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  1. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    The performances are their own promotion. And Live Nation is doing it for her.
  2. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    My guess on this tour? She's trying to build up some steam before the international leg (which should be obvious given the amount of festivals). It also gives her the opportunity to fill in some time gaps around her festival dates, and secure additional bag for her crew on this very tight summer tour. Two other guesses are 1) She wants some sell-outs and 2) She wants to really build up her younger audience. The festivals, a mid-summer tour... it's honestly a great promotion strategy before you drop new music. Lacking huge front end promo budgets from their record companies, this is how young artists build support for their albums and mixtapes today (ex. Logic). The amphitheaters should sell out rather quickly, and how awesome would a complete sell-out tour look before new music drops?? Just guesses, so we never know. But I can just about guarantee that the Texas show will sell out, b/c it's the only date she's playing here. People from Austin, Houston and Dallas will be fighting for those tickets, and the notion of Austin having a low-performer date will be erased.
  3. Janet Looking for Dancers

    Something like this gives the definite impression that the “really cool projects” are major-level stuff, on the order of new music and a new world tour. We fans know that anything major Janet does HAS to start with getting the dancers / #JTribe together. What i’m Really liking from this team so far is the coordination. They did. The teaser, and the announcement was right on time. We have dates for the live audition, and all the clips of dancers between now and then will keep people buzzing about Janet. Hopefully we’ll learn bigger details between now and May 16th.
  4. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - FINAL 3; RULES CHANGE

    Black Pigeon?? Lol “We All Need To SHADE Better 😎😎 lol
  5. New Announcement Coming This Week!

    Netflix doc? SOTW Tour DVD? Which PLEASE JANET!!! Any big project you put out on a streaming service, PLEASE make it available to DVD at some point!! Real fans like to own stuff!!!
  6. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

  7. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    And thus the confusion around what is considered a ballad vs. what is considered a mid-tempo... popular urban music today (Trap) is generally on the slow side, so we’re Livin’ In A World of slower tempos overall. But still, I would definitely consider After You Fall, Black Eagle and Lessons Learned to all be ballads, and in my opinion, songs that stand up with Janet’s best works. No Sleeep IMO is a quintessential mid-tempo, in the vain of Got Til It’s Gone, That’s The Way Love Goes or Unbreakable. I too have issues with Discipline as an album, particularly from the songwriting and vocal production standpoints. But among the the cuts on that album, Can’t B Good is the very best vocal she did there. I would be interested to see how we rank Janet’s best ballads.
  8. Janet with Eissa in London

    The MOST important/ exciting part is seeing Janet and Big D... Wha cha plannin'?? LOL
  9. This thread is OVAH...
  10. #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay happened because of a confluence of factors... several folks on social media that launched a coordinated campaign. What was awesome was that it really caught on worldwide, as many of us hoped it would. And of course, a HUGE part of that was a response to the NFL, and their seemingly tone deaf string of decisions. For me, it wasn't directly about Justin Timberlake. But the other factors were in the air. People see and understand the connections between Janet's career challenges and the current moments of reckoning through the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements. As more and more in the younger generation discover and connect to her music, they too are upset at how she was blacklisted. They see that her career suffered due to factors that she simply had nothing to do with. And in this moment, things like what she endured are no longer acceptable in the entertainment industry. Don't forget that exactly 1 week before the Super Bowl, you had that travesty at the Grammys where Lorde, the only woman nominated for Album Of The Year, was shut out from even being able to perform. Then the President of the The Recording Academy saying the next day that if women want to be respected in the music industry, they need to "step up". In the post SBXXXVIII Fallout, it was Janet that was disinvited from the Grammy Awards, while Justin went, and won that night. All of these things were connected, and they were contributors to the movement's success.
  11. There's something to be said... for not saying anything. "Fans declared Sunday #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay as a show of support of the singer who many feel was not supported by Timberlake after the pair's infamous 2004 halftime show. According to Spotify, the top five Janet Jackson songs streamed in the major bump were "That's The Way Love Goes" (up 126 percent), "Any Time, Any Place" (up 59 percent), "Rhythm Nation" (up 707 percent), "All For You" (up 413 percent), and "I Get Lonely" (up 97 percent)." http://www.thefader.com/2018/02/06/janet-jackson-streaming-increase-spotify?utm_source=tftw
  12. The Official Grammy’s Thread

    #GrammysSoMale-- like we didn't already know this?!?! Time for Neil Portnow and the current leadership to GO. Re-expand the categories (Best Pop Performance, Female, etc.) and change up the live show.
  13. CONFIRMED: Janet Jackson to Headline 2018 Essence Festival

    BUH BYE Tax Refund... it was nice knowin' ya. #MamaCalls #QueenJanet #QueenMary
  14. I remain a JT fan, but I'll just say I'm looking forward to it. The lead single Filthy is ok, but nothing I'm going to rush around to get. And I wish his camp would stop referring to it as some brand new sound because it's not.