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  1. She's trolling me lol Metamorphosis appears to be everything I wanted from a show, including hearing Empty live. Here in the UK I cant help but think the only time ill get to see her live is abroad...I think the Glastonbury performance was our tour 😏
  2. I can't add anything to the two posts above!
  3. I was kinda on a hiatus a fan during TVR era and didn't buy the album until several years later My A4U album is bootleg I hide my copies of 20YO and Dissapointment I didn't think buying a ticket for Number 1s tour was worthwhile I hated WDIGM2 with a passion
  4. Helllo...its been awhile. Lots to talk about... Well actually there isnt 😣
  5. Yes...though I rarely listen to any of them now. Most of my fav songs off of albums I have on my phone. My CD rack is quite central to my living room , so I would have find something impressive to replace it if gone. I keep most for sentimental value and In saying that, I regret getting rid of many of my cassette tapes. I
  6. A documentary called The Great Hack about how data accessed from social media is infilterated and used manipulate us A+
  7. its been raining ALLLL day but Janet is soaking it up!
  8. hopefully you would introduce yourself at first at least lol
  9. oh that too. as much as I wanna to bump into her in London I doubt I would go up to her.
  10. They probably don't recognise her...or more likely don't expect her to be there. Its London...everyone is in a hurry in there own bubble. Unless your're fan, its possible they don't notice
  11. Its ridiculous! Look at her just walking out of Rymans like its nothing lol WHY CANT I BUMP INTO HER!
  12. I don't even remember the original performance but Joaquin made it his own. Edit: I forgot about Leno
  13. vibeology

    Janet in NY

    humble Queen πŸ₯° I bet Janet has closets full of clothing that have never been worn.
  14. Joker - A What an intense performance by Joaquin - great film that is beautifully shot too.
  15. After seeing the clip im inclined to but ive not watched any tours prior to TVR. I don't really know why 😌
  16. Me and my Janet bestie were so excited. No clue what the tribute would be and weirdly her doing Scream didn't cross my mind. But that dam strut was like bitch u gonna do us like that?!
  17. That was a killer for me too lol Ive often watched it over and over. Never watched Janet tour but saw a clip of If this week and her energy was insane 😱
  18. Oh and that stomp across the stage during Trust A Try A4U tour version it was like im gonna put you little bitches in check lol
  19. I mean those moments where you have seen J live or watched a performance and there is one part that snatches your soul. It could be the smallest thing and maybe no one else will get it but I it don't matter...I wanna know! I'll start. Ive only seen her live once for Unbreakable and its a night ill cherish forever. For me it was: 1. The opening - the birds and the silhouette took my breath away 1. Burn It Up...from the chorus through to the end of the breakdown I was fucking HYPED when I saw that! 😦 2. The blinky box during TPP - the whole place went dark and seeing her thrashing around, slinking out and dripping down the wall...I could watch over and over 🀀 Rockwitchu Tour - her strutting down the catwalk in Control, then the jet flumes whilst she does some kinda moonwalk into WHYDFML 😫 MetaMorphis - im getting into my feels that I wont see You or The Knowledge live because what I saw online gave me chills πŸ€’ Honorary mention: Glastonbury - The hairwhips during Throb and the breakdown where there all on the floor rubbing themselves
  20. Yes πŸ˜‚ I thought that's what you called it in the US? I know my friends in Atlanta do...that light green smelly shit
  21. I find that with the loud weed... Not too much with regular. U feel the difference?
  22. You have lived a full life
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