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  1. Blackwings

    Janet Jackson Stems

    Thanks so much for sharing! The acapella is damn good.
  2. The song is so good, cant wait for the video/performance!!
  3. She wants a hit, it seems. Going for EXPOSURE. Honestly, I'm shocked the track hasn't leaked by now, or that we haven't heard a snippet. So damn curious...
  4. Love you, MorganR! Janet knows she's stunning, and that's a look, period.
  5. Blackwings

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    It sounds like this is going to be a very upbeat song, considering the focus of her Essence interview was about finding her Joy/Happiness. I'm here for it! Hopefully a video will follow...
  6. Blackwings

    Do we consider this a new ‘era’ for Janet?

    We'll find out very soon when she performs again, and when the new album comes out. I'm thinking it's a continuation of SOTW
  7. That would be a killer combo. If they perform it together -- I don't want to lose my mind with anticipation.
  8. Throb was a great treat. The camera man should be shot. Whoever said "15 minutes" is an ass. Janet looked and sounded beautiful. Hope she and Bruno work together on a track.
  9. Blackwings

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Thanks for these revelations -- did she think our resident Damita theologians wouldn't notice?
  10. Blackwings

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    So great to finally get an interview and hear her thoughts on life & music process. The camera loves this woman!
  11. Blackwings

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    People love to underrate Janet, and it'd be great for the biggest entertainer of this generation to sing her praises. Granted, this will never happen.
  12. Blackwings

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    I wonder who will present her the award... It would be great if it were Beyonce.
  13. Blackwings

    The Late as Fuck about it Thread...#sorrynotsorry

    Finally! Will be great to see her back on my TV.. It's been too long, and hopefully it's a sign of things to come for this era.