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  1. TRASH. Like WTF is her and her team thinking? Even Nicky Minaj declined this shit like WTF?! The lashings that will come are well deserved.
  2. Doesn't make it less trash. The original is million times better 🤱🏼
  3. True but you can see right after the first couple of songs that the volume on her mic needs to go up and the instruments down. For ex. She was having a similar prob during the RWU performance on GMA in 2k8 and while on choreography she told them to raise the volume of her mic. Probably. For some reason this performance reminded me of Global but yeah, could've been one of those. She's getting good reviews from the press and that's actually great but to me it was a disappointment. specially knowing that she can do much better.
  4. True. IT's freaking TRASH. I want the original in HD not this fucking shit They better not even TRY to pull this stunt with STCML and SOFG. They better put the originals on HD and not the so so def and Diddy remixes
  5. I like it but it sounds like It A'int Me (which i LOVE) cousin or something. Let's see if this can be a hit.
  6. Her eyebrows are the fucking PITS. I don't know why she stays acting like that ish is cute but other than that? no she didn't. The wig is doing Her no favors though.
  7. yeah same. It looked half assed. No stage production nothing. It was all a big MEH. I don't get why she's having such a hard time with her audio at these festivals. There was a similar problem when she performed at Global Citizen.
  8. Are some of you listening to this album with different vocals or on mute ? Cuz... She sounds like a freaking cat in heat thuout the album and that pretty much makes me hate it cuz i can't get past it.
  9. Control: "The Pleasure Principle” RN 1814: "RN" janet: “If” TVR: “Got Til It’s Gone” A4U: “Someone To Call My Lover” DJ: “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” 20 Y.O.: “So Excited” Discipline: “Rock Wit U” Unbreakable : "No Sleeep"
  10. This must be the first time i got her lyrics right without reading them first
  11. So Madead now wants us to know that Madead X is a continuation on AL. I mean.. after all the dreadful released tracks (sans crave but her voice almost ruins everything) she wants us to believe that she has masterpieces like Hollywood, Love Profusion and THIS on the album?
  12. Made for now had massive front load promo and then vanished 😂 wasted. If she goes full disco on a new album I hope she releases during the summer.
  13. loving everything im seeing so far. all it's missing is an album now
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