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  1. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

  2. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    Look who's talking. The nerve
  3. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    Both points brought up were completely irrelevant to the discussion. Whether some were made up or not..they honored HER when it could have been given to 10 billion other legends..and the other irrelevabt point that was brought up, If we were talking about Meryl Streep winning prestigious awards...would we be having grammy talk? No, bc she is an actress. It would be solely related to awards that honor acting, so why should the discussion flip bc we're talking about Janet? Makes no sense. Janet has acted but she's not as evenly invested in different fields as a Barbra Streisand to even be a EGOT winner, which again has NOTHING to do with my original question to begin with. Lets please stop tryna complicate answers to questions that are so simple. Thats a flawed pattern on this board. Its draining
  4. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    Exactly. What i said wasnt that hard to understand at all. Thats whats weird about this board..they will slice and dice and dissect what you said and flip it to create something completely different from the original question. Strange community on here. And obviously about the Madonna thing but thats actually what I think is interesting the fact that Madonna suppose to be the Queen of Pop over Janet but yet Janet seems to lifetime achievement awards til this day while Madonna hasnt been given shit in how long???
  5. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    If anything the fact that sum are MADE up for her..shows the kind of power she has. Thats to her credit. At the end of the day they still are lifetime achievement awards. On top of that she has won some "legit" ones. Ama's,VMAs,Billboard,etc
  6. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    I was speaking more so about MUSIC awards...we already know Janet is not a EGOT winner. Not to down that cus that is an achievement but those are standard awards in different fields. The kind of awards Janet has been winning since 2001 are like lifetime achievement type of awards aka prestigious awards. I cant think of another artist who has recieved as many lifetime achievement awards as Janet
  7. janetDAYZ

    Would you say....

    ...Janet has won more prestigious/special awards and accolades than ANY other artist, Ever (including Michael) ???
  8. janetDAYZ

    Janet at Santini, London December 3

    I think Janet juss loves warmth...remember its been a couple of times shes mentioned it.. being more attracted to heat.
  9. janetDAYZ

    Janet’s social media posts

    Janet was ON BEAT the WHOLE TIME while some of her dancers were with her, others were lagging like a millisecond behind (mainly the two directly behind her) but then they would catch up in some spots...it was weird.
  10. janetDAYZ

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    Lets say this. Janet does not feel anything is faltering w/ her legacy bc of the nonstop legendary praise that she gets day in and day out from the public,media and countless award shows honoring her. I actually think at this point Janet has won more PRESTIGIOUS awards than ANYBODY ..even Michael. So therefore I think Janet doesnt feel she has to work as hard to sell herself. She IS indeed delusional in that regard only bc everytime she seemed to rebuild her touring attendance, she does something that sets her back to the public not trusting her. She seems to be illuminated by circstances and situations constantly. So would have really expected her to have sold out tours today (with promo or not)??? Certainly not me. Be realistic. But i dont think that Janet doesnt care about her legacy i juss feel shes thinking like "whoever comes to see me -they will see me..whoever dont..they dont" .. Janet has always been very chill when it came to her success. She never seemed overly eager. For instance if you was to come backstage and tell Madonna "Hey Madge, the arena is only half full" ...Madonna would have a fit! Would go into a complete rage out of ego. If you tell Janet the same thing..Janet would be like "alright lets go put on a good show for these ppl".. We will never understand why Janet does what she do now...and frankly yall should be exhausted trying to figure it out. Lol
  11. Well i do know she is a fan of Janet's bc i remember in an interview while she was still in Blaque ..they asked the whats the best concert theyve ever seen and her answer was "Janet's Velvet Rope show...she puts on a show!!" I juss didnt know know her and Ronnie had attended the Icon show cus neither got any coverage.. MTV showed all the "revelant" acts at the time lol
  12. janetDAYZ

    Janet’s MYM played in Charmed this week

    Even Joe knows this..
  13. janetDAYZ

    What is Janet's... Best lyrically written song???

    Im naming "Son Of A Gun" It does not get its proper praise AT ALL. Talk about a cleverly written song. The play on words.. and metaphors. Its almost like poetically written from a rapper/mc's perspective. Janet, Jimmy and Terry put their FOOT in that one...im sorry.