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  1. Haha. I was cracking up at my expectations, too. Like, I was late to meet my friends out last night cause I didn’t want to miss it. Haha 🙃
  2. Maybe there was some sort of miscommunication and Janet’s people thought someone from Facebook was going to come to do the photos/videos/whatever for the takeover... and then they had to scramble to do it themselves? Trying to make sense of such unnecessary misstep/fail. This should’ve been so much betta (😉), and promo they easily should be hit out of the park. I guess I’m a little obsessed with this incident because if they can’t handle a simple FB takeover, it makes my nervous how they’ll execute bigger stuff like album promo whenever the blessed day comes when Janet releases the next album.
  3. I would've forgiven the half-assed FB takeover (takeover? more like borrowing for a second) if the live video from the concert was shot from, oh I don't know, the front of the stage! Having someone record from the side of stage where we didn't even see Janet for most of "State of the World" and pretty much only at the end of "The Knowledge" made absolute no sense to me. They should've showed off the hard work they put into this residency and given us a view from the best seat in the house. It's the last show! They're not giving away any spoilers at this point. (Sidenote, for some reason I had a feeling they were gonna stream a portion of the "Feedback" section of the show. I feel like everyone' on social media has been obsessed with her sass/attitude during FB, so it could've been a buzzy, must-see moment. But since it also probably would've been shot from the lobby, I guess it doesn't really matter) (pun intended) Yeah, I went to bed annoyed last night. haha. Okay, rant over. Still love ya Janet.
  4. I wish she would release a professionally-shot performance video of just one of the songs from the show on YouTube. Maybe one of the RN1814 songs in honor of the anniversary?
  5. Haha. Well, yeah. We all know her music covers so many genres, which even includes hard rock. But not nearly enough musicians/influencers from the heavy metal world give her props, so I thought it was a nice surprise. (And, oh man, am I jealous of his seats at the show)
  6. Random, but cool: https://metalheadzone.com/slipknots-corey-taylor-reveals-the-rare-moments-he-had-with-janet-jackson/
  7. Okay... he said they have matching tattoos. Janet doesn’t have a tattoo of JD, right?!?
  8. I’ve been noticing The Kids™️ and other folks working on the show have been saying things like ‘tonight’s the last night of this run of the show.” The way they’re phrasing it and almost seeming a little sentimental about it already (even though it’s just getting started!) makes me wonder if she’ll change/tweak the set list for each run (month) of this residency.
  9. I imagine Beyonce always has to leave concerts one song early or else she’d get bombarded with people asking for selfies as soon as the show’s over. Looked like she was feeling herself (pun intended), especially during WHYDFML. Love it.
  10. Agreed.. that seems to be the trend: Vegas is it's own, stand alone show. Mariah has her Vegas show (The Butterfly Returns, or whatever) and then has her touring show (Caution World Tour). I feel like JLo maybe did something like that, too. I can't wait to Janet's version of a Vegas spectacular, finally getting the top-notch production she deserves. BRING ON THE METAMORPHOSIS ERA!!! (Buuuuut... I hope the new album has a different name. After Discipline and Unbreakable, I'm a little over the one-word album titles. Change it up!)
  11. I’m surprised she’s not doing a version of SOTW at Glastonbury...
  12. I’ve been trying to figure it out, too. I was looking for setlists of past ceremonies and it looks like a good number of the inductees do perform (with other artists collaborating). I know it’s a long shot, but I keep imagining Stevie Nicks joining her for “Black Cat” or something along those lines. (I know, I know. keep dreaming) 😛
  13. I also think Janelle is a good choice. She’s definitely a huge Janet fan (at Panorama she stayed for Janet’s set and showing Janet a lot of love on social media). Plus, I see similarities in Janelle’s career that shows she def drew inspiration from Janet: songs about social issues, style choices (when Janelle’s style was more androgynous and only wore black and white, it reminded me of Janet’s RN look and her own sexy tomboy style that a big part of her early career), Janelle exploring more sensual subjects lately the way Janet did on the Janet album. I think Janelle will make us proud. But here’s what I’m wondering... WHAT SONG(S) DO YOU THINK JANET WILL PERFORM?!?
  14. I’m going to the DJ Aktive after party. OMG I CANNOT WAIT
  15. I kind of hear a little "Free Xone" here, too.
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