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  1. The song..im not crazy about but the video was dope AS EXPECTED. ITS FUCKIN MISSY DUH
  2. I juss spoke w/ a friend of mine who is in the music industry and recently juss met w/ Janet and her camp. He's a background singer that knows most of Janet's team so they were able to get him some one on one time with her bc Janet had heard about him for years bc of the background work he does with Erykah Badu ... I asked him what was the experience like meeting Janet and all that but then RN anniversary spot dates came up in the convo and he said to me... "Her camp has been working hard, extremely hard, quietly and rapidly behind the scenes on ALOT of stuff thats getting ready to come out. Alot of it Im not at liberty to say juss bc I got a bit of sum insight of whats going on after talking to Gil for the last couple of months and some other members on the team." So yall can take it for what its worth, or with a grain of salt. Im juss passing on info that was told to me. Mind you i didnt even ask him about any of that inside info...we were juss casually talkin about the vegas show and her wanting to meet him and vice versa.
  3. Much better. I understand now. The SOTW tour and Vegas show choreo did translate live, even better than the youtube clips. You can never really embody the show based on clips IMO ..its juss not the same at all. IMO the Vegas show outdid SOTW tour choreo bc to me the Vegas show felt like a "rebranding" of some sort. It juss felt FRESH and different from what she has done before. It felt very "IN-YO-FACE" Idk how to explain it. The choreo was very fitting for that type of show. There were maybe 1 or 2 routines that felt slightly underwhelming but considering she did soooo many songs with strong choreo, that didnt matter much. IT WAS A SHOW THAT ALL TRUE JANET FANS SHOULD HAVE WITNESSED IN PERSON. It also felt like another milestone in her career and we were celebrating with her. Its INSANE the amount of celebs that travelved to vegas to see her show.idk if any other residency has had that many celebs to attend.
  4. I know!! Im like wtf was the point of that? Calling it a "facebook TAKEOVER" like yall bout to stream the show live and all yall did was show 2 pics of Janet before the show and a clip of her saying "bout to hit the stage facebook" type shit. Like....HER TEAM HER TEAM HER TEAM. They were doin so good at one point and now...idk wtf they doin. Its like sum damn interns are running her affairs or sumtin. Like......
  5. I dont understand none of this. Are you asking questions or making statements? You need to edit this and fix a few things... Its confusing what youre trying to say.
  6. It was always clear to me that is was a social umbrella speaking about acceptance of race,sexuality etc. We cant mistreat, bash and/or cast our neighbors away cus of these difference. The line "once you know you cannot not know" Is saying..once youve observed injustice (like we ALL have witnessed) you cant turn a blind eye to it and pretend its not there. Ppl who pretend to be oblivious that racism exists and a slew of other issues.
  7. I cant believe MTV finally listened. Beyond long overdue. Some of the artists who got it didnt deserve it but we know how politics work.
  8. She would have gagged putting her on the spot like that 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. Yes it was sold out. Im still here in vegas and a janet stan who went pulled up some seating chart where it said SOLD OUT on it...and she is a trustworthy person...not sum young biased fan tryna prove somethin
  10. U WILL NOT REGRET IT. i been told yo ass to go... Yall really let her festival shows derail yall.... THIS SHIT IS PROLLY THE BEST PRODUCTION OF HER WHOLE CAREER.
  11. I wish we were back in the dvd era ...cus this deserves a fucking dvd release...juss not in these times.
  12. Like towards the right side of the theater on the floor.
  13. She could have at least offered to fly u guys out if shes gonna make a suggestion like that lol
  14. ...if you have not seen Janet's Vegas Show you have FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!!!! LET ME SAY. That fucking show snatched my fucking soul and anything left that I thought I still had in me. Youtube clips did that show no justice. EVERYTHING from the setlist to the arrangement to the segue ways to the mixes to the choreo to the sound to the fucking special effects to Janet attutude and fierceness.!!! The youtube clips made u think Janet was being kind of pulled back dancewise.....when i tell you SHE WAS NOT FUCKING PLAYING. That show was a gazillion times better than i was expecting. Sitting in that audience and juss the energy in the building from her to every single body in that room felt like a fuckin religion. It felt spiritual!!!!!!!!!!!! That PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how long i have waited for production like that from her. It def had HIGH PRODUCTION value...i might be tempted to say the closest in production she has had to this show is the Rock Tour...but this shit??????? Im on a high i dont wanna come down from...i was in a trance. And juss when u thought she was winding down the show...it was juss hit after hit after hit after hit. The audience was goin INSANEEEEE!!!!! This show literally reminded me why i LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH as a performer and an all around entertainer. This show needs to be seen by the masses. It was a complete show stopper. I SWEAR TO U. Aight im done had felt compelled to share my experience with yall...cus i know its always so many assumptions and this and that...but i was THERE and witness far beyond wtf i was expecting. PERIOD!!!!!!!! I cannot for the life of me understand how they put that show together in juss 5 wks. It looks like somethinf that would have took at least 6 MONTHS! This goes to show u how much of a complete BEAST she is. We are not worthy. We juss are not! The nay sayers and debbie downers can go cry under a rock somewhere or something..shit idk go kick a couple of em while u at it..cus u havent even seen the show to TRULY judge the experience of the dynamics of the show. This older black lady who was about 60 something years old kept yelling "one of the originals!!!!" I. Fucking. Loved. It.
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