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  1. Well I dunno about "y'all" lol I already travelled once to see her with Unbreakable. I didn't intend on doing it again...unless it was within Europe.
  2. Kick off in Europe and just stay here and Asia...I know it aint gonna happen but I feel like being a petty bitch
  3. That boy on the right resembles Papa Joe too much to me lol
  4. Anymore tours after this batch should be focused outside of the US...you bitches been spoilt
  5. I held back on how toxic I found his presence because I knew that was the response he wanted. I'm not sure of how much of an act it was...the fact somebody would put on such an act to be a troll (which he confessed to), well that's something in itself. I don't think he was expecting to go like that and considering how much time he spent here (even daily), it'll probably affect him more than we think. That Son of A Gun knows we are talking about him and he's Moist at the thought of it.
  6. I love this!!!!! Who is he?
  7. once again, I admire your optimism 😊
  8. U bitches must be bored cuz no way should this topic be over 3 pages, especially as its been done to death in different forms.
  9. There is a part of me that thinks "that" was our "concert".
  10. The whole UK gets one Glastonbury performance and Australia gets....nevermind 🐦
  11. vibeology

    Night Clubs?

    this. whats kickbacks?
  12. did you change the video cuz what's there now wasn't there earlier!
  13. vibeology

    Night Clubs?

    All I will say is I'm definitely over clubbing, tho that's more an age thing. Saying that I always have a check of the nightlife when abroad. Festivals/bars have potentially taken over. A lot of popup nights to or events where a venue like a warehouse is hired for the night. But people going to same place every week club wise in kinda dead
  14. Like me...its turns me the fuck on when I hear/see a guy enjoying the work im putting in
  15. And when I said unprotected I meant bareback...but if your on prep that supposedly doesn't matter right? yep its an ol skool mentality. I would still use rubbers even if they say they on prep. Ive heard some guy say he allergic to latex...he coulda been telling the truth but I just side eyed
  16. Haven't used it and am cautious of guys who say they use it because I assume they more prone to unprotected sex. I'm probably being old fashioned and ignorant. Im not that sexually active tho.
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