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  1. Janet in London

    She really gone keep rocking this Penny look huh lol
  2. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Pass . Overrated as all hell Michael Ealy
  3. Fun Facts about Janet (behind the scenes)

    Lets be clear Norman's name was interjected after the "he loves to get high" part NOT after the "he was a weed head" part .. there is a clear difference. A weed head vs someone who smokes on occasions can BOTH be considered ppl who love you to get high .. I mean we're not talking about crack here people,but whatever Norman if you were offended I apologize. I really thought you would just laugh it off or say "fuck off" like you usually do when I take playful jab atchu but .. I guess..it's a new day or something.
  4. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Pass. How ppl find him sexually attractive is weird to me. He still has this "kid" thing about him. William Levy
  5. Fun Facts about Janet (behind the scenes)

    I was told there was a sadness to him cus he was one of those lonely souls, always looking for a friend.. juss someone to listen.
  6. Fun Facts about Janet (behind the scenes)

    Not that this should be a big deal (cus it was just a lil joke but if you must...) You're the ONLY one on here who talks about weed THE MOST so if you're not a weed head, you might wanna tone down how much you "promote" using cus you're giving off the wrong idea, which is odd that you would even care what ppl thought since weed is not some deadly drug that kills. It wouldn't matter to me or anyone if you were..who cares..it's pot! Let's not be sensitive over a joke. And btw just to inform you.. I'm not bout to go back and forth with you over something this trivial..must be going through one of your bored phases. Well I'm not bored. You speak about weed alot. It was a joke. Get the stick out your ass. Moving on..
  7. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Smash Eddie Murphy (in Boomerang)
  8. Me and a really good friend of mine from New York who is in the entertainment business juss got reacquainted after a 10 year hiatus of us losing contact. He has a radio show and is a HUGE Janet fan and while we were conversing he had informed me that he and Mike Andrews (RIP -dancer from TVR era) had built a special bond and became friends due to running into each other alot over the years. So I wanted to share with you all a couple of things/stories that Mike Andrews shared about working with Janet. Mike said pretty much all the dancers on TVR were in a video with Deborah Cox previous to TVR that they all had booked (including Tina Landon) which ultimately led to Tina bringing all these same dancers to audition for TVR era. He said once all the dancers were picked he and Gil were the youngest. All the other dancers would hang out after shows, and go to clubs and party but Gil and Mike would be left behind cus they weren't old enough to be clubbing with the other dancers. Mike said the only times they would gain access into a club was when Janet herself attended cus of course she has that kind of pull. You go with her, you can get in anywhere. He also shared that he had met alot of Janet's family by them coming to see the show at different stops but there was this one time where he thinks MJ showed up cus this particular day of rehearsal, the house lights (out in the audience) was completely dark and he said they NEVER rehearsed like that. Come to find out later, that MJ was indeed there and sat in the audience during rehearsal but did not want to be a distraction so he had the tech guys to make the house lights pitch dark. Mike said he use to ALWAYS be in Janet's room because she always had a big spread of food! Lol he couldn't stress this enough. He loved to eat and said she always had tons and tons of food in her room so that where he would spend a majority of his time. Mike came from a dysfunctional family and had alot of turmoil back home that he could only deal with over the phone while out on the road w/ Janet and that one day he was sad due to some things that were going on with his family back home and Janet had seen he was looking kind of down and had asked was he okay..and he told her why he was sad and Janet sat up with him the whole entire night to talk, eat and play video games to cheer him up!❤️ Mike shared during one show, he was running late for his cue and when he ran out onto the stage there was something hanging that he did not see and banged his head really hard, so hard to where he seen stars but he still had to dance as if there was nothing wrong, but Tina Landon was eyeing him the whole time cus she suspected something was wrong due to how he was executing the particular dance number. He said all the dancers had days where they would mess up and/or forget something and Janet after a show would just remind them to always be on their "A" game, but he said Tina was the actual BEAST that would be on your tail if you messed up! He said Tina was alot more harsher and very militant in her delivery. She was fun but extremely stern when problems would arise. He said he and the other dancers (every single night) would fear accidentally bumping and/or running into Janet while dancing. They would do everything they could to not have this happen, it was an obstacle they faced every night. The last thing is Mike shared this funny little story that happened while they were in New York performing multiple shows. So Mike was a weed head, he loved to get high (Norman, anybody?) So they had a show later that night and he was out in the New York streets looking for the plug to get some weed (he's from Cali and didn't know much about NY) and he ends up buying some and somehow a cop had rolled up on him(for a reason I can't remember), searched him and found the weed. So they arrested him and took him to jail. So at this point he is panicking cus they have a show tonight and how will he get out in enough time to show up and what if Janet finds out. He said he was TERRIFIED!! He knew in his head this was probably the end for him. So he said he tried to contact all of Janet's ppl from jail to bail him out and keep the news from getting to Janet but none of her ppl wanted to help and/or be involved without her knowledge. So he had to buckle down and have them inform Janet that he had been arrested cus they found weed on him and all this stuff. So in no time Mike was released from jail, picked up by a car service.. record completely wiped clean..no record of anything on his background. So they do a couple of shows.. then 2 days later Janet's people tell him that Janet wants to see him . So he already knows in his head he's bout to be fired and Janet's gonna send him packing back to Cali. So he walks in nervous and Janet is just sitting there very calm and relaxed. He didn't say a word, Janet spoke! He said that she pretty much had said that he is adult and he should conduct himself as such and that she doesn't have a problem with what anyone does in their free time just as long as it doesn't affect their job. She said that this was his job and she expected him to treat it as if he worked at any place of business. Be on time, and always available to work cus that's what you get paid to do. She said this was a warning and if she heard any single thing in relation to this same type of scenario that he would be sent home, no questions asked. She embraced him and then left the room. Mike has worked with everyone from Aaliyah to Beyonce to Madonna but said that Janet has was the absolute best experience he's ever had while in the business for 20 years. I thanked my buddy for sharing these stories told by Mike Andrews to him. And I hope you all enjoyed this. I had to share these stories cus I love behind the scenes stuff and I know you all do to.
  9. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Um.. I guess.. I might smash Tom Cruise
  10. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Norman, you're killing me. Not in this lifetime or the next. Pass! John Stamos
  11. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Passsssss Martin Lawrence (in the 90s)
  12. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Nah, I'm more of a Big Bird kind of guy .pass Daryl Stephens aka Noah (from Noah's Ark )
  13. ET: JD Puts Rekindled Relationship Rumors to Rest

    Johnny Gill??????????! Johnny Gill don't want no damn woman! STOP!!!!!!!!😂 Anyway Johnny and Janet go wayyyyyyyyy back. They have been close friends since the late 80s. The man has a credit for finger snaps on one of the songs on the Rhythm Nation album. Johhny and Janet are like "girlfriends"
  14. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    TF?! Pass John Mayer