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  1. What have You Done For Me Lately? walmart levitown, NY
  2. It did have a 3yr plan, it was just modified when she for preggo, and she rebooted the era with Made for Now
  3. Watch her go ghost and drop her album 😂 like “enjoy this gift, mama is tired, Happy new year”
  4. All for you KTU NYC- they even gave her a shout out “this is obviously All for you, by Janet Jackson, just phenomenal”
  5. I don’t even think Janet is doing promo.... she uses social media more when she isnt working
  6. That’s not true Young Love Say You Do Dont Mesa Up This Good Thing if It Takes All Night Dream Street you’ll never find
  7. She had 3 albums at their point
  8. One would think that she’d bust out Skin Game for this
  9. Just finished watching.... loved the Janet and Britney in this movie
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