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  1. Well ... the remix is ok but I won’t listen it again to be honest...
  2. Made for now - in a coffee shop ?? in Amsterdam ?
  3. My needs moist Velvet rope
  4. oxmo

    The internet is coming for Janet!!! ???

    It doesn’t mean they laugh about her culture heritage, it’s humour... when she was doing the snl scene they exaggerated the way that certain woman speaked... it’s does mean they are racist or something...
  5. oxmo

    The internet is coming for Janet!!! ???

    Why culture? It’s fun about her look not culture
  6. oxmo

    The internet is coming for Janet!!! ???

    Ahahaha she looks good, but it’s funny lol even Janet would have laughed about that pic
  7. I just love it ? it’s a good summer song, I love her voice in that songs and love the daddy Yankee verse
  8. I did it too ? can’t wait to hear this new Janet ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
  9. Do you guys have any ideas of when the video and song will be released ?
  10. Waou how many more outfits ?? She is serving me what I want !
  11. Can’t wait to discover the song and the video
  12. Wait and see ... I’m sure Janet won’t disappoint us ?
  13. oxmo

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    I love damita jo, it’s fresh and sexy ? Discipline is not that bad but some really bad songs like never letchu go or 2nite are making the album bad ... 20yo ... nothing to say It’s not my style of music...