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  1. wayneashleymusic


    After some Twitter Sleuthing, a couple of things... 1) Janet has a new distributor?? If you noticed, on the iTunes Pre-order, MFN is copyrighted 2018 by Rhythm Nation under exclusive license to Cinq Music LLC. Cinq Music is Daddy Yankee's main distributor and until recently has really been working mostly in the Latin American market. So I'm unsure if Janet is still distributing under BMG, or if she, or all Rhythm Nation have jumped ship over to Cinq. We'll need to watch and see what happens here when we get more song details, but it's sufficient to say that Cinq Music has been a big fish ever since Despacito went crazy. 2) They're lining up an aggressive, global push, and the evidence is starting to roll in.
  2. wayneashleymusic


    I'm so happy for it though!! And I think it's important to take note that Janet's team isn't just doing promo at random. Choosing to construct a short summer tour around festivals? Accepting a big award from an awards show whose audience is really mainly kids at this point (Radio Disney)? Appearing on MTV's revamped TRL? She's working specifically to connect with younger audiences. If it were just about money and sales, she'd probably focus on her core supporters. But whatever she's got cooking for these future projects, it's on her mind and her heart to reach out to the younger generation. She's coming up to the plate to be that role model that so many young people are longing for today, and as a life-long fan, it makes me appreciate her even more.
  3. wayneashleymusic


    JANET ON JIMMY FALLON!!!!!!!!!!! http://thatgrapejuice.net/2018/08/janet-jackson-perform-new-single-made-for-now-fallon-music-video-details-revealed/
  4. wayneashleymusic

    Janet’s social media posts

    Ok Just Pre-Ordered!!! This shit is an ERA!! OMG the looks continue to snatch!!!!!!
  5. wayneashleymusic

    Janet For Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

    I STILL don't understand all the haterade towards Gil. SOTW is incredible... I get the story and how everything is stitched together. I think this is some of the team's best work in a long time, and Gil has a TON to do with that. You can't make every fan happy 100% of the time. I personally liked the flow of SOTW1 better, and felt like it conveyed a more solid story, but SOTW2 is still fucking amazing, and an even better marriage of new choreo with the classics that everyone loves. But if y'all got all these issues with his socials and his opinions then STAY OUT HIS GRILL!!! #GotTimeTho
  6. wayneashleymusic

    Janet's impact on JLo

    LOVING the blue jean boots!!! Where have I seen them before?? Maybe with Red bottoms??? ....... I'll wait. 🀣
  7. I thought it was a great interview, and I loved the new pictures.
  8. wayneashleymusic

    Janet For Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

    In all honesty, the best thing that Janet's TRUE fans can do is to STREAM THE FUUUUUUCK out of her new song. Put it on the charts, support that thing as much as possible. A true worldwide hit will cure any and all ills. If Janet's people have done their job right, then she has the potential to get a major hit (especially in markets outside the US that are much friendlier to female artists over a certain age and artists of color). If the song hits, the SuperBowl and everyone else will come a-callin'. My one worry with Made For Now is that it could be straying away from her base a bit. In the R&B market, her network of support has never really wavered, which is why a song like No SLEEEP can see a huge chart reign on Urban A/C (aka Adult R&B Songs from Billboard). But it's been a long time since Janet has strayed from that market with a single, if all indications are correct on Made For Now. Of course she's Janet, so she may bring the market with her, but you never know. Well anyway, I'm ready to #STANfam when this new song drops. Janet, I gotchu...
  9. wayneashleymusic

    New Promo Pic 8/8/18

    IF Janet and Daddy Yankee were to perform at something like the VMAs, tomorrow would make the most sense. Outside Lands is August 12th, so that gives Janet and the team a full week to rehearse and prepare for the show while people freak out about the new video.
  10. Can't B Stopped and New Agenda would've SLAYED at Essence Fest. For all the incredible things Janet and her team do achieve with the State of the World tour, I do think they could do a better job of tailoring to different audiences. MOST performers could never, but Janet is world-class and doesn't get phased by a quick change of one or two songs. I think for SOTW2, I would keep Escapade in the permanent set list, and had songs like New Agenda, Black Cat and Black Eagle at the wayside. Those would've played well/ would play well in your younger festival setting like Panorama or Outside Lands.
  11. wayneashleymusic

    Janet on Spotify

    Oh dang... Yeah just seeing this. Best of Number Ones has Alright posted for 4,836,710. I'll do that, and look out for others.
  12. wayneashleymusic

    Janet on Spotify

    In the Streaming era, album cut Someday Is Tonight, never performed on ANY tour or live to our knowledge, is more popular than classic Alright.
  13. wayneashleymusic

    Janet to Headline Global Citizen Festival

    Umm... how could Global Citizen be a top festival if more than half the people don't pay to go?
  14. wayneashleymusic

    Janet on Spotify

    And in Song Order... 52 songs now!! IWY is so close... it will hit 1 million within the next day or two. 1) That’s The Way Love Goes – 36,211,241 2) Together Again – 25,463,871 3) All For Youβ€”22,101,984 4) Got β€˜Til It’s Gone – 22,060,761 5) Scream (Michael, Janet) – 19,463,587 6) No Sleeep ft. J. Cole (aggregate) – 18,322,346 7) Any Time, Any Place – 13,897,878 8)-- I Get Lonely – 12,398,473 9) BURNITUP! – 10,110,085 10) Nasty – 8,671,421 11) Escapade – 8,369,341 12) If – 7,403,479 13) Again – 7,348,860 14) When I Think Of You – 6,491,081 15) Alright -- 6,067,462 16) Rhythm Nation – 5,502,258 17) Miss You Much – 5,032,103 18) Call On Me – 4,984,283 19) Let’s Wait Awhile – 4,843,078 20) What’s It Gonna Be?! (Busta Rhymes feat. Janet) – 4,636,016 21) Luv Me, Luv Me (Shaggy ft. Janet) – 4,004,429 22) Someone To Call My Lover – 3,828,665 23) Go Deep – 3,818,589 24) Dammn Baby – 3,584,824 25) The Pleasure Principle – 3,511,631 26) Feel It Boy – (Beenie Man ft. Janet) – 3,405,637 27) All Nite (Don’t Stop) – 3,372,916 28) What Have You Done For Me Lately – 3,213,429 29) Doesn’t Really Matter – 3,198,161 30) Come Back To Me – 3,076,326 31) Love Will Never Do (Without You) -- 3,055,574 32) Unbreakable – 2,981,531 33) Feedback – 2,976,426 34) Control – 2,847,976 35) Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun) – 2,788,666 36) Black Cat – 2,411,800 37) So Excited – 2,093,559 38) Would You Mind – 1,905,443 39) You Want This – 1,842,096 40) Velvet Rope – 1,605,425 41) The Great Forever – 1,600,354 42) Rock With U – 1,594,796 43) Because of Love – 1,534,676 44) My Baby – 1,487,478 45) Where Are You Now – 1,361,091 46) Someday Is Tonight – 1,237,240 47) Rope Burn – 1,230,682 48) Throb – 1,191,074 49) Shoulda Known Better – 1,183,416 50) Night – 1,092,912 51) Whoops Now – 1,089,625 52) I Want You – 998,187