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  1. That’s not exactly the same as directing them to ask the same questions for 30 years. You can control the narrative and tell them what angles are ok, and have an adult conversation. There’s so much to discuss - What was your sons first words? Who do you feel he looks like and takes after? After being in the game so long, where do you pull inspiration from for your tour designs & projects? Are there any new musical elements you want to explore? How do you stay engaged after you’ve set the bar so high for yourself and others? What does success from this side of the game look like? fuck those animal cages lol
  2. I’m ready for better questions even though I’m sure they’re regulated. She’s damn near mid 50s and I’ve heard about her cleaning up animal cages since she was in her teens. I also want someone to ask her who does she feel her son looks like most & takes after in regard to mannerisms and expressions. Like these interviews are slick stale.
  3. I wonder when this was, I just landed a couple hours ago there too.
  4. I can’t agree with all of this. Much of Janet’s dancing transition is due likely to age and her health at whatever state she’s performing. Janet during SOTW had a lot of energy & delivery. It was undeniable. The thicker, which is not a problem or complaint, she is the less she pushes herself choreographically. While I’m by no means a Beyoncé fan, she still performs choreography heavily. Chris Brown by NO MEANS has traded dancing for anything. He is HEAVILY a choreographed act. Every performance or video includes him dancing. He doesn’t ever get away from that, nor does he try. Bruno is another who still has heavy choreography in his show. Missy is a great performer but she battled health issues so she never truly established herself as touring act due to that. Janet doesn’t emphasis poses and arms/hair for relevance. She does it for comfort. That’s not a judgement it’s just what it is. There’s a difference in delivery and I’m sure you feel that bc you mentioned her age. I’m not saying Janet should be the same and never age. I’m saying Janet on SOTW vs Janet on RN30 is different in the delivery of choreography.
  5. Honestly, I think one of the reasons there’s not as much of a synergy between the fans and dancers is because Janet’s outgrown the years of making her dancers her friends and a “thing” back in the day those dancers were not only in the music videos they were on the songs...they were in her interviews with her...they were more like her entourage. Now these dancers, while she treats them amazing...she’s more like their “auntie” if you will. There’s a separation between artist & crew, before it was more family oriented. I always felt overall, her 20YO dancers were very lackluster, as well as #1s.
  6. When it comes to skills and dancing ability these dancers are some of Janet’s best dancers in a very long time...the PROBLEM is not the dancers it’s the choreography that tends to be tailored to a toned down Janet. If we’re gonna be honest, ASIDE from the energy of SOTW, Janet’s choreo hasn’t been as detailed. A lot of arms & hand movements & strutting…etc. Go look up each of her dancers on YouTube in the dance studios. Allison doing Anaconda, & another Nicki song. The girl with the short hair on an August Alsina song. There’s quite a few. They have more ability than Janet’s recent choreo has called for.
  7. We’ll just agree to disagree. I’ve followed Allison from her studio days & even when she was smaller. Allison is an excellent dancer & you’re just not fond of it. Which styles she shines the most in, might be debatable but her talent is not. At least for me & a host of others. It’s not because she’s a big girl it’s because she’s a big girl whose great at what she does.
  8. Stop being petty…Allison has absolutely been excellent and gets standing ovations not only at Janet concerts...but in her studio performances & more. While you saw it as a devaluing comparison, you missed the point. The point is someone who is a professional dancer, like Janet & Allison...both have the capacity to fuck up. Even in ALL her accolades you named...let Janet tell it, she considers HERSELF a mediocre dancer. Which we all know to not be true, but still proves...all that has nothing to do with whether or not a person can make mistakes or not.
  9. Alison is an excellent dancer. Excellent, and I can post a video of Janet completely messing up the AFY breakdown. Everyone has an off moment or performance.
  10. Absolutely!! That’s exactly what I’m saying. Janet performed SOTW with a vengeance. And when she went from baby weight to fighting weight, & came out in body suits and moved like she was in the best shape of her life the entire tour felt electrified. I loooove a multi-faceted production. Absolutely love it, but it is nothing without Janet’s energy. You can tell when she’s into the show & performance vs. when it’s obligatory. This is her JOB so everyday of every project does not feel like - her passion. It shows. SOTW thru & thru felt like hers. It’s like when a woman breaks up with a man & she bounces back in a way that is a huge level up. At this point, Janet is no longer doing it for the IM BACK energy she’s doing it because she’s working.
  11. So glad we can have real convo here. First, Janet’s career dip - yes was majorly due to her blackball BUT then Janet, even in recent years, got the opportunity to reclaim her brand. Especially when black twitter edified her by doing #JanetJacksonAppreciation - Janet’s issue isn’t that Cinq didn’t make her music heard, they had some “spat” that needs resolving - it’s ALSO that Janet has not leaned into her boldness. Some major life attacks obviously jaded Janet from the business from losing her brother, her marriage, her break up before the marriage, the label fall out...all that shit is not only stressful it’s tiring. Lastly tho - Janet could have come back edgy IF she wanted to. She didn’t. She actually refused. Even with Janet being more spiritually grounded now, and always have but especially now, which I appreciate she often doesn’t follow through. She decides against it for whatever reason & is like fuck it...I’ll just perform. When I feel like it. Janet being old school is a valid point, but only because Janet is a Taurus and three thing about a Taurus are: they HATE change theyre stubborn and they’re loyal to A FAULT Her adding in her deeper cuts from her catalog JUST now, after being begged for years is proof. As well as her keeping team members that could have been shifted around for better results. She has not tried to have style nor push for anything captivating in a while. That’s why SOTW was so pivotal because she was wearing things that made her sexy while still maintaining her class & modesty. AND I’ve seen Janet dance thick & thin...but SOTW she DANCED & physically her health seemed prime enough for her to deliver. Listen, Production IS costumes, visuals, lighting, sound, set list, band, dancers, special effects - etc. So when you say the costumes don’t matter - they do. A costume can become so iconic it becomes a cultural look AND can get you fashion/brand endorsements that allows you to “creative direct” for a line or company. While you might be focused solely on visuals - which IS a major and necessary part it doesn’t compensate for Janet not giving as much energy as she did on SOTW. The show was stripped down as some are claiming, but her delivery wasn’t. She looked VERY good & it showed she was “back”. At the current time, Janet is making random stops without a obvious actionable plan. Even if she doesn’t release music there are major ways to stay active and keep your brand relevant. Making you a desirable asset in the market.
  12. I actually agree with showmanship and production. Wholeheartedly. I feel there’s times where she’s had both or one or the other.
  13. Production is not only stage design and screens...Janet having a lot of dancers didn’t make it a great performance. She personally DID less. Go watch & see how a good amount of that Billboard performance wasn’t her giving as much energy as SOTW & just a big amount of dancers. 2006 Billboard was more impactful. I agree with the super bowl statement.
  14. I agree more visuals and production CAN make for a better show, but it doesn’t equal a better performance. I absolutely agree with the mention of Billboard proving that. That performance was big but underwhelming if were going to be honest. SOTW was Janet’s best show since RWU in my opinion. As far as her performance value. The theme of the show. The set list. Her choreography AND her actually pull all those moves off. Her endurance. It was a much better performance ESP at her age bracket. Both were underwhelming so it’s not a better or worse. It just had more ppl. Number ones wasn’t a good show, and I’m no saying production value is useless I’m saying it’s not all Janet needs to make it a great show. When Janet is in her element she goes in & SOTW was her element - after her break up, she was on a mission & she achieved it.
  15. I can understand the production value being a big component, but I also feel that big production without the performance value can just be a distraction. Her performance during SOTW was at an all time high.
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