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  1. But it wouldnt have made sense to even take that chance if janet had so much scrutiny around her. U keep making this about only America having an issue w/ SB but its still was RISKY since she was pretty much blackballed. U have to remember America is the BIGGEST market when it comes to the music industry..so yeah..if the biggest market wasnt fukin wit janet...overseas was not gonna take a chance on her. And lets be real Damita Jo was the decline of her career Joe...lets not act like she murdered..that was her first flop becus the public EVENTUALLY turned on her..juss cus janet had a big crowd at Seacrest show dont mean she was on top..that ended up being Usher's year with "Confession".. DamitaJo tanked
  2. Joe, u have got to think about it from a business stand point. Whether to them if the sb was a big deal or not.. has nothing to do with the business moves you make. No one seen Janet as profitable since her career was falling apart...so no one is gonna invest in you if they dont see a benefit for themselves. Sponsors are not gonna support a tour they think will fail becus her career was on thin ice at that point,. Its about business and not personal in that industry. And its understandable
  3. Overseas sponsors wasnt gonna risk dealing with janet. On a global scale doin business with janet was juss not smart for anyone. NO ONE was gonna touch her. You dont remember the story of them being in DamitaJo tour rehearsals and and janet had to come and break the news to the dancers that there wont be tour and everybody broke down? Gil had pretty much told the story and he was the one saying janet couldnt get the support.
  4. Well that one wasnt exactly Janet's fault. Janet was gearing up to tour for DamitaJo but it basically fell through cus she couldnt get no sponsors to support the tour, she was blacklisted during that time. Nobody wanted to touch her. She was "poison" in the industry at that point.
  5. Exactlyyyyyyyy Now if they said Beyonce vs Mariah....ppl would kinda be like..."oh shit...Mariah got a lot of hits..idk Beyonce" .... Thats my point...Mariah's team does a great job in letting the public kno WHO TF MARIAH IS AND WHAT SHE HAS ACHIEVED. Thats why it makes no sense that ppl dont kno janet has tons and tons of hits. If Mariah can thrive through the culture..janet aint got no damn excuse. Let these youngins kno why they should bow down
  6. Im telling yall Janet getting all those Lifetime Achievement awards gives her this false sense of her legacy flourishing. Shes not truly lifting the wool off her eyes. Kids should know WHY janet is a legend...not juss hear about it. Not to mention the views for Janets videos on youtube is dramatically lower than her peers.. Her not handling her youtube shit back when it really mattered is another missed opportunity. She's always late to the party. Like why arent the ppl in her team not keeping her up on stuff...its weird. Is nobody paying attention to anything?
  7. And how many times have we seen janet switch shit up or change something abruptly? Lol like i love Janet but i dont fully trust her cus shes always unpredictable. Janet could plan to start the first leg in tokyo and a wk before the first show the first leg would get scrapped like it never was on the list lol
  8. i would have to see it to believe it bc we think that with every single tour
  9. Well at least from the "secret" info i gave about Janets plan to have a behind the scenes documentary surrounding her album and the tour (from an extremely reliable source).. It gives us something to look forward to once Rona is outta here. Im sure janet is gonna stick to those surprises for her fans once they get the ball rolling again
  10. Janet and Europe ...idk why thats such an estranged relationship ..its something behind the scenes that i dont think we're privy to. You go to Europe to do a festival but you wont tour over there. It makes me think is the demand a.lil shaky over there or what? Why has a Europe leg been put on ice for so many years. It has to be a business reason that we dont understand
  11. I understand the odds that were against her that she couldnt control but she isnt doin much to make up for it now..that she is on social media. Thats my point. Her and her team should be pushing her as a legacy act more..idk i guess u have to see how mAriah's presence on social media to see what im talking about. But then again we know janet doesnt care based on how she hardly promotes when she goes on tour..so... She really doesnt care
  12. i think its a combination between her being blacklisted (cus she wasnt on the radio or seen on tv) for a good chunk of years and the when she went on her 7 year hiatus after she got married. So in total that was ALOT of years that Janet was not seen or heard..so thats alot of time missed out on being reintroduced to a younger demographic. Janet missed the rise of social media really thriving.. So i think those reasons are why there is a disconnect of the younger folks not being to familiar wit her work becus of the blacklisted thing and her disappearing after her marriage. Meanwhile Mariah and her team was knee deep in the social media game..and janet is still playing catch up
  13. Dont be fooled despite Janet being bashful about her accomplishments she has ALWAYS cared about album sales & figures hence to her always saying "Im extremely competitive with everyone including my brother" ...and she also told oprah she wanted to outsell "Thriller". Janet didnt care as much once she got past her prime understandably. I think her being honored with artist achievement awards give her a false sense of her legacy flourishing but thats only through the scope of the industry..what about the streets? Kids hear about Janet being a legend but they dont know what for cus they arent familiar wit alot her work. Her and Mariah are playing the legacy game differently. But hey, thats all janet. If she thinks her legacy will thrive on...coo..but i dont want her to be one of those forgotten icons once she passes..thats my only cconcern.
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