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  1. Tobias73

    Twenty Foreplay

    Great song and the remix is on point. One of her best slow jams.
  2. Dammn Baby and No Sleeep videos are now available on Itunes. I don't know if they will have an effect on the charts (Hot 100, etc.), but maybe more of her singles will become available on Itunes for sale.
  3. Tobias73

    Damita Jo vs. Unbreakable (the songs)

    I was actually listening to both of these recently and they are both strong openers. However, when i first heard "Unbreakable," the song reminded me of how strong Janet can be vocally-such a great vocal performance from her.
  4. Tobias73

    Dammn Remixed.

    That's insane. I wish those videos could count towards Billboard or transfer to YouTube.
  5. Best video of the bunch
  6. Tobias73

    #RequestJanet-- Call And Request Dammn Baby!!

    This would do better on Urban, maybe some spins on Rhythmic too.
  7. Tobias73

    #RequestJanet-- Call And Request Dammn Baby!!

    Yeah. However the official add date is 5/10, but we can still request now since they have the song.
  8. Tobias73


    Exactly. I have never understood why those two were not released as singles.
  9. Tobias73

    Janet's Vocal Ability

    Janet has proven great vocal ability on tracks such as Love Will Never Do (Without You), "What'll I Do" (wish that would have been released as a single), Enjoy, Make Me, and most of the songs on Unbreakable (Especially Gon Be Alright ) which I feel is her best vocal album.
  10. Tobias73

    New Janet Tweet "Coming Soon.."

    My thoughts exactly
  11. Tobias73

    2 B Loved x Take Me Away

    TMA would be a great pop song and 2B Loved would be great for urban. Dammn Baby is my current jam though. Still patiently waiting for that video.
  12. Tobias73

    Janet; Please don't go.

    I know. Such a simple way of getting people talking about Unbreakable again and it is still not released!!
  13. Tobias73

    Jimmy re mixing Dammn Baby

    She may only have success on Urban or Rhythmic radio but it's a song that could easily catch on, even if on those formats.
  14. Tobias73

    Jimmy re mixing Dammn Baby

    Still no word even on radio release date? This is another one of Janet's songs that I don't want to slip through the cracks
  15. Not only Control, but Rhythm Nation 1814 and especially The Velvet Rope deserved album of the year nominations. I also think janet. did as well, but I know that was just too much for older voters.