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  1. I'm sure Together Again will play well over there, was a big UK hit if I'm remembering correctly. Mainly interested in how different the performance/outfit will be from Metamorphosis. Not expecting a great deal though..
  2. I am worried somewhat about how she'll be received by the festival crowd. Not exactly her usual fan demographic (rock bands/indie etc)... Hope they have anchor-less feet.
  3. Check the comments on this new link from Janet's trainer Paulette. Apparently she warms up the dancers before rehearsals.. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxAWddPHBEY/?igshid=450smvxa4ljc Here are their IGs: instagram.com/rastapha - Raphael Thomas instagram.com/cahogold - Caho Kitaori instagram.com/vincentnoiseux - Vincent Noiseux instagram.com/kingkai.official - Kai Lin instagram.com/nataly_santiago - Nataly Santiago instagram.com/chris1anthony - Chris Anthony Riviera
  4. The new dancers are impressive. An upgrade for sure.. I can't wait to see what Janet's cooking up.
  5. Do you guys think that Janet will address this in any way moving forward? I hope not.
  6. I'll happily eat my words... Janet will finally have the production values she deserves. She's always been a heavily visual artist.
  7. I remember Loretta Devine looking pissed when Janet won in 2008. Still cracks me up.
  8. Janet doesn't follow tired trends, thank goodness...
  9. So proud of her. She's definitely Class 2019's valedictorian in my eyes.
  10. Thanks so much for sharing! The acapella is damn good.
  11. The song is so good, cant wait for the video/performance!!
  12. She wants a hit, it seems. Going for EXPOSURE. Honestly, I'm shocked the track hasn't leaked by now, or that we haven't heard a snippet. So damn curious...
  13. Love you, MorganR! Janet knows she's stunning, and that's a look, period.
  14. It sounds like this is going to be a very upbeat song, considering the focus of her Essence interview was about finding her Joy/Happiness. I'm here for it! Hopefully a video will follow...
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