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  1. Perfect review of this album. It is a masterpiece. The “sonic bed,” as Jimmy says, truly is amazing. The sounds take you to a specific place emotionally throughout. It’s a journey.
  2. I hate the baby making songs. Always have.
  3. With that first single? Absolutely not. And the quality overall just wasn't there - very phoned-in work. Now, I think when All Nite hit, the album would have definitely had a spike if the controversy had not existed- similar to when Together Again dropped from TVR. All Nite was just begging to be a big hit - literally everyone I know (non fans) that heard that song, loved it.
  4. This made me smile. Gladys’ voice brings tears to my eyes.
  5. What Have You Done For Me Lately Nasty When I Think of You The Pleasure Principle Miss You Much Rhythm Nation Escapade Love Will Never Do Run Away That's the Way Love Goes If All For You
  6. OH, and OJ is innocent too, right? Come on folks. Get your heads out of the sand. None of us wants our heroes to go down in flames like this, but we also need to look at the bigger picture here. Lives were forever ruined. I've always been a big MJ fan and obviously a HUGE JJ fan, but there comes a time when you can't ignore the obvious truth staring you in the face. I watched this thing with a very open mind, but was actually looking for signs of BS from these two guys or their families, and they just weren't there. It was real, raw emotion, and you could tell it was uncomfortable to talk about after bottling it up for so long.
  7. The defense I see in here of MJ sounds like Trump supporters defending that fool. Y'all living in denial.
  8. So, in essence, you want this story, even it's the god awful truth, to be buried so as not to hurt Janet? Or Michael? That's pretty messed up. If all this is true, as I think it most likely is, it needs to be heard by as many as possible to help save other victims from similar situations. My comment was just about how Janet best not be defending Michael publicly if she cares anything about her legacy/career. It wasn't about hoping it goes away to save someone's reputation.
  9. I've just started the documentary, but already I'm not pretending it's not a very real possibility (probability even) that MJ was guilty of these things. Bringing this back to Janet, however, I would suggest she watch this herself so that she's informed because as this thing grows, and it most certainly will, her continued defense of him (at the very least performing Scream on tour) has potential to severely impact her career and legacy.
  10. Same boat as you - Velvet Rope until Unbreakable was released.
  11. If not RN, then most definitely IF.
  12. If you're saying "Iconic" you have to think like a random non-fan - what video would that person say they knew best of Janet's. Based on that, I'd say Rhythm Nation. Younger non-fans may say All For You.
  13. I see this commercial all the time, and I totally agree - it makes me cringe. Prince would detest this. How did they get the rights to this? His family looking to make a quick buck??
  14. Look, I actually don’t care for some of Gaga’s ALBUMS, to be perfectly honest (including The Fame). I think they can be a bit lazy and a little “throw everything at ‘em but the kitchen sink” in their production choices. But her versatility as an artist and vocalist is what makes her incredibly relevant in today’s landscape. In 10 years she’s won Grammys for pop (nominated for Born this way too), won a Grammy for an entire jazz album with freakin Tony Bennet and went out on a sold out tour with him, won a Golden Globe for acting, performed a flawless tribute to The Sound of Music on the Oscars, which was praised by Julie Andrews herself, made a semi-country tinged album, which was a 180 turn from her pop roots, and now is in contention for an Oscar for acting just a year or two removed from having an Oscar nominating original song That versatility is just not common.
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