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  1. vibeology

    The Re-Introduce Yourself Thread

    Someone else who has heard the song said the same...they kinda liked it and it grew on them. I think its gonna be one of the songs you either love or want to love lol
  2. vibeology

    Who wants to meet Robyn L Baylor?

    That's her???? Why now?
  3. maybe we'll get a lyric video first...
  4. vibeology

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    i don't recall that either when I watched in NC or the repeated clips Ive seen edit: I remember in the BIU intro but that's it
  5. vibeology

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    I wasn't referring to you. I just don't think we have to be so defensive of Her talents which are so obvious to us.
  6. vibeology

    Demi Lovato Hospitalized after Heroin Overdose

    🀨 not quite but I getcha
  7. She obviously remembers Show Me...the dancers were auditioning to it the other day.
  8. vibeology

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    People carrying on like theyd be offended if she used pyros/props πŸ™„ If she bothers with Europe, she cant just copy and paste the current concept...it will need tweaking. How long that will take I don't know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ but it feels we are being trolled at this point πŸ™ˆ
  9. vibeology

    Demi Lovato Hospitalized after Heroin Overdose

    Say no more
  10. vibeology

    Janet at Alexander Wang Party

    its petty for me to be jealous of dem kids aint it πŸ˜•
  11. the vid only finalised a few days ago...editing and shit...#Made4Nextweek
  12. vibeology

    Billboard's 2018 Highest Paid Musicians

    I didn't realise they toured over here that much? Stadiums or arena? Janet can sell here but the venues/number of shows has to be thought through properly. The media has never really helped, referring to her as Michaels lil sister for a majority of the 80s/90s. Her living here and just walking around like a regular person has definitely caught people by surprise lol
  13. vibeology

    Billboard's 2018 Highest Paid Musicians

    She really will have her work cut out here and it will be interesting to see the approach. Im curious that she hasn't actually addressed us since 2016. I wonder if the plans here are definite or dependent...im thinking the latter.
  14. Janhova got me into Kale and limon juice. I've relied on it quite a bit during my 3 week meat/bread free diet and actually enjoy it now πŸ™Œ
  15. in reflection, maybe she wants people to focus on the lyrics.
  16. I literally looked at this for a few minutes saying the same. its sad its so hard to tell what's real and fake now.
  17. vibeology

    Demi Lovato Hospitalized after Heroin Overdose

    Really? I don't follow her but I never realised and didn't know it was public knowledge? Im conflicted about the issue of addiction but its sad particularly living it in the public eye.
  18. About to snatch her own damn wig...only She knows what She is gonna do to ours 😰
  19. I thought of Call On Me too.
  20. im gAGGINg already /.k/;l.';jjfl'fs/,mod
  21. Afro Beat? The song is supposed to be very current so...omg Janet don't do this to me
  22. vibeology

    Janet’s social media posts

    It would be great if stuff like this was addressed in the documentary...im not sure if she'll go there, not directly...but an inclination as to what was happening at the time.