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  1. TheeKnowledge

    Janet and Randy in London

    Love seeing her casually roaming the streets? It’s the second time she’s spotted outside of Olivocarne? That restaurant gotta be good ?
  2. TheeKnowledge

    New Pictures - Janet in London

    I never thought we would live in the same city, I moved to the UK nearly 2 years ago, right before I found out that she lives here too so I was obviously shook lol. It’s so cool to know that she’s somewhere close!! As for that video, if I met her in public I would just have a quick chat instead of taking a selfie, they didn’t even exchange words, like, what’s the point of it! I’ve met Janet backstage before and that look in her eyes and our hug is all I need to remember ?❤️ Yo, I’m still holding hopes that she’ll do some festival appearance in Europe this summer. I would kill...a mouse for this.
  3. TheeKnowledge


    ET claims that Randy lives in London too, didn't know that. It's nice that Janet has some family members nearby. http://www.etonline.com/news/216215_exclusive_janet_jackson_is_back_control_after_split_from_husband_wissam_al_mana_what_went_wrong/
  4. TheeKnowledge

    First pic of Eissa

    yes, seeing her in public two days in a row is definitely not a concidence. I just find it a bit interesting that Wissam got involved in these shoots
  5. TheeKnowledge

    First pic of Eissa

    gurl. what a shitty, cringeworthy reply
  6. TheeKnowledge

    First pic of Eissa

    Are you her midwife to be so sure? Eissa is even lighter than Wissam, it might take some time for melanin to kick in but you can't blame people for being suspicious. And what if Janet needed an egg donor and Wissam convinced her to take fair woman's egg considering how arabs look down on dark skinned people? Maybe that was his way of ensuring an easier life for his child - inheritor of his business. WHO KNOWS?! Not saying I think so but we have no idea how it really is. Also wonder if these staged photoshoots are for custody battle or something
  7. TheeKnowledge

    Has Janet had her baby already because...

    It's the Flower Station on Park Rd
  8. TheeKnowledge

    Has Janet had her baby already because...

    She still looks quite pregnant from this angle I know that flower shop btw, need to go there to get myself same flowers lmao
  9. TheeKnowledge

    Janet has been spotted and very pregnant! :shifty:

    Yas qweeen!!!! She was so close to where I work, need to be more aware of my surroundings these days lol!
  10. TheeKnowledge

    New No Sleeep remix by Kaytranada

    This remix is so damn good I thought it deserves a separate thread. It's the final track in the mix, starts at 1:23:28. Wait for the drop!!
  11. TheeKnowledge

    Does it bother anybody else...

    She addressed the rumor in that SNL skit with Starkeisha ( http://www.veoh.com/watch/v212687747NzjW5Dh )
  12. TheeKnowledge

    Gil Makes A Requests To The Fans!

    Nope, I love twerking and would kill to see Janet doing that lmao (I know this will never happen though).
  13. TheeKnowledge

    Rumor: Tour Dates Postponed to 2017

    he makes a lot of sense and yew mad
  14. One of the greatest... I was planning to see him live the next time possible. I actually checked his fan page earlier today to see if he added more dates to his latest tour. Very sad to know this will never happen.
  15. Oh my God, Prince has died..... I'm shocked.