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  1. Dal

    The Other News Thread

    I did see that and I like maroon 5 and my daughter fkn loves the shit out of that Girls Like You song and since Cardi B is appearing during halftime too then surely they’ll perform that song and it’ll be all worth it because my daughter will be in love with it... that being said... wait til next year when the Super Bowl ain’t on muhfkn CBS playa!! 😜
  2. Moonves is OUT at CBS, effective within the next 24hrs...and we’re just shy of a couple weeks before the NFL typically announces who the Superbowl Halftime performer(s) will be.... STAY. WOKE. 👀
  3. That song was full of hooks after hooks.. imo it’s really a perfectly crafted dance/pop song.. I think it could’ve only been slightly better had they found a way to work in some classic Janet ad-libs (maybe that’s what the closing chopped up/digitized vocals repeating “feedback” were meant to substitute).. but all in all, I believe if Rihanna had recorded and released that track it would been easily Top 10 or potentially #1.. til this day I don’t know anybody who has heard it and didn’t like it, no matter what type of people they are
  4. Thriller was filmed on actual film reels.. the estate and John Landis went back and rescanned all the original film negatives of thriller into not just 1080p, but actual 4K resolution 😱! So we could very well be getting an Ultra-HD 4K Blu-ray release in the next few weeks (probably before Halloween) or at least a 1080p Blu-ray.. the problem with IF (and most other music videos filmed in the 90’s) is that they shot them on actual VHS tape, it was cheaper and faster and easier to edit those than it was to do so with film reels, and the VHS quality maxes out at standard definition 480p. So in theory they could go back and get the original VHS cassettes and rescan those but the quality upgrade will be minuscule, possibly not noticeable even. Plus, if the video had any special effects then those effects would need to be completed redone, frame-by-frame, to equal the resolution of the upgraded video footage quality..and that could be pricey as fuuuck (think Scream, etc)... so yea, we probably won’t be getting full HD versions of many 90’s videos anytime soon unfortunately
  5. Dal

    I got banned from J Club

    He posted an IG from DJ Aktiv that showed his passport and at first he hashtagged JanetJackson and then Aktiv edited his caption and removed the JJ hashtag and so Mikel posted and alerted folks that the caption had been edited and for everyone to not read much into the post now and then I commented something sarcastic like “thanks for the accurate info Mikel! 🙌🏼 Always posting everything we need to know haha” and then he DMed me and asked if I had anything I needed to say to him and then I messaged him back (sarcastically, again) something like “yes thank you! Ugh it’s just this new common core math homework my daughter is bringing home every night...got any tips?!” And then an hour later I was banned.. he’s a dummy
  6. I’ve been saying this for months! I feel it in my bones....tho still I’m prolly wrong but fuk it
  7. Dal

    I got banned from J Club

    ...cuz bitch ass Mikel can’t take a joke. and it’s not letting me create another account. anybody know how I can do that?
  8. Dal

    The Other News Thread

    Probably not... and tbh I never even thought about the possibility until the legit moment I saw that tweet that was posted with his pic in it.. and I def wasn’t intending on elaborating on any of it until dude gave his 2 cents on him then I figured I’ll jus drop a small bucket of truth in the room and walk away but even now I’m still explaining the already explained so I’ll get back to this bong rip ✌
  9. Dal

    The Other News Thread

    Weird Al began as a niche/novelty act but he is legit the real deal...an amazing musician (and so is his band!) and an incredibly knowledgeable and kind human being.. not only that, but he is as influential in the industry as anyone could be! He’s the reason why so many YouTube parodies exist, they all learned from him.. anyways.. I digress.. he never did an official parody of a full Janet song but back on his 1992 album “Off The Deep End” he included Miss You Much into the polka medley he does on every album of the biggest hits of the previous couple of years.. long story short: he’s great, she’s great, they both deserve it
  10. Dal

    The Other News Thread

    Janet and Weird Al both deserve it!
  11. Now I wanna see what he posted