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  1. The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

    I mean he's more relevant than a few people that were posted in this thread lmao. ... I hope you find the great forever too (giggles)
  2. The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

    he's not mega famous but he's the brother of models Gigi(dating Zayn) & Bella(dating The Weeknd) Hadid. Also the son of Yolanda foster from RHOBH. He apparently models as well. Half Palestinan, Half Dutch. -":
  3. The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

  4. New Picture

    In any religion there's multiple interpretations and you would know that a lot of sharia is within the context of 6th century Arabia. Islam at the time and still today if you compare it against the other 2 major monotheistic religions is the most progressive concerning women. Women were not allowed to own property in Europe until the 19th century, 1300 years after Islam established that as a right to women and I could go on with the rights granted to woman. Misogyny and patriarchy effect all societies and goes beyond religion. There is no one way to practice the faith as it has always been a faith that stretches a variety of cultures and ethnicities. Islam in Dearborn Michigan isn't going to be praticed the same way in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia and so on. Here's the problem I've been having for the past year or more is fans using her husbands' faith as a way to explain every Janet decision they find unsatisfactory. If she stays away, her husband has her hostage. If she decides to wear black or harem pants on tour, her husband is controlling her. As if she doesn't have agency, doesn't call her own shots(Control) and that she doesn't owe anyone her body. Liberation for women is not only the right to bear their bodies but also to cover IF they so choose to. No doubt in some majority muslim countries women are denied the right of choice and similarly in secular nations like France women are also denied choice(burkini/hijab ban) While Wissam is a muslim man the fact that he pursued Janet is evidence enough of how liberal he is. Until he does something or she comes out, all these assumptions about oppressive treatment is rooted in Orientalism and Islamophobia. And the talking about something you know nothing about was too much but as a Muslim it's annoying when non-Muslims pretend to know about Islam or the vast diversity in which Muslims practice. In the same way you wouldn't pain with a broad brush the beliefs of Christians, the same courtesy should be extended to Muslims. There are Christians who ignore homophobic, anti-women, pro-slavery aspects of their tradition/holy book and the same can be said for Muslims. Women's Rights in Islam The issue of women in Islam, is topic of great misunderstanding and distortion due partly to a lack of understanding, but also partly due to misbehavior of some Muslims which has been taken to represent the teachings of Islam. We speak here about what Islam teaches, and that is that standard according to which Muslims are to be judged. As such, my basis and source is the Quran--the words of Allah, and the sayings of the Prophet, his deeds and his confirmation. Islamic laws are derived from these sources. To facilitate our discussion we can discuss the position of women from a spiritual, economic, social, and political standpoint. From the spiritual aspect, there are seven points to remember: According to the Quran, men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women. [Noble Quran 4:1, 7:189, 42:11] The Quran makes it clear that all human beings (and the phraseology doesn't apply to men or women alone, but to both) have what you might call a human; He "breathed some of My spirit into divine touch. When God created him"(or her in this sense).[Noble Quran 15:29 See also 32:9] Some of His spirit here means not in the incarnational sense, but the pure, innate spiritual nature that God has endowed her or him with. The Quran indicates again that one of the most honored positions of human, is that God created the human, and as I referred to Surah 17 earlier, it means both sexes, as His trustee and representative on earth. There are many references in the Quran that reaffirm this. Nowhere in the Quran do we find any trace of any notion of blaming Eve for the first mistake or for eating from the forbidden tree. Nowhere, even though the Quran speaks about Adam, Eve, and the forbidden tree, but in a totally different spirit. The story is narrated in 7:19-27, and it speaks about both of them doing this, both of them are told that both of them disobeyed, both of them discovered the consequences of their disobedience, both of them seek repentance and both of them are forgiven. Nowhere in the Quran does it say woman is to be blamed for the fall of man. Furthermore, when the Quran speaks about the suffering of women during the period of pregnancy and childbirth, nowhere does it connect it with the concept of original sin, because there is no concept of original sin in Islam. The suffering is presented not as a reason to remind woman of the fall of man, but as a reason to adore and love woman or the mother. In the Quran, especially 31:14, 46:15, it makes it quite clear God has commanded upon mankind to be kind to parents and mentions, "His mother bore him in difficulty or suffering upon suffering." [Noble Quran 31:14, 46:15] The Quran makes it clear again to remove any notion of superiority and I refer you again to 49:13. I must caution you that there are some mistaken translations, but if you go to the original Arabic, there is no question of gender being involved. In terms of moral, spiritual duties, acts of worship, the requirements of men and women are the same, except in some cases when women have certain concessions because of their feminine nature, or their health or the health of their babies. The Quran explicitly, in more than one verse, 3:195, 4:124, specified that whoever does good deeds, and is a believer and then specifies "male or female" God will give them an abundant reward. In the area of economic rights, we have to remember that in Europe until the 19th century, women did not have the right to own their own property. When they were married, either it would transfer to the husband or she would not be able to dispense of it without permission of her husband. In Britain, perhaps the first country to give women some property rights, laws were passed in the 1860's known as "Married Women Property Act." More than 1300 years earlier, that right was clearly established in Islamic law. "Whatever men earn, they have a share of that and whatever women earn, they have a share in that." [Noble Quran 4:32] Secondly, there is no restriction in Islamic law that says a woman cannot work or have a profession, that her only place is in the home. In fact, by definition, in a truly Islamic society, there must be women physicians, women nurses, women teachers, because it's preferable also to separate teenagers in the volatile years in high school education. And if she chooses to work, or if she's married with the consent of her husband, she's entitled to equal pay, not for equal work, but for work of equal worth. Thirdly, when it comes to financial security, Islamic law is more tilted in many respects towards women. These are seven examples: During the period of engagement, a woman is to be on the receiving side of gifts. At the time of marriage, it is the duty of the husband, not the bride's family. He is supposed to pay for a marital gift. The Quran called it a gift, and it is exclusively the right of the woman. She doesn't have to spend it on the household, she doesn't have to give it to her father or anyone else. If the woman happened to own any property prior to marriage, she retains that property after marriage. It remains under her control. Also, in most Muslim countries, the woman keeps her own last name, and her own identity. If the woman has any earnings during her marital life, by way of investments of her property or as a result of work, she doesn't have to spend one penny of that income on the household, it is entirely hers. The full maintenance and support of a married woman is the entire responsibility of her husband, even though she might be richer than he is. She doesn't have to spend a penny. At the time of divorce, there are certain guarantees during the waiting period and even beyond for a woman's support. If the widow or divorcee has children, she's entitled to child support. In return for these listed securities, it is clear why the Islamic laws pertaining to inheritance give men a higher share. From the social standpoint, as a daughter we find that credit goes to Islam for stopping the barbaric practice of pre-Islamic Arabs of female infanticide. These ignorant people used to bury female daughters alive. The Quran forbade the practice, making it a crime. Surah 81 Additionally, the Quran condemned the chauvinistic attitudes of some people who used to greet the birth of a boy with gladness, but sadness in the case of a girl. The duty, not the right, the duty of education, as the Prophet said, is a duty on every Muslim, male and female. As far as treatment of daughters is concerned, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Anyone who has two daughters, and did not bury them, did not insult them and brought them up properly, he and I will be like this," holding his two fingers close together. Another version adds, "And also did not favor his sons over daughters." One time the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was seated. A companion was sitting with him. The companion's son came. He kissed his son and put him on his lap. Then his daughter came, and he just sat her by his side. The Prophet told the man, "You did not do Justice," meaning he should have treated the daughter equally, kissed her and put her in his lap also. Indeed, whenever the Prophet's daughter Fatimah came to him, in front of everyone, he stood up, kissed her and let her sit in his favorite place where he'd been sitting. From the marital standpoint, the Quran clearly indicates in Surahs 30:20 and 42:11 that marriage is not just an inevitable evil, marriage is not somebody getting married to his master or slave, but rather to his partner. "Among His Signs is this, that he created for you mates from among yourselves, that they may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect." [Noble Quran 30:21] There are numerous verses in the Quran to the same effect. Secondly, the approval and consent of the girl to marriage is a prerequisite for the validity of marriage in Islam. She has the right to say yes or no. Husbands' and wives' duties are mutual responsibilities. They might not be identical duties, but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced. The Quran says: "Women have the same rights (in relation to their husbands) as are expected in all decency from them, while men stand a step above them." [Noble Quran 2:228] This only specifies the degree of responsibility, not privilege, in man's role as provider, protector, maintainer, and leader of the family. The same Surah speaks about divorce, about consultation between husband and wife, even in the case of divorce. When there are family disputes, first the Quran appeals to reason and the consideration of positive aspects of one's spouse, "Dwell with your wives in kindness for even if you hate them, you might be hating someone in whom God has placed so much good." [Noble Quran 4:19] If that appeal does not succeed, and problems between the husband and wife continue, there are measures that can be applied. Some of these measures are done privately between husband and wife. Some of them might appear harsh, but there are qualifications to restrict excessive or abusive use of these measures. These measures are considered an attempt to save a marriage rather than break a family apart. If the situation does not improve, even with the limitation and prevention of excesses, the next step is a family council. One arbiter from his family and one from her family should sit together with the couple and try to resolve the problems. If a divorce becomes necessary, there are many detailed procedures in Islamic law that really knock down the common notion that divorce in Islam is very easy and that it is the sole right of man. It is not the sole right of man alone and neither is it true that all you have to say is: "I divorce you three times," and that's it. Islam also has laws regarding custody of children. I was very surprised to see newspapers making the false claim that in all cases custody goes to the father. Custody involves the interest of the child, and laws often favor the mother of young children. Polygamy has become so mythical in the minds of many people that they assume being Muslim means having four wives. This is a false notion, of course. A very renowned anthropologist, Edward Westermarck, in his two-volume work, "History of Human Marriage," notes that there has been polygamy in virtually every culture and religion, including Judaism and Christianity. But the point here is not to say, "Why blame Islam?" Actually, Islam is the only religion even among Abrahamic faiths, that specifically limited the practice of polygamy that existed before Islam and established very strict conditions for guidance. The question, "How could any man have two wives? That's terrible!" reflects ethnocentrism. We assume that because we're living in the West and it seems strange, and we assume it must apply to all cultures, all times, under all circumstances. This simply isn't true. Let me give you one current-day example. In the savage attack on Afghanistan, genocide was committed on the Afghani people. It is estimated that 1-1.5 million people lost their lives, a great majority of whom were men of a marriageable age. Now, with a great shortage of men, what will happen to their widows, their orphans and their daughters of marriageable age? Is it better to leave them in a camp, with a handout? Or better a man is willing to take care of his fallen comrade's wife and children? It is obvious that monogamy is the norm for Muslims. If we assume that having four wives is the norm, then we assume a population of 80% female and 20% male, which is an impossibility on the aggregate level. The only verse in the Quran that speaks about polygamy, speaks about limiting not instituting polygamy. The verse was revealed after the Battle of Uhud in which many Muslims were martyred, leaving behind wives and children in need of support. This verse shows the spirit and reason of the revelation. The Quran placed obedience to parents immediately after worship of God. "We commanded mankind to be kind to his parents" [Noble Quran 31:14] And then speaks of the mother. In a very succinct statement, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Paradise is at the feet of mothers." Once a man came to him and asked, "O, Messenger, who among mankind is worthy of my kindness and love?" The Prophet answered, "Your mother." "Who next?" "Your mother." "Who next?" "Your mother." Only after the third time he said, "And your father." As a sister in faith, in blood, we find the Quran speaks about men and women, that they should cooperate and collaborate in goodness. Surah 9:71 speaks about men and women as supporters and helpers of each other, ordaining the good and forbidding the evil, establishing prayers and doing charity. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) echoed what the Quran said, "I command you to be kind to women." In one of his last commands in his farewell pilgrimage before his death, he kept repeating, "I command you to be kind and considerate to women." In another hadith, he said, "It is only the generous in character who is good to women, and only the evil one who insults them." http://www.islamswomen.com/articles/do_muslim_women_have_rights.php
  5. New Picture

    Going to start off saying that we don't know what Janet's faith is beyond references in the Great Forever, saying iA in Broken Hearts Heal(and on tour) but she's never officially confirmed anything so even tho I believe she is, it's just speculation. Muslim women aren't allowed outside the house, are you serious? Plenty of Muslim women whether they wear hijab or not have professional careers and aren't bound to their homes. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.
  6. Janet is once again a RRHOF nominee for class 2017.

    I mean maybe Chic itself doesn't have much impact but you can't deny Nile Rodger's contribution to music. From producing for Diana Ross, Madonna, etc. Even recently with Daft Punk
  7. Definitely it's made revisit albums like Damita Jo, 20 Y0, Discipline that I didn't care for at the time. I think overall the new album rejuvenated my interest in her entire discography and sort of rediscover my love. But pretty soon it's going to wear off and the thirst for the new project will begin.
  8. Janet tweets using both #BLM & #ALM

    I don't mean to slander MJ. I have a lot of love for him(literally on my knees praying for him before the verdict) but now that I'm an adult I look back on things a little differently. I mean in his statements and music/videos he's embraced his blackness even when he was visibly lighter and I give him credit for that. I just don't get the whole marrying Debbie Rowe for kids thing. Apparently he wanted kids with Lisa Marie but she didn't and i feel for him. I think there's is an issue tho when you're prepared to lie and pass off a child with the blondest of hair as your own(I know a lot of mixed kids can be white as snow and even have blonde hair but the likelihood of having 2 children with no black features is not that high) that's sort of the issue for me. If you're going to adopt kids, adopt them. But why wouldn't you adopt black children if you don't want biological kids? The kids have to defend him in death because of his decisions which is unfair and the family probably can't let them know the truth without being assholes. (sorry for the derailment of this thread lol)
  9. Janet tweets using both #BLM & #ALM

    Michael has always been conflicting to me. Because he has songs like They Don't Care About Us, the Panther segment of Black or White, Remember the Time, etc that are very obviously pro-black but on the other hand he tried to pass off two white children as his biological children. Like I used to be one of those fans that said those were his kids but it's clear that Prince & Paris aren't his(he's still their father because he raised them). Like that's deeper than self-hate to me tbh. Like I know he has statements of being a proud black man and he couldn't control his vitiligo(yes he bleached his skin to even it out) but still contradictory.. I think Janet is a proud black woman and I sort of wish she wouldn't have shared that video and included the #ALLIVESMATTER. Janet's intention isn't the same as white racists trying to derail but now she's grouped with people like Stacy Dash and Wendy Williams. Also someone needs to tell Prince that he's white and honestly his opinions are irrelevant. I don't care who your father is.
  10. Is she embarrassed of the "janet" and "RN" tours?

    I think it might be a slight possibility. I also feel like the more she delays it the more dated the RN tour becomes. I think she was also singing live more during the RN tour and the vocals aren't really perfect at a lot of points so maybe the perfectionist side of her doesn't want that out for mass consumption. You can say now it's an issue of profit but she could've released it in the early 00's when she was still close to her peak of her commercial career. I think she's an artist that doesn't like to look back too often which as a fan of MJ who really didn't change much in terms of choreography and tour setup for almost 20 years I appreciated.
  11. The 2016 BET Awards Thread - Ratings and Attendence UP from Last Year

    You realize African refugees were drowning too and the refugee crisis involves black refugees? Also BLM is used in the context of America
  12. The 2016 BET Awards Thread - Ratings and Attendence UP from Last Year

    Janet singing "every life matters" in a song that references Palestinian oppression by the Zionist entity isn't the same as racist whites and JT saying #ALLLIVESMATTER to take the focus off of black pain and suffering. Janet will never sit down for an interview but I'm sure her saying that wasn't a diss to #BLM and if it was Janet is also of class where she doesn't experience the worst effects of structural racism against black people in America. Janet also sang "because of my race I've heard no too many times. Because of my gender I've heard no too many... African-American woman I stand tall with pride." She also chose Chuck D for that song who was known for his politics with Public Enemy and is today's equivalent of Kendrick. Her lyrics about us all being the same is the truth. Yes there's one human race but that doesn't mean that structural racism doesn't exist and that work needs to be done to address it. You can't end the conversation with that, you need to work to build a world wear the color of man or woman's skin doesn't determine things like their life expectancy, imprisonment, etc I don't respect obama for various reasons (drone strikes that kill civilians, record number of deportations etc. Janet hasn't spoken out about #BLM directly but she's supported black causes and spoke about race. The black struggle predates #BLM and JT wasn't speaking out against racism before or after. Don't pretend that Janet & JT are on the same level when it comes to social activism. He should've listened to the speech and digested instead he took the bait and is rightfully being dragged.
  13. The 2016 BET Awards Thread - Ratings and Attendence UP from Last Year

    He reduced Jesse's speech to "we're all one race" which it wasn't about lol. Yes, we're all technically one but the message of Jesse's speech was for oppressed people(specifically black) to continue fighting and he also had a small bit about people wanting to consume and market black culture without caring about our lack of freedom even in 2016. Unless I'm unaware of JT's activist work, he hasn't actively supported BLM or used his platform to speak out against injustice so he's apart of the problem. JT should've just kept it cute and ignored the person that rightfully called him out. Now he's retreating as the victim and displaying classic white fragility when he chose to go on the offense. I think Janet's over JT, she was more hurt by the public and the government/corporations trying to bury her. But I don't blame people for getting in JT's ass. I think music is universal but he does make R&B/soul/urban music and he stands on the shoulder of a lot of a genre created and pioneered by black people. He makes good music but his race has effected his marketability.
  14. Has Janet posted abything about Orlando?

    The issue isn't two women kissing but her reposting images of her VMA performances where she kissed Britney in the midst of this tragedy to me seems like self-promotion. Instead of elevating the victims it again becomes about her and her stunts. Also the pictures she posted of the two black men kissing might be from porn? (Don't quote me on that) If Janet posted an old picture of her kissing a woman with #loveislove when she's not explicitly apart of that community I would side eye her too.
  15. Has Janet posted abything about Orlando?

    Pretty sure that Emirates videos was pre-scheduled before this tragedy happened as well as most of the social media for the past month and a half. The only time we're sure she's actually talking to us without her team is when she makes those videos in bed. I would rather Janet stay silent then post crap like this. At least she's not using this tragedy for her own self-promotion.