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  1. Utopia

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    this kinda took me out
  2. Utopia

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    hmmm She better perform this song somewhere This theme is everything and needs to be everywhere
  3. Utopia

    Mariah’s “GTFO”!!!

    I kinda knew what it would sound like before hitting play. She needs to let this MOIA rejects left behind. Her shit has been the same for lord knows how long and the butterflies and gowns need to retire with that sound. And to think that she was going UP with her latest album (even though it had You'r Mine)
  4. Utopia

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    The lvl of cringe was stratospheric . Salem?
  5. Utopia

    I got banned from J Club

    The mods over there are the fucking PITS. They throw hissy fits whenever someone says something they dont agree with. Truly the Mnation of Janet's fanbase.
  6. Utopia

    Where Are These Pics From?!

    DC 5 minutes era had such good photos. A shame they were wasted on THAT album
  7. Utopia


    Why that smile ? 🤔
  8. cropped as well? This is a age of streaming and streaming payola. She'll have a REALLY hard time getting a hit if she doesn't play dirty like they all do. Her not having the back up of a major label is hurting her commercial sucess. She needs radio deals (look at Mariah's #beautiful chat positions) and Spotify/AM deals. Spotify more or less already made it known that they'll put it on playlists and shit IF they get a big check. She's still making the same ol mistakes but she seems to be at peace and still having fun with it so meh. We just need to enjoy whatever she thows at us and call it a day cuz at this point, not even the Bruno colab would be sucessfull
  9. Utopia


    Happy belated bday Vadge ❤️ Sorry for being late y'all, I'm allergic to dust and I heard the sarcophagus and tombs are packed with it .
  10. @hotboy06 you couldda have shared your video with us sus 👨🏾‍💻
  11. Utopia

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Holding up nicely on itunes. The streaming is whats hurting the most cuz the video is doing pretty well. I wish she'd perform at the VMAS tomorrow
  12. Utopia

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    She losing her fucking mind over a #2 debut.
  13. Utopia

    Made For Now Music Video

    Streaming will forever be the problem but i don't really care. She's making herself known and notice so it's a big step in the right direction 💃🏾
  14. At King Eissa STANNING for the second best AFY song. yall heaux stay losing