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  1. Part 2 of Dancers Confessions is TODAY Sunday @6pm (est) on instagram live on Eddie Morales page https://instagram.com/emoofficial718?igshid=hxsm1ukeqg29 You can ask them ANY question you want. Eddie and the other dancers are Transparent, Raw and REAL AF!!! I asked tons of shit yesterday 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  2. https://instagram.com/emoofficial718?igshid=hxsm1ukeqg29
  3. She aint postponed it cus everyone wants to see where the dust will settle...why make an annoucement now....? Off subject, Eddie Morales(a4u era dancer) is on instagram live right now..and bringing up other dancers and they spilling ALL KIND OF TEA about artists theyve worked with... the good and the bad. Janet came up a ALOT ....ALL GOOD THINGS..Good things about Aaliyah and Mariah too but they said bad shit about Xtina Missy and Keyshia Cole lol
  4. Tbh it doesnt have to carry a visual theme anymore imo. Juss like how she made the song apart of a medley on the SOTW tour ..and didnt make it a nig center piece performance i was cool with that. Dropping some of those visual themes for certain songs helps to change the overall look for her tours.
  5. But she has ran the musical theatrical thing into the ground. We have to move on and reinvent.
  6. well i cant blame him there...that is soooooooo played out.
  7. Tbh.. Boomkack! LaurieAnn Gibson.. I never thought i would say that but i say her becus her natural energy to me is juss excitement and this is the lady who is behind Lady Gaga's explosion of artistry when she first came out. It was like an asteroid hit!! Juss on that ALONE shows how dynamic of a creative director she is. And i know she would push janet to add and mix some things up that i think Gil probably doesnt battle janet much on becus he knows his friend and how Janet can be stubborn. So Gil prolly keeps it safe but Laurieann? Would be like.."BUT JANET!!!!!!" lmfao
  8. Ppl still on dry ass facebook..joe fb been DEAD .. Snapchat..pshh.. Twitter, eh.. Instagram really the only one thats poppin poppin
  9. Well lets be honest.. Its VEGAS!! You almost HAVE to bring production and take it up some notches cus the bells & whistles is what helps sell a vegas show. Im almost sure that the artist and the creative director also collabs w/ some sort of "Vegas creator" as well to bring it all to life..cus they have experience in actual vegas shows and needs to be incorporated. I doubt it was juss Janet and Gil who put that together. I dont wanna beat a dead horse by dragging the Gil thing out cus we know he is very hit and miss.. I juss wish she would step away juss to see how DIFFERENT her show would be with fresh new energy and new ideas.. Thats all. I juss want her to get a taste of sum "freshness" if u will. Nothing against Gil.
  10. Oh Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Joe that was in the instagram DM's lol
  12. Gil IS indeed the creative director for this tour. I got confirmation. My wishful thinking was for some fresh fresh new energy ..but... *sighs heavily*
  13. I dont think Janet needs "more rest" becus her energy seems motivated ..pumped and ready to get back out there tbh. Her last shows were back in Nov of last year...so she has had alot of time to refresh and get energized again. Even tho I think it would be best to push the tour back to make it a fall tour i juss dont want it to harm janet in the long run where ppl are like "ugh..here she go again..another postponed tour" cus there are actual ppl that i kmow who roll their eyes at the mention of a janet tour becus now ppl associate her tours with cancellations and postponing...and i HATE that tour reputation she has now bc it does her hurt a bit tourwise cus she has lost trust in sum of the ppl..but not overall but juss in some.
  14. I juss hate how something ALWAYS seeems to happen around when she is touring or about to tour...this woman cant catch a fucking break!! Cus even if the virus died down a bit by the time her tour starts...im sure ticket sales right now for ANY artists tour has stalled. Aint nobody worried about buying no concert tickets since this virus hit so any upcoming tour would suffer to sum degree...low attendance. A4U tour - 9/11 happened cancelled her overseas shows R/Witchu tour - alot of bad business goin on behind the scenes.. that caused that tour to wrap up quickly and cancelled Unbreakable - Got pregnant during the beginning leg..had to postpone the tour Sotw tour - didnt make it overseas for whatever reason which is still unknown and odd. Black Diamond tour - Coronavirus! Its like GOTDAMN!!!
  15. You CLEARLY missed what i said about Janets performance and what it could have incorporated minus advanced technology. Me and Joe both were talkin about how she didnt even do any of her iconoc breakdowns..so it was alot of missed opportunities for some dynamics in her performance and if u felt what she did was the best she could have done then youre discrediting her capabilities bc we all know what janet is can do. We're not juss talking about PRODUCTION...Keep up n3xt time before you quote somebody
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