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  1. I remember her driving a SUV somewhere, thought it was ATL...when she was on Tyra's show. But I have been genuinely wondering if she has driven since being in the UK...and I honestly thought she wouldn't! The busy streets and on the reverse side? Hell no! Then again, roads have been much calmer than preCov. Also, she has Lil E so a bigger car for him and all his presents makes sense. I love driving. Had my last car for a solid 10 years until it broke down last month. She was not worth fixing and I'm not in a position to buy another right now. I do have a new bicycle though, which has been a beautiful experience using. There is a whole new cycling revolution over here at the moment!
  2. The Perfection - B- Bizarre, implausible but i watched to the end so 🤷‍♀️
  3. I often see resemblance to Jermaine in her. Something about the mannerisms and the mouth area. Anyway, I'm more stunned she is driving, on the other side of the road...and her car is black 😱
  4. well, there's def many more than that.
  5. start with the show Chewing Gum...if you want.
  6. yes...im watching week by week and just finished episode 6. Ms Coel is a talented lady.
  7. Glad you made it thru and didnt lose your sense of humour!
  8. Well I hate Would You Mind partly for that reason so 🙉
  9. Island Life?! How DARE you! My comparison would be Love U 4 Life - I wanna love that song so bad 😔 it has all the makings of something great, but the vocals (and a demoesque finish) stop it from being so.
  10. the vocals here are not doing it for me at all ✋
  11. vibeology


    Shit that is a shock...
  12. Lord I know...that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth (though I did see Unbreakable abroad). This is a pretty different situation in that its not about her, moreso the current climate. Have any other artists announced cancellations this time round though or have the promoters being doing it?
  13. Farming - A Its about a young black British boy who is "farmed" out to live with a white family and he joins a white supremacy group. Based on a true story it was somewhat harrowing to watch yet I was still engaged.
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