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  1. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    I would smash the hell outta Channing I guess his wife could join Mark Wahlberg
  2. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Pass...pretty face but I prefer em beefier. Rita Ora
  3. Something new

    Yeah I see how they have done that and I prefer it more natural too. This tour and A4U is the only time is the only time its felt a lil severe to me.
  4. Something new

    That's arguable, but I ment on stage too.
  5. ET: JD Puts Rekindled Relationship Rumors to Rest

    We knew But I wonder what they did talk about?
  6. Something new

    I thought her Unbreakable makeup was beautiful, but I've not really felt it this time round. I don't know if make up helps to reduce sweating in anyway?
  7. Something new

    Lord knows she don't need all that makeup but her skin still slays
  8. What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I got more time on my hands now so thought I would start with this. I'm currently watching the episode where it turns out Christian Slater is his dad ! I don't like "kinda all over the place"
  9. What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    i finally got round to watching Mr Robot...been bingeing on season 1 all evening. enjoyable but got a feeling it needs a maximum of two series only. I wanna try American Gods next.
  10. I missed this place

    but they really had me wondering what I had done to get suspended
  11. Cardi B....can we talk?

    I hope it does...the frequencies that music tends to emit do not agree with my spirit I wouldn't know this chick if Janet didnt sample her for a few seconds on tour
  12. Discipline photoshoot – NEW OUTTAKES

    Well erm, maybe considering its after Cant Be Good that the album become becomes unlistenable for me. I often forget about Cant Be Good and that it was a single of sorts...very underappreciated gem.
  13. i know...we haven't seen anything since. just wondered whether she stayed there or not.
  14. I missed this place

    Didn't Janet teach you anything I don't believe our Mother Angie would do so without telling us anyhow

    After careful consideration I chose Lonely
  16. Does Age Really Matter to You?

    yes it does matter to me both with hooking up and a partner...sometimes I wonder if to my own detriment. I use the 5 -7 year +/- rule too but think thatll probably change as I get older (now 37). but hooking up with someone in their late teens early 20s just seem a bit to me

    OMG she is British I didn't realise!
  18. mother a lil bizarre but I kinda like it
  19. New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in Miami

    Because her husband is making her cover...oh wait

    oh wow i had no idea

    so gorgeous without make-up how long has she worked with Lil John?

    Wasn't the album complete by SB? DJ ticks the mixed genre box surely? if it had been a sales success (which I think it coulda been prior to the SB) some of you would be thinking very differently