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  1. The quote was “ARGUABLY more popular”... the insider didn’t say the artist was FOR SURE 100% FACTUALLY HUGER THAN BRUNO WILL EVER BE... and if you wanna have a legit debate about who’s the most popular musical artist of the last 5 years then Lady Gaga is qualified for that debate... there’s an ARGUMENT that could be made showing she is the bigger artist.. Lest we forget that just last year she had the most viewed Halftime show in history (with no special guests)
  2. Gaga and Madonna may not get along, but they’ve always (ALWAYS) been compared to one another, so therefore most people would likely picture them a better fit to collaborate... I think the “arguably MORE popular than Bruno Mars” part is still leading me to believe its Gaga more than anything.. she’s not as huge as she was when Bad Romance and Born This Way were on pop radio, but lest we forget that just a mere 15 months ago she performed the highest rated SuperBowl Halftime Show in history (with zero special guests)! So she’s still up there I think
  3. You’re not known as an insider generally (unless I missed something).. are you giving your prediction/opinion or do you know for FACT that is a female artist and not Gaga and that music is coming next month?
  4. A reliable insider on another forum is stating that new Janet music will be coming soon, and that fans will be surprised to see which other artist will be involved... The insider gave some hints: — the general public would probably expect this artist to work with “another legend” before working with Janet —also, this artist is “arguably MORE famous than Bruno Mars”... My guess is Lady Gaga, as I think most people would expect her to work with Madonna before collaborating with Janet
  5. I really liked her performance.... didn’t looove it, but def liked it a lot..I, too, loved the outfits and hair...Loved that she had a ton of dancers with her, of all shapes and sizes, and the stage setup (small stage, main center, two main stages, stairs, platforms, diff levels, etc)..Loved that she did the IF arm movements again (hopefully she stays doing that)..Loved the WWO snippet mixed into Nasty, and felt that Nasty is very appropriate during the #MeToo movement, and especially because of her speech....All that being said....I didn’t like the last half of her speech.. I loved the message she was trying to/did convey, but as a non-religious person, I felt like I had opened my front door to some Jehovah Witness that I wanted to close the door on...loved the message of love in her speech overall though..Also obviously the camera work was lame af, legit prolly the WORST shots since the 2004 BET Awards performance, maybe ever..Throb was cool and honestly I think the only reason she performed that song is because of the amount of dancers she had on stage with her and that’s always been a song that she showcased her dancers in...AND IT WAS THE 25TH ANNIV OF janet. DUUUR!Let’s see..anything else..?...hmmmmm........Oh yea—Gil should be fired. 👀 .....................Anyways can’t wait to see her this summer (hopefully)
  6. It is sorta funny how for her first tv performance in 8 years she starts with the same song that she ended her last tv performance with 8 years ago
  7. Those #DanceWithJanet entries paid off for these two!
  8. Yea there was at least 4 visible seats with “Jackson” on it so there’s def gonna be a crowd of family somewhere in the audience there supporting (presenting?) her... should be interesting!
  9. Prince Jackson just posted an IG Story saying he’s on his way Vegas... it probably doesn’t mean anything related to Janet, but I mean it could 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I mean that’s bout as dope as it gets for her, besides going to Disneyland with Janet (omg).. but yea I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t bruno mars because I’ve 100% convinced myself that’s who it’s going to be.. I did it to myself tho.. it’s my fault.. but it’s coo
  11. Yea I like how they all seem to really be friends and hang out together on their off days and that’s cool and all.. but yea Whyley could dip out and I’d be coo with it.. Allison seems ok but I do feel like she’s only there to fill the plus-size role since there are surely better dancers that could’ve taken her place.. Alex is my favorite tho as well..
  12. Janet for Billboard Magazine

    I want to give her son a sibling so bad