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  1. well this was for UCAP tour right which was already small in production...
  2. I thought the stage tended to be smaller in smaller venues. I think of the venues I work at here in the UK. Imagine having a Metamorphosis or RWU show and trying to squeeze it into a theatre throughout your tour. Im not an an expert but sounds costly and a logistical nightmare
  3. How do u make a show that could work in a 5000 capacity and 15000 capacity venue? I've never heard of an artist doing that?
  4. It reminds me today, I was talking to the decorator who has been in my house this week and he told me his name was Eissa! He was like it means Jesus, I was like " I know ☺️ do you know Janet Jackson? *blank face* JANET JACKSON *blank face* Michael Jackson? Its his sister... "oh I think I've heard of her" Granted, he's Afghani and probably around 27, but I would have hoped for some vague knowledge πŸ˜†
  5. I hear what your saying and agree but you are either perform in Europe or not. Had they not established venues? Or your're thinking they wanted to see how the album sold? I mean that's a huge gap between 5000 and 15, 000 seat venues πŸ˜„
  6. Then you know what...state your European dates FIRST or at least together with the US dates cuz it now just feels like we are constantly being led on.
  7. I soooo admire your optimism πŸ˜„ i really do! Do you have an an opinion on what you think they were waiting for???
  8. It is . There is one thing not being present with your music, but she is also not a bold personality/always in the media. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, Janet was not a child star here (they never showed Good Times in Europe, though in the UK we got Fame and Different Strokes). She arrived in the 80s after Michael so its always been "MJs baby sister". Her big hits didn't start until the Janet album. I guess Glastonbury was the UK tour 😌 I genuinely think they thought her fans around the UK/Europe would splash out to see her there (hence keeping the deep cuts). Then she did Switzerland. Maybe she was testing the waters to see how responsive people were?
  9. What division do you think there is...or maybe I shouldnt ask πŸ˜† I know it sounds morbid and I didn't want to say it, but I can imagine her thinking "when im gone, they will realise my legacy...that's enough" Her priorities now are completely different with Eissa being first, everything else is secondary.
  10. Thank you for seeing it from OUR side! She has not toured here since 2011, for 13 years prior to that! Seeing her in the US in 2015 was my first and so far last time seeing her live. Thats why I said the lack of communication really frustrated me because the UB tour never got rescheduled and its never been acknowledged since, whilst touring the US several times. I sometimes wonder if you realise how spoilt youve been over there Some people say she is a "local" entertainer and looking in from here, I understand where theyre coming from. The number of shows she aimed for in Europe shows she/her team are out of touch, thinking her name alone would sell. Its not the 90s now.
  11. When has she ever cared about the extra shit? The amount of love/support she does clearly received for years is enough for her. I guess she feels her legacy is cemented. She has never cared about figures and she always looks embarrassed when accomplishments are brought up. In saying that, though im not an expert, it would probably require limited effort to set these things in motion. I hear you but also get why she has no interest. Im sure she has said more times than once that when a project is done, its done! She isnt looking back, focusing on what she sold. Its like ok, whats next and i hope they enjoy it. I mean it took her long enough to perform unreleased songs on tour because fans wanted it...so maybe one day she might do it for the fans.
  12. ive never really understood why that was so important to some.
  13. I thought it was evident she didnt Nothing about Janet screams "i want to be the centre of attention". I mean she didnt want to be a singer until Joe made it known otherwise. She might enjoy performing but I think she tolerates fame. Re.social media presence, do other big legacy acts like Cher/Streisand/Dion/Turner engage in it? Is there an expectation because her immediate peer group (Donna, Carey) do so? I cant lie, I did get frustrated by the lack of communication/failure to materialise on projects. Even if she doenst do it, get a team that can engage. However, at this stage ive reduced my standom to just absorbing music whenever it comes, nothing else.
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