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  1. janet.1814

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    Anything lonely roll witchu
  2. janet.1814

    Kathy Griffin speaks on Janet and Les Moonves

    That’s what Cartman said 👀
  3. janet.1814

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    180 million sold now?
  4. janet.1814

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Aren’t EPs precursors to albums? Who cares if she drops either or both? New music is new music, let’s just #enjoy and let Janet take us on the ride
  5. I wonder if she will perform 🤔
  6. janet.1814

    Made For Now Music Video

    2million views on YouTube though
  7. janet.1814

    Made For Now Music Video

    They are playing it on Soanish networks, my cousins just saw it and told me about it Bc of Daddy Yankee
  8. janet.1814

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    I wonder if Aretha will block her from #1
  9. janet.1814

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    I didn’t notice the pyro was missing until after that show. Janet was tooo amazing, and the ground was too muddy for me to worry about pyro 😂 i didn’t notice pyro until Beyoncé on Monday, and I was like “hmm Janet didn’t have this”.... but Beyoncé barely danced, looked dead in the face, and had uninspired/reductive hair choreo.... I’m glad Janet isn’t using shit but her own talent to sell herself and her art
  10. janet.1814

    The Official Panorama Festival Thread

    I’m still on a high
  11. This is down the block from my house, and I’m away in Virginia 😑
  12. It was rebranded, same initial idea, and my comment is not invalid Bc my original comment was a stament of opinion
  13. But we already had a black slayer, Kendra...
  14. 3yrs was Janet’s plan for Unbreakable.... so what’s ur point?
  15. This still feels like Unbreakable to me.... kinda like how the Janet era or RN era spread thru multiple years and tour legs
  16. janet.1814

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    Y’all can say what u want, but DJ is still a platinum album and still outsold the other two. 🙄
  17. janet.1814


    I remember when he told us how to pronounce his sn and we were all like “ 👀 fuqumean it’s b-latin”
  18. janet.1814


    That was before this site even existed. We should have a Weekend Remembrance Day.
  19. Unbreakable at Bojangles last week
  20. It’s on her fb page, at first I thought it was some new choreo for her, until I turned up the volume 👀
  21. That was def Gil’s choreo with a Britney twist
  22. Oooh, I just ran across it on fb... im surprised she kept Gil’s choreo lol maybe she had something going on with Jan, I was wondering why Jan was following her on IG
  23. Did she keep Feels So Right and Truth?