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  1. Just finished watching.... loved the Janet and Britney in this movie
  2. Oh, I guess.... I see Madonna tour billboards here, for her residency at BAM
  3. She did the intro on fb... but the camera person was in an even worse position
  4. Welp she showed summin from horrible angles
  5. You think Janet will do the entire show or just a few songs?
  6. Riiiight....i was like “oh there’s more pages to this thread”.... not at all the turn i thought this would take
  7. I just gave DJ (including the bonus and unreleased tracks) a listen, it’s better than janet. janet. was even more all over the place than DJ, and both had the same theme.... love DJ actually sounds like an evolved janet.
  8. She literally described it has her and her schizophrenic personalities
  9. But the fact is that Damita Jo didn’t get the treatment it deserved. Had Janet not been blacklisted, toured, and outsold A4Y... you’d be singing a diff tune
  10. You don’t have to be in the studio to affect what goes on inside of it
  11. I find it amazing at how u criticize her artistic choices. She clearly isn’t and wasn’t pressed and didn’t need to come out swinging Bc no1 came close to taking her spot. If any of Janet’s top albums were released after the Super Bowl, they would’ve flopped. You cant get and hit songs on the radio if you are being blacklisted and vilified
  12. THEY SABOTAGED her music. the tea has already been spilt, so why u actin brand new 👀
  13. The red lace was supposed to stay on, BUT it was ripped off. Even if it was planned, the aftermath was uncalled for.... and now the receipts show that Janet was sabotaged, so what more prof do u need about it not being Janet’s fault?
  14. It’s available in the US, it says it was uploaded 8yrs ago 👀
  15. Actually with 20 YO, at least BET would play her videos... she even did 2 Access Granted shows with them
  16. If that music was better then she’d be singing You Can Be Mine and What’ll i Do instead of Feedback and Moist 🤷🏽‍♂️
  17. Thank god you don’t see color and how Justin and his white privilege helped him in that situation
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