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  1. U juss drive me insane asking for that damn album EVERY SINGLE DAY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Janet half ass promotes her stuff when shit is normal can u imagine if she was to release sum shit during this time? That album would come and go without a trace in the sky. Or us hardly seeing Janet at all, juss the music. We dont want that. We want to see her out and about when her music releases.
  2. U need to calm the hell down. Let the roll out happen when it does. They are waiting for the coast to clear. Stop anticipating and juss think logically....it will probably release towards the end of the year or the top of next.Yall always talk about yall want Janet to WIN but yall want her to release shit in the middle of all this mess? That makes no sense. No sir, too many distractions. Ppl worried about how they gone feed their family next week not about no damn albums. We need to look at priorities here. Chill da hell out. Let the dust settle. The album is coming. The world is not ending no time soon i dont think.
  3. But MLITR wasnt nearly has sensual and sexual as this version of Funny How Time Flies...It was very on the lite,sexually. This version of FHTF makes the other version sound like a disney song
  4. O.M.F.G!!!!!!!!!!!! Im loving this....something about it sounds even more mature and grown. And the notes she's hittin on that 2nd verse and THE ad libs ..what????? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> its makes the version we know sound too simple I cant believe how sexual she was... Janet was already on sum janet. type shit back then lol
  5. Which is why i said the movie should focus on the aspect of her real life off the stage. I really think it would draw ppl into her
  6. For me, if its true ...we have seen tons of shit that has showed her rise to superstardom.. I would want that aspect of her life to be secondary..and what should be primary is the obstacles and struggles that only US fans know about. Casual Janet fans and non Janet fans dont know this woman was hopping in her car in the middle of the night to go search for her drug addict husband in dangerous areas who would call her to come try to find him cus he's not even coherent enough to kno where he is. Stuff like that would REALLY make a story cus the common person looks at Janet as a beautiful woman who was lucky enough to be born into fame with a silver spoon in her mouth. Alot of ppl dont know stuff like Janet being on tour and needing emergency eye surgery becus she scraped her cornea with a magazine and after her surgery she was in her hotel room suffering and crying through the night of healing while her husband (Rene) was nowhere to be found. I think stuff like this would show how common and relatable her life is despite her name being in bright lights.
  7. Gotten to old to pull of her breakdowns?????? Joe juss a couple of years ago janet was doin the IF breakdown w/ HER ARMS on billboard! Thats the BEST she's done in years during that breakdown. And she killed her breakdowns during SOTW tour.... You act like that was yearsssss ago lmfao.. Its juss that when you seen her SHE PUT ON WEIGHT..thats when she is lazy dancewise but skinny SOTW janet was still killing it. Her age isnt a factor of capability it's her weight. Pay attention. Please
  8. Janet for 2021!!! Too much shit goin on and probably will still go on for the rest of the year. Let her come back when all the smoke has cleared....the economy in better shape and things are back to "normal". 2020 has not been a gracious year..this year as a whole needs to be forgotten. 2021 will start w/ a fresh clean sleigh. Period
  9. Part 2 of Dancers Confessions is TODAY Sunday @6pm (est) on instagram live on Eddie Morales page https://instagram.com/emoofficial718?igshid=hxsm1ukeqg29 You can ask them ANY question you want. Eddie and the other dancers are Transparent, Raw and REAL AF!!! I asked tons of shit yesterday 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  10. https://instagram.com/emoofficial718?igshid=hxsm1ukeqg29
  11. She aint postponed it cus everyone wants to see where the dust will settle...why make an annoucement now....? Off subject, Eddie Morales(a4u era dancer) is on instagram live right now..and bringing up other dancers and they spilling ALL KIND OF TEA about artists theyve worked with... the good and the bad. Janet came up a ALOT ....ALL GOOD THINGS..Good things about Aaliyah and Mariah too but they said bad shit about Xtina Missy and Keyshia Cole lol
  12. Tbh it doesnt have to carry a visual theme anymore imo. Juss like how she made the song apart of a medley on the SOTW tour ..and didnt make it a nig center piece performance i was cool with that. Dropping some of those visual themes for certain songs helps to change the overall look for her tours.
  13. But she has ran the musical theatrical thing into the ground. We have to move on and reinvent.
  14. well i cant blame him there...that is soooooooo played out.
  15. Tbh.. Boomkack! LaurieAnn Gibson.. I never thought i would say that but i say her becus her natural energy to me is juss excitement and this is the lady who is behind Lady Gaga's explosion of artistry when she first came out. It was like an asteroid hit!! Juss on that ALONE shows how dynamic of a creative director she is. And i know she would push janet to add and mix some things up that i think Gil probably doesnt battle janet much on becus he knows his friend and how Janet can be stubborn. So Gil prolly keeps it safe but Laurieann? Would be like.."BUT JANET!!!!!!" lmfao
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