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  1. Lol it’s a fact though. It won’t be Gaga.
  2. Lol by no stretch will it be Lady Gag
  3. You missed something. Let’s let it play out and see.
  4. June will be a good month & the artist isn’t Lady Gaga but for sure it’s a woman.
  5. Loved everything about her speech. As a believer myself and working/knowing the industry they often try to make you compromise your beliefs. Everyone around the last 10 years started referring to the “Universe” - which is cool, but trust me it was a trend that the industry was collectively on. Janet took the deep breath before she mentioned her faith because it’s often silenced. In a space where we talk about collective acceptance of love & difference of opinion, having a faith based perspective has become taboo & scrutinized. Good for Janet. One day fans will learn, you support someone who will always support God. It’s best to anticipate it anytime she speaks. That’s where she is in her life & always has been but even more so. The performance was short & didn’t do her justice. The camera people were trash. The setlist was for fans & gives me hope that future set list will be diversified. Overall I thought it was GOOD but not amazing. I wish the dances that lead into throb - the slow parts were longer. In comparison to tour she kills it much more on tour. I felt there was more potential left on the stage.
  6. As I told you ladies and gentleman - Bruno Mars.
  7. Wait til Janet gets on that stage and say her career started in that building they are in right now and how full circle it is. When she talks about starting as a kid at the MGM.
  8. She looks GOOOOOOOD AF!!! She’s about to go in, everyone watch! I’m so hype for this all to happen and her fit tonight!
  9. What’s the red carpet channel? Whose covering it can’t remember
  10. HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Let’s bet, it’s going to be Bruno who presents... Nonetheless, I’m very excited to see if she does the whole red carpet & all. This will be the return of Janet and the beginning of her roll out...
  11. Janet for Billboard Magazine

    I think the family planning was always going on from the beginning. It could have been an agreement between them that even if she went back to work she wouldn’t stop trying to get pregnant. Not to mention the “3-year” plan wasn’t actually a plan at all it was just a contractual agreement she put her team on in the event that the work extends beyond the original scope of time. She probably did that because she knew she was still working on getting pregnant. Lastly, SOTW was a MUUUUCH better show. It was one of her best shows honestly and hands down the best setlist. *Pillow Talk is a track I always wanted to hear Janet do & to know it’s one out there is driving me crazy! But I think we’ll get an EP first.
  12. HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Again this couldn’t be further from the truth. Nonetheless, you’re never worth having debates that involve logic. You’re full of shade & invaluable points. It is what it is.
  13. HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    That’s loaded - Prince sold out tours and at times Janet struggled to sell tours. Relevancy can be judged by a multitude of things like tour sales AND their notoriety in the culture at any given time. Janet had number 1s with dismal sales. You’re being very unnecessary with this. It never had to be a comparison thing. Even without number 1 albums - he was headlining super bowl. Prince was beyond a solidified artist with relevancy.
  14. HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    This from a person who defends tooth and nail that Janet’s album sales aren’t important. The concerts sold out. That’s about all that matters. He didn’t drop a lot of albums.
  15. HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    But you did. He died while on a sold out tour performing in venues Janet performed in as well.