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  1. YEAdams

    Tupac's Apology to Janet

    2Pac - Sway In The Morning Interview (1996) His fans still bring up that Poetic Justice beef, even after multiple people who worked on the movie said that Janet was very professional.
  2. You've been wanting to get off your chest for awhile now huh.
  3. YEAdams

    New Pictures of Janet With Wissam in LA

    Yelp, Motha J is not gonna be all belly. She definitely not doing the "Hollywood Pregnancy", happy to know that she is out and about and fu*kin up a plate!!
  4. YEAdams

    New Pictures of Janet With Wissam in LA

    My prayers have been answered!!! Thank u Muva J...thank u!! We needed to Saved in here!!
  5. Muva J please come get us children, cause we don't know how to act without u!!!
  6. DAMN!! LOL ya'll crazy as hell in here!!! Why everybody always getting in they feelings in here??!!
  7. LMAO...NO MISS SOPHIA!!! NOOOOOO!!! Lol Why u do that to him mzboz?!!
  8. LMAO Yass mzboz share the word!!!
  9. Thank you!!! He either gotta sling good D, mouth rock da box, or both!!! I'm mean for goddess sake the woman has multiple songs about sex!!
  10. So she with him for his money?
  11. That's the way love goes!!
  12. Lol I seen this mess a couple of months ago!!! Janet seen alot with her father, brothers, & James. She is definitely hip to shit n***** do.
  13. YEAdams

    Bobby Brown claims he slept with Janet

    Lol BlackCat1989 its funny that u say that, because when I first saw Poetic Justice I actually thought that they were a couple, mind u I was 7 at the time. I wished Janet would have done the sex scene, her body in Poetic Justice is the BEST that I have seen it look....sooo THICK!!!!
  14. YEAdams

    Bobby Brown claims he slept with Janet

    Janet pulled the G move on homeboy. "I love you, but not in love with you" CLASSIC line, and proceeded to tell the homies about how he slinging the D!!! Men do it all the time and are crowned Playas!