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  1. Random thought here, but how do you define this time period in the Janet timeline? The Unbreakable era seems kind of in the past to me. No more videos/singles... SOTW era seems last year to me, too, even though the tour is extended. I’ve been pretty much thinking of this time period as the Icon era, since her Billboard award/performance is the biggest thing to happen so far this year. Omg. I’m just soooo ready for new music. (I’m pretty much avoiding work deadlines with these rando thoughts.... thanks for humoring me)
  2. Very excited about this!!! Buuut I wish there was more confirmation here than “penciled in some recording dates.” I want the song to be finished! Not us waiting for it like that Lion’s Gate movie deal, Pleasure Principle lingerie line (glad that one didn’t happen), the trans doc.... I have a good feeling about it, so praying this one has follow through. Sooooo ready for new music!
  3. Not sure why that pic showed up so small... but i love her look and am so surprised she’s wearing a skirt. Haha
  4. I could also see that happening. Especially after she gushed about Bruno in the new Billboard article...
  5. kaeh1213

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    It was kind of weird that he got that part mixed up (or maybe he was trying to make a dumb joke as a way to segway about her being a new mom?), since the writer is David Ritz who has written about her sooooo many times, including the Rolling Stone cover story during the janet. album era and even the liner notes/article in the Design of a Decade packaging. I bet she def requested him to be the reporter here.
  6. Jennifer Lopez is supposed to be there, right? I could see her maybe presenting Janet with the award.. especially since we're at the exact 25th anniversary (how is that even possible?!?!?) date of "That's The Way Love Goes" being #1,
  7. kaeh1213

    New songs + Dammn Baby for BBMA?

    I would be surprised if the call-and-response part of "The Knowledge" (Prejudice? NO!) isn't part of this performance. It'd also be fun to see which artists in the audience really get into it. haha
  8. kaeh1213

    New songs + Dammn Baby for BBMA?

    This is just from a fuzzy memory from randomly watching last year's BBMAs, but I feel like when Cher performed in conjunction with receiving the same award, she did a big medley of hits with costume changes and everything. I can't imagine Janet will do much a costume change (other than, like taking off a jacket or something haha) throughout the performance. It'll def be a medley of hits (duh), but I hope it's a little more streamlined than instead of packing in snippets of as many songs as possible. I could see her focusing on State of the World/The Knowledge/RN, b/c the first two are so strong on the tour. And if she has a new song to debut (PLEASE GOD), I wouldn't be surprised if it was dance song with some sort of social justice theme, and it would be right at home in this medley and the SOTW tour era. But I feel like a new song should've/would've been released by now? Or, b/c the awards show is right on the heals of the janet.25 anniversary, it could be cool to see her honor/channel that era with a janet. album medley. These are just random thoughts/guesses that I've been overthinking about because I'm SO EXCITED. It'll prob just be a medley of her career-defining hits. Honestly, I'm just so happy to see her perform on TV, anything she does for this will be fine by me.
  9. kaeh1213

    Lots of Janet music on last night's Scandal

    Oh wait. Found more info: http://www.vulture.com/2018/02/scandal-recap-season-7-episode-10.html "There are three of Scandal’s standard funky music cues in “The People v. Olivia Pope,” and they’re all Janet Jackson songs. First, there’s the ebullient “When I Think of You” from Control, used to drive home the idea that Olivia and Fitz’s post-memorial hookup was more than a drunken, irrational act of grief. The title track from Rhythm Nation drops later, when Olivia is defiantly blowing off the handshake deal she made with the former members of her team, and “Black Cat” comes in when Olivia learns her obstinacy has cost her a cushy office in the West Wing and the faith of the president. Scandal has always leaned heavily on pop music to tell its stories, but “The People” is an unusually extreme case. If not for the tunes from Miss Jackson, there would be almost no connective tissue to link these characters and stories together."
  10. According to Twitter, last night's episode of Scandal featured quite a few Janet songs. I didn't see it. Did anyone watch? Which songs were featured?
  11. It really is good planning on her part. A lot of people at this fest prob wouldn't normally go to just a Janet concert but will def stay to watch her because she's a legend and whatnot. And then they'll be blown away. So many new Janet converts by the end of the night.
  12. Looks like she's headlining another festival this summer, Panorama, which is basically the NYC version of Coachella. Janet is the headliner on Saturday. (Jul 28) I'm into it! http://www.complex.com/music/2018/01/panorama-2018-lineup https://www.spin.com/2018/01/2018-panorama-lineup/
  13. kaeh1213


    I saw this tweet from Gil the other day: Just restaged the whole show in an hour. Keeps us on our toes ??Wonder what that actually means, and when we'll see the changes... Going to the show in Brooklyn this week. CAN'T WAIT
  14. Just got last min tickets (15th row, center....dead) for tomorrow night in Atlantic City. Tickets say 8pm, but I'm wondering what time she actually shows up on stage... has there been an average time? 8:30pm? 9?