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    Serious topic

    im glad that works for you. it sometimes is the opposite for me, especially when the weather is good and everyone seems to be having a great time. I like the sun but I also love the rain and grey days. rain or water scenery relaxes me so much... it feels like your taking positive steps, just by choosing celibacy I cant help but think that someone of a similar mindset will come your way. I agree about the connection thing. I've been recently thinking maybe being gay is 'wrong' because most men are wired the same and we all need balance. Why is it so many men are going through this? P.S - I still aint read True You - is it worthwhile?
  2. vibeology

    Serious topic

    as he said there is a time and place to nitpick on things. I doubt you'll understand.
  3. vibeology

    Serious topic

    oh my! was this before or today you called?
  4. Ugh I love this woman 😍 As slim as she is she still calling her face fat.
  5. I wouldnt say great, not with the SOTW era, but the brows are my main issue. Very unnecessary and doesnt do anything to enhance her beauty.
  6. Oh I assumed it may have been the people on the set. If that's the case he should be like this more often
  7. she needs to hire this make up artist
  8. vibeology

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    King of Cryptics
  9. just when I was starting to like you two
  10. vibeology

    Serious topic

    Does sitting outside in a park or by some water feel too much to do? If not, try do so. Play some uplifting music in the house if you don't wanna leave
  11. vibeology

    Serious topic

    your allowed to have funky days. But the day before you have to return to work make sure you get out the house, even if its just going to the store. hope it goes well
  12. this makes me appreciate the performance and just large shows in general so much more. I can imagine things like this in the documentary.
  13. badass. Is she vibrating at the beginning she looks so slim
  14. vibeology

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    same here. I was playing it full blast, followed by Damita Jo today as my toxic lodger finally left my home Ive always loved that Jimmy and Terry don't really have a distinctive production. I don't think Unbreakable sounded particularly current at the time or now, but it still completely worked. The three of them have their own lane cut out. I would love Janet to explore some Broken Beat sound, a little electronica...Empty, Night, Slolove, RWU type of sounds.
  15. vibeology

    “Who” Appreciation Thread

    I wish it was more singleable
  16. So who are all these extra dancers? Were they the ones we saw her watching whilst she was in London. That was my only criticism is that I thought there were too many on stage...I couldn't even notice the ones who won the competition.
  17. Janet told you to go fuck yourself yet again Ill bet there'll be younguns out there thinking Throb is new
  18. I love that she did the unexpected (THROB), treating fans to When We Ooh and Burn It Up. The music as a whole was on point, as was the outfit. Her speech did it for and gave me the confirmation I needed
  19. vibeology

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    I want her to address Wissam more than anything...
  20. vibeology

    Yanny or Laurel????

    When I wrote that I didn't think it was possible to hear anything but Laurel, but apparently not. I rarely get caught up in the latest everyone gets crazy about
  21. I don't give a fuck what any of you say, we rarely see her with her siblings...her up there with her big brothers would do me fine.