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  1. Pretty glad I waited on buying tix now.. there was a couple weeks where I was kicking myself in the ass bc I felt like I was waiting too long but phew 😌
  2. We better rip this off youtube before it gets deleted
  3. Anyone know where I can stream/download Janet’s full SNL episode from 2004?
  4. If you include the BIU lyric video (and I do) then she put out 3 vids from UB so there’s that
  5. “Classroom Instruments” segment coming on tomorrow’s episode of Fallon!
  6. I’m hoping she means a special performance of the actual *song* RN and not the album RN
  7. I mean it is officially a new decade now... I think she’s gearing up to put out new music and score that “#1 album in 5 consecutive decades” accolade!
  8. Also never seen For a Colored Girls and have almost zero interest in doing so
  9. Fuck yes! and today it was announced actor Paul Dano will be the Riddler and what better casting that that!
  10. Yea it’s def a nosebleed section but I heard there aren’t really any bad seats at the brand new Chase Center in SF (where Janet will be the first woman to perform a concert in the new venue)... plus they’re still $100 tix each and now I don’t have to spend my own money.. PLUUUS maybe Joey will be giving out front row tix again and me and my daughter will get lucky for the 2nd time and score an upgrade 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I saw this movie opening weekend and it was so boring for most of it.. maybe it’s bc I grew up watching the original 1994 animated version that I have it damn near memorized but it was literally a shot-by-shot remake with most of the same exact lines too! And since the animals were made to be so life-like they couldn’t emote or do any facial expressions that those animals can’t do in real life so it was very flat to me... i literally couldn’t wait for it to end—until Timon and Pumbaa came on screen finally then it got better... a lot of their jokes were different than the original and they added a shit ton of humor and life into the movie that was missing the entire first half.. my daughter loved it and I’m a Disney completist so I’ll still buy the 4K Blu-ray when it comes out but I won’t do it with much excitement
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