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  1. i forgot that one committed suicide and whether it was long after the scandal. I was around 7/8 and remember it being a big thing, though a few groups were doing it at the time.
  2. this popped up (along with Enjoy) on my Youtube list yesterday and i was reminded how beautiful and appropriate they are πŸ–€ Gon Be Alright πŸ–€ The Pleasure Principle πŸ–€ - cuz i took for granted all the small things
  3. id actually agree with him there. I hated the A4U suit in particular
  4. Im keeping positive πŸ€“
  5. Damn I guess this has played on your mind a bitπŸ˜„
  6. did you think that after seeing the subsequent shows?
  7. wow I guess ive never seen the whole thing because I never realised her two performances were separated like that. Superbowl performances have come a long way since
  8. I had no desire to see the Up Close & Personal Tour My copy of A4U is bootleg I don't own the Control album I bought TVR several years after its release Ive hidden my copies of 20YO and Discipline WDIGM2 is a travesty.
  9. The person I went with who was sold on the trailer said the same as me. And there is nothing within the first 5 or 30 mins that'll make anyone freak out...there is one part that may make you jump, but that's it. Its funny because I didn't think it was film I really needed to see at the cinema and im usually about the big visual if I have to. But weirdly, watching this I actually noticed the sounds more, probably because it was so tense in parts.
  10. The trailer as always, makes it seem much than what it is. Its enjoyable non the less.
  11. Well she promoted the hell out of MFN, a single but we'll see.
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