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  1. i'm late to the party but Happy Bday love
  2. Alcohol is the only one I've ever done and continue to do but like @vibeology said, it's not as fun as it used too. I mainly do it when we go to a club or something.
  3. ngl this is pretty shit. Hopefully this is not what her studio album will sound like. It would ruining her discography.
  4. Video is cool but the song is the pits.
  5. Such an amazing aesthetic for an actual album thrown away 😀
  6. Utopia

    Night Clubs?

    Portugal. It's the IT destination for tourists in Europe so every single club is even more packed than usual I LOVE IT Just drink a few, get on the dance floor and get loose oh it's EVERYTHING and more. I'm about to stan Zendaya for that show alone
  7. Utopia

    Night Clubs?

    Love them and they are BEAMING over here. They are not gonna die anytime soon. They are fucking packed on Friday and Saturday πŸ˜‚
  8. Djdnf I meant barbs but the autocorrect changed it to carbs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. Depends on the forums tbh πŸ˜‚ we've had a couple of delusional people back in the day on JJ. Com. Not to mention Janet xone where you almost get banned if you say you don't like the color of her nail polish πŸ‘€ We aren't nearly as bad as the hive, the carbs or the archeologists though.
  10. Not at all. Not with a monster that was Herpusher's confession... And even without that type of competition it would sell less than AFY, specially on international markets. ANDS would be at least a top 10 song though.
  11. I LOVE how he stans one of pop music's biggest icons while saying that pop music is insulting LOVE IT.
  12. Euphoria is kinda everything right now ❀️
  13. Kinda forgot about this autotuned mess . It still slaps Mold X can't relate
  14. RWU is one of my all time favs by Her and MFN just became one cuz it's exactly the type of sound that i've been asking her to do since the jj.com days But with that said ... The breakdown on RWU still looks dumb as FUCK to me so everything MFN . Good times when she didn't look bored af and actually cared ❀️
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