around hoping Janet would come back, but they wrapped that spot. I’m sure it’s onto a location nearby... From what I could tell, the vibe is festive/energetic. Very colorful. Extras dancing (freestyle) wearing the colorful African garb we’ve been seeing. About ten or so super cute kids wearing the costumes too.
  11. Omg. I live in Brooklyn, and would have DIED if I happened to walk by this. It’s funny, because I did walk by a production set up in Williamsburg this afternoon, but the sign said it was for an Awkwafina project. Random. Also, I THOUGHT I saw Gil on Grindr (haha) earlier today. Do I need to stalk the streets of BK tomorrow?!?
  12. I’m going to Panorama too!
  13. Random thought here, but how do you define this time period in the Janet timeline? The Unbreakable era seems kind of in the past to me. No more videos/singles... SOTW era seems last year to me, too, even though the tour is extended. I’ve been pretty much thinking of this time period as the Icon era, since her Billboard award/performance is the biggest thing to happen so far this year. Omg. I’m just soooo ready for new music. (I’m pretty much avoiding work deadlines with these rando thoughts.... thanks for humoring me)
  14. Very excited about this!!! Buuut I wish there was more confirmation here than “penciled in some recording dates.” I want the song to be finished! Not us waiting for it like that Lion’s Gate movie deal, Pleasure Principle lingerie line (glad that one didn’t happen), the trans doc.... I have a good feeling about it, so praying this one has follow through. Sooooo ready for new music!
  15. Not sure why that pic showed up so small... but i love her look and am so surprised she’s wearing a skirt. Haha