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  1. JJATL

    New Promo Pic 8/8/18

    It’s maaade for yooooou, if yooou really waaaaant it.... 🤔
  2. JJATL

    Your Janet Top 10!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Favorite Janet Song - Love Will Never Do (always puts me in my happy place no matter what) 2. Favorite Janet Tour - The Velvet Rope (duh) 3. Favorite Movie Janet Starred In - Poetic Justice 4. Favorite Janet Album - The Velvet Rope 5. Favorite Janet Iconic Outfit - The look for "That's the Way Love Goes" And "If" Videos. Just plain sexy 6. Favorite Janet collaboration - This isn't a duet or anything, Janet with Jimmy and Terry. Runner up - Tina Landon 7. Favorite Janet Deep Cut - Tonight's the Night 8. Most Underrated Janet Album - Unbreakable - while this understandably got generally very favorable reviews, the quality of the project deserved accolades in my opinion. The work of a true artist. 9. Most Overrated Janet Album - All For You (2 great singles, though) 10. Least Favorite Janet Tour - Unbreakable / SOTW - not because it's bad, but it's just not the scale and overall energy of the past BIG tours, which would be hard for J to match at this point in her career. Still great, though!
  3. She looks great doing this.
  4. JJATL

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    Wrong. It’s a lead single from a new project. All the hoopla around Unbreakable was that after several flop attempts of breaking away from them in the mid 2000’s, she had finally made it back to JJ/TL and the magic was still there. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. (God I remember saying that several times in the Janet forum 10-12 years ago) That being said, the song could certainly surprise. We shall see. Here’s hoping.
  5. JJATL

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    Couldn’t agree more. She finally comes back after all those years away with a freakin masterpiece with Jimmy / Terry, and now she wants to get away from them again on the very next project??? SO not here for that. 👎👎
  6. JJATL

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    OMG this is so exciting - I feel like this snuck up on us!
  7. JJATL

    It’s hot in here, geez!

    I’m so suuuuuury.
  8. JJATL

    Azealia Banks Pays Homage to Janet

    She needs to stop trying to dance. No ma’am. She has a great voice, though.
  9. JJATL

    JD and Janet’s music

    Yup and that was most likely a knee jerk decision from the fall out.
  10. JJATL

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    THIS. This is part of why Janet is my #1. Beyond being an amazing artist through and through, she’s just, I dunno, exceptionally tuned in to the world around her and humanity.
  11. JJATL

    JD and Janet’s music

    Super Bowl set off a chain reaction for sure.
  12. JJATL

    New songs + Dammn Baby for BBMA?

    Y’all speaking like true stans wanting new songs and obscure songs. Ain’t gonna happen, nor should it. This will be a hits performance. I think there will be a big focus on RN and SOTW, though, because of the...state of the world.
  13. JJATL

    JD and Janet’s music

    Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, and looking back back on those eras, it’s seems like they were major hiccups. Maybe they were just knee jerk reactions to the Super Bowl aftermath. Everyone just panicked.
  14. JJATL

    What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I would pretend it didn’t exist. Kind of like 20 Y.O.