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  1. See, this is why she should stick to black hair. She looks ethereal. In this pic she resembles MJ in his prime.
  2. 👍She's living her life to the fullest in Down Under. She deserves it! She seems happy 💕
  3. Oh, there are many. I haven't read her book True You (only snippets, I never got myself to order if from US), I haven't watched the tv shows she did in the beginning of her career (only youtube clips) etc I don't know ALL her songs, but I do always recognize her voice/singing style even if it was a new song to me... In fact, there was a period in my own adulthood that I didn't care for the fandom stuff that much. But here I am still, writing on this forum with all the other fanatics 🤩 When I was a teen I even ordered the FOJ magazine or was it MissJanet Fanclub I can't remember! 😄 I wish I still had them!
  4. She looks amazing. Our prayers have been answered. I'm convinced the team reads this forum lol. The countless times we've said here myself included that she looks best with black color 🙏
  5. I'm glad she's doing these live shows but it's so obvious the questions were sent to the hosts in advance by her team. I believe she will only agree to do interviews if she gets to decide the content.
  6. Is she up to something new? Usually she doesn't share her life on social media unless it serves some bigger purpose like promo for tour or album... Is she going to tell us her next move soon? I'm waiting... 🤩
  7. She had previous albums but it wouldn't have made any sense to perform them at that point in her life cause Control was all about letting all that go... Father's control, others tellin what to do etc..can u imagine: 'yea im independent and in control now but imma still gonna sing a few songs from the last two albums that my daddy made me do' lol Not gonna happen It would have worked only if she only sang songs from control
  8. Very well said. And Madonna has the ability to renew herself, whereas Janet just keeps repeating herself and is stuck in the same type of performance she did 30 years ago. Look at them now, both are still touring but which one is innovative and which one hasn't changed the performance since the 90s. I think Janet is underestimating her fans when she says fans want to see the same stuff. Her fans would LOVE for her to do something like what Madonna is doing now. But I guess, like we've talked here before, it's just laziness from her part. She's a Taurus so she just wants to be in her comfort zone. Whereas Madonna is a Leo, always wants to be at the top of her game.
  9. Couldn't have said it better. Sometimes I'm not even sure if she wants to be doing what she's doing, and it makes me wonder why she's doing all these things she doesn't seem to be interested in doing. It almost seems like it's all just for a contract that she's trying to fulfill.
  10. Well... this just seems lazy and boring. So much could have been done with the RN30 theme: sing more songs from the album, bring old dancers to the show, show unseen footage etc. Seems like she will keep on touring with the same old stuff, the name of the tour just changes. You can do better Janet! I'm bored of the same old, same old.
  11. I don't see any reason why she couldn't tell us if she in fact would be releasing a new album soon. So I believe her when she says there's no new album coming in the near future. She's been living the travel life for years now so I think she hasn't had the time or motivation (?) for a big NEW project. I believe she will just keep on touring as a "nostalgic act" for awhile now, probably add more dates etc. The reason for this I believe is more personal (wants to stay away from London with her baby). But then again, if the baby is in preschool she might have to take a longer break soon which I hope!! She's been on the road a lot!
  12. I believe a RN document/celebration show could be released, it would be a perfect time! But then again, I have no idea. I do wonder what all that material was used for - from the old Jackson family home etc. She has been rehearsing and performing so much lately in different places so I'm very skeptical about new album in the near future. But what do I know, many of her moves have been random in the last years, so I guess everything is possible. I hope she releases new music before possibly doing a major world tour.
  13. It just seems like she keeps adding more and more dates (now Hawaii) just to stay away from London. Of course she knows best what's best for her family but I personally wouldn't want to do some much travelling from one place to another with a little toddler. Then again, I'm not a mega star with my own entourage so what do I know. 🤷
  14. Man... I think she should have a break... Go on a long holiday with her baby... I mean she's been touring/doing concerts for almost two years now... almost since the baby was born... People will love her regardless if she makes a few stops here and there or not. I would love for her to just chill with her baby boy on a beach somewhere far away... Babies grow up so quickly...
  15. Hey guys, What do you think is the meaning of the song? I just love this song, but I'm not really sure what she is singing about. In the beginning she says: Once you know, you cannot not know. What it is that she knows? I don't get it 😆 Btw, why aren't there any songs from the Unbreakable album in the Vegas show. Damm baby could have fit in...
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