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  1. But even aside from the Toni and Janet thing not working... in the rest of that interview Toni spoke of her and Mariah were gonna duet cus at one point back in the day Mariah had reached out to her to collab on a song but bad timing cus Toni went bankrupt and that's why she couldn't do it...but I could not imagine them to sounding good together either. Toni's voice/tone is juss far too unique to juss place her with anyone on a song. I think the only person she would sound good with is Brandy cus of Brandy's deep, raspy tone.
  2. Janet and Randy in London

    I love their close relationship..the two babies out of the siblings ❤️
  3. Tupac's Apology to Janet

    Wrong about what?
  4. That was actually the part that made me cringe, that she actually believed in her delusional heart that she nailed it. She has always been a joke to me, I never understood the hype around her
  5. Well Traveled. Shoulda been first eliminated
  6. If you didn't see the garbage. Here it is. Thoughts?
  7. "Prince hated JT" Why do you all keep saying that? Just because he said "sexy never left"? It was typical Prince fashion to answer in that shady way. You all take these artists comments wayy too seriously. Infact Prince & JT had a good relationship. Don't believe me...? Check this out @ :25 🛑STOP🛑 MAKING YOURSELVES LOOK COMPLETELY FOOLISH It's not a good look for any of you, and I have more receipts if you wanna disregard this. Try me. I don't mind making any of you naysayers look even more foolish. You spew shit you heard instead of doing research before you make claims/comments. It's idiotic
  8. Underwhelming...I was expecting so much more. I'm trying so hard to stay a fan but he is losing me this era ..
  9. Wow. I never thought I would see the day that Justin is not in favor. It seems the the critics and the public either hates the album and/or not even interested in listening. I will admit, even with me being a Justin fan.... I haven't listened to ANYTHING from this era, not one song .. i honestly just haven't been moved to ..it's weird..it's been such a weird roll-out for him..idk..this is not the usual for him. This is one of the oddest releases I've ever seen.
  10. The Official Grammy’s Thread

    Kendrick was the best of the night!!! Him being a rapper, his presentation is ..unmatched. The show had too many ballads. Bruno's was interesting.. Cardi was fun.. .... Rihanna was cool ...I liked how free her energy was tho I was expecting something else for that performance,idk .. and ...yeah that's all
  11. Janet at JFK airport

    Eh, yeah she loves Janet but Beyonce took more after Tina.. not to say she loves Tina more than Janet but just in a different way. Juss like how Ciara love Janet and Michael to death, but she kinda bows down to MJ juss a tad more
  12. Janet at JFK airport

    I hope you're being sarcastic. If not...Y'all are being extreme. it's not like it's some Jacksons vs Tina Turner beef ! That was ONE isolated incident that happened 100 years and even when it's been spoken about from the family it's told in a comical way, not like "that bitch shot me..we dont like her". I believe they said they buried the hatchet not too long after. And Janet's memory we know is not always the best, she probably doesn't even remember Tina shooting no damn Randy 😂