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  1. I think youre missing what was expected. Ppl expected the WHOLE album to be celebrated. You would think if youre gonna call this an RN Anniversary tour...it would be an exclusive RN era tour. And more creativity.
  2. I think the reason that Janet is being active w/ all these tours and shows is Janet loves WORKING bc she is one of those types that get bored when she is not doing anything..matter of fact I juss read an old interview of hers the other day with her saying she gets bored whens not recording or touring. But like someone else on here said awhile ago when Janet picks up weight her energy shifts.. Cus on the SOTW tour..Janet energy was there but since the weight has picked up...the energy had decreased..i guess it would make sense tho.
  3. I dont wanna put this all on Gil. Janet is a Taurus... They can be stubnorn sometimes..hell we know Janet can be stubborn based on what LA REID said lmfaoooo... I think Gil has had moments he was able to talk Janet into switching things up...but shit like this? Idk who to blame.
  4. Hell nah! This show is nothing like the vegas show
  5. Not to burst any bubbles but from what im seeing on social meda the fans are saying.. "FIRE GIL!!!!" "predictable" "Janet why are you performing songs from other albums if youre celebrating RN?" "Since this was suppose to celebrate such a huge, important album in music history...they could have done alot moreeee" Welp, I can pretty much visualize in my head what the show looks like juss based off that and what I will say is Janet is so up and down.. Her vegas show was TOP NOTCH and superb but yet again..we have a setback. Doesnt sound like much creativity was brought forward for this RN "celebration" ..which is highly disappointing but what can you do. She is forever doin stuff that makes no sense at all. But i guess to be thankful she is being extremely active since we didnt know if she was gonna ever hit the stage again after her marriage and all that shit.
  6. Yall talkin bout the album thing...i was more into her talk about Prince esp cus all of the speculation around Prince so called "not liking her" but her LOVING him as an artist. It was interesting to me that he was close w/ the family BEFORE he became Prince...who would have known. Michael nor Janet had never alluded to that anytime that they had spoke about Prince. Im surprised Michael never did considering how shady he was towards Prince over the years lol Therefore I had never known if Janet and Prince had ever really met ...i always wondered that but i like how she confirmed they had ran into each other a coupe of times and that "they are not best friends but they know each other" .. That gave me my clarity on their relationship. And yeah Prince did shade Janet that one time and yeah he was a lil bitter when "Control" blew up but i juss think that had to do more with ego than anything..he didnt want to see Jimmy and Terry to succeed after his firing of them...and Janet was merely caught in the middle. I feel the Janfam played up the whole "Prince hates Janet" thing. Prince was shady but nature. It was apart of his character but that didnt mean he hates you. Hell, ut was confirmed he didnt hate Janet.that time Tina Landon spoke about working with Prince and how he wanted Tina to go back and relay all the knowledge abouhow Janet should try to get and own her masters and that to not be a "slave" in the business
  7. Joe. That aint nice lol princton came off arrogant and like he was GODS GIFT. Idk bout u but thats a majorrrrrr turn off
  8. Princeton wasnt tryna holla at Jay Versace ...he was tryna holla at this one typical "light skin fine dude" that Jay Versace knew.. Jay got annoyed cus Princeton started talkin greasy to him. Princeton was calling Jay ugly and all kind of shit, so yeah he was nevwr tryna get with him
  9. Wouldnt call that "rumors" ...Jay Versace had receipts.
  10. Tf? Its all on social media...how r u missing it? Lol
  11. i get what you are saying but i believe janet is working on something special w/ all that footage
  12. Have you all noticed the promotion for this RN celebration is some of the BEST PROMO ive seen from Janets camp in yearsssssss. This RN anniversary concert is plastered on buses and subways n shit ....im like...oh so her team is SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! ABout damn time we see heavy promo again..finally!!
  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Then why do u feel Janet has been having cameras following her for these last couple of yrs if shes not working on a doc? Thats strange.
  15. I was really surprised w/ i heard her say that.
  16. Aint nobody doin dvd's no more in 2019!! Lmfao get over that. Its not profitable. I know we want that as fans but businesswise they missed that ship ages ago. This is not the climate to release a dvd realistically.
  17. I know it doesnt reveal much but for me it was more than i was expecting bc i thought after these RN anniversary shows she was probably gonna disappear and go take a break and maybe or maybe not work on some music. But the whole new music thing.. I havent bought into that idea..cus i know how working on music does not automatically equate to an album release. You can work on music for 10 years and never put the shit out. "Working on music" means nothing
  18. You alwayssssssss and forever go off the DEEP in.lol Why do you set yourself up like that? I do still think the documentary thing is going to happen bc Janet is STILL having cameras rolling and documenting her every move. Cameras were rolling back stage at the vegas shows. So now...Janet has been having footage recorded for what? About 2 or 3 yrs?
  19. What I took from what he said is beyond juss new music tho (I hate speculating) but It came off like its some surprises that go beyond juss a new album . I really believe Janet got sum tricks up her sleeve. Especially based off him telling about sitting down having a one on one talk with her..and sharing with me about how she is loving the space that shes in right now and her heart is full of gratitude. That she is thankful for the career she has had amd juss tons of shit he was telling me she was saying verbatim.
  20. The song..im not crazy about but the video was dope AS EXPECTED. ITS FUCKIN MISSY DUH
  21. I juss spoke w/ a friend of mine who is in the music industry and recently juss met w/ Janet and her camp. He's a background singer that knows most of Janet's team so they were able to get him some one on one time with her bc Janet had heard about him for years bc of the background work he does with Erykah Badu ... I asked him what was the experience like meeting Janet and all that but then RN anniversary spot dates came up in the convo and he said to me... "Her camp has been working hard, extremely hard, quietly and rapidly behind the scenes on ALOT of stuff thats getting ready to come out. Alot of it Im not at liberty to say juss bc I got a bit of sum insight of whats going on after talking to Gil for the last couple of months and some other members on the team." So yall can take it for what its worth, or with a grain of salt. Im juss passing on info that was told to me. Mind you i didnt even ask him about any of that inside info...we were juss casually talkin about the vegas show and her wanting to meet him and vice versa.
  22. Much better. I understand now. The SOTW tour and Vegas show choreo did translate live, even better than the youtube clips. You can never really embody the show based on clips IMO ..its juss not the same at all. IMO the Vegas show outdid SOTW tour choreo bc to me the Vegas show felt like a "rebranding" of some sort. It juss felt FRESH and different from what she has done before. It felt very "IN-YO-FACE" Idk how to explain it. The choreo was very fitting for that type of show. There were maybe 1 or 2 routines that felt slightly underwhelming but considering she did soooo many songs with strong choreo, that didnt matter much. IT WAS A SHOW THAT ALL TRUE JANET FANS SHOULD HAVE WITNESSED IN PERSON. It also felt like another milestone in her career and we were celebrating with her. Its INSANE the amount of celebs that travelved to vegas to see her show.idk if any other residency has had that many celebs to attend.
  23. I know!! Im like wtf was the point of that? Calling it a "facebook TAKEOVER" like yall bout to stream the show live and all yall did was show 2 pics of Janet before the show and a clip of her saying "bout to hit the stage facebook" type shit. Like....HER TEAM HER TEAM HER TEAM. They were doin so good at one point and now...idk wtf they doin. Its like sum damn interns are running her affairs or sumtin. Like......
  24. I dont understand none of this. Are you asking questions or making statements? You need to edit this and fix a few things... Its confusing what youre trying to say.
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