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  1. Lol don’t hold your breath lol. I think you want to see this moment for more than what it seemingly is, she took a performance opportunity that came with a nice size check for whatever her reasons but they weren’t revolutionary reasons.
  2. State of the World is not revolutionary in that country IMO. The lyrics were drafted more about the crack epidemic. I highly doubt What About will make an appearance & while IF - is racy based on their standard let’s see if she does it. I have a strong feeling you’ll get RN & the rest will be her generic hits.
  3. Which songs besides RN are you expecting her to perform that will be SO groundbreaking and rebellious to the country. Again, my stance is this was just an unnecessary performance...but that country deserves no more condemnation than America does. But what do you feel will be performed & powerful enough that it justifies the performance itself?
  4. Idk why this just cracked me the fuck up! 😂🤣😂 Again this was just an unnecessary drama filled move for Janet and she didn’t need to do the performance. BUT I have to give it to MANY of the people who argue that the USA is literally guilty of these same crimes & no one protests as strongly. Literally just 2 days ago Eric Garner’s murder was ruled innocent of any charges against him. We have concentration camps for people who are fleeing for a better life. We have the poisoning of many people of color and low income individuals in Flint Michigan with their 4 year water crisis, and their elected official was fully in the know and OKAY with it. We have families being broken up and children separated from their parents we have soooo many egregious acts happening in this very country & she has a whole residency here. So it’s a bit hypocritical. The media/America has a great way of throwing the rock & shifting focus on who the villains of the world are when they’re truly a devil. Thats the truth.
  5. Nothing is impossible but that is HIGHLY unlikely because in some of those types of countries there’s laws against speaking out. It could result in the arrest & even violence against her team if they all were collectively arrested. While many may disagree there’s something Americans have to understand - when you enter a country you are a guest there, it is not your right to impose yourself or your practices on them. If you disagree strongly with their practices you have the right to not go, but when you enter their customs you abide by their rules.
  6. For me the issue at large isn’t the terrible politics of SA, it’s the fact that Janet seems to be taking gigs from places she recently spoke against when it comes to their ideology AND she just didn’t need this random ass gig. When she posted on Twitter about the airline making that statement about women & then the SOTW whole concept. When I say it reads as desperate it’s just not a performance she needed. I actually agree with the statement we have our own issues here & don’t have the moral high ground to judge any other country AT ALL & America is a travesty…that’s a very true statement
  7. Honestly this performance reads as very desperate for Janet. I’ve had quite a few disappointments on the way she’s been allowing her regime to be ran and influenced by ppl who have no right being in those positions. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact. I actually feel for many of the fans who are holding to the shreds of hope their “freedom fighter” fave is going on a mission. This isn’t the case. I don’t condone anywhere mistreating women, but I also understand cultural context means different ideologies apply in different regions of the world. Janet didn’t need this check. Janet could have booked herself in many other places a few times over to make this money. If she speaks out it will be the most dangerous thing she’s done, being in their country & attacking their principles under such strict laws/regulations. I’m sure she will do her job and leave and never address it. America? Sorry had to, 911 was an inside job through and through.
  8. Honestly, I think this is not at all what fans are saying. Janet can create any tour she wants. I think we all can VISIBLY see a difference between creative delivery of just a year a part. No one is expecting Janet to be 1994 Janet it’s unrealistic, but I KNOW Janet is capable of 2018 delivery & concept. She had a beautifully threaded and themed show & delivered. Also I actually commend and loved she sang live the bulk of this performance.
  9. Honestly fuck Madonna. While Janet could use heavy production value Madonna is not her competition. Fuck her. Janet isn’t competing at this point even our personal critiques are of her ability to just make her art better. For herself. Not for the comparison of those around her. Janet has amazing potential and performance ability SOTW proved that. She looked good in the costumes and you can always tell when she feels she put on weight she goes from the TAT blazer and thigh high boots & the opening catsuit to baggy pants and floor length tops. Its her own personal perspective of how her body looks & no one can convince her how good it does look. She has to feel it. When she drops significant weight she lets it be known.
  10. Oh one last thing about sound - Unpopular Opinion: Yes, her internal sound was acting up on her. The music in her ears, her vocals, the tracks etc. she knew she needed to be turned up. BUT Janet was predominantly singing live with the exception of RN verses & RWU at points. So because she has a softer voice she needed the mic louder and needed to project more BUT whenever you heard her she sounded GREAT. Her vocals were more live than most shows we see her in. This was like 90-95% live.
  11. It has nothing at all to do with Janet pacing herself. Literally nothing. The same energy it takes to put on SOTW tour is the same energy it takes to put on Vegas & London show, Switzerland & anything else. SOTW was a little more vibrant because it was built that way. That’s really all. There are some physical differences to Janet but I have seen her make shifts and changes and pull off things at every stage. Heres something I’ve truly noticed with Janet when she’s faced with something that she has to prove for herself, the divorce or her touring brand she goes hard. SOTW was only a year ago and it was impeccable. She even showed out after the death of her father. If you notice Janet changes her costumes when she feels a little thicker than she was. Pay attention.
  12. This response was really funny to me! IMO Vegas has felt underwhelming to me, I appreciate that Janet is in a place where she’s finally exploring and utilizing her catalog. That is my favorite thing right now BUT in my opinion there is an OBVIOUS shift in energy, vibe, & delivery from SOTW to Vegas/Now. Like SOTW lives up to her iconic tours, but I feel Vegas can easily be looked over. It’s the UCAP of modern era with a more diverse set list. SOTW had all the necessary elements including the set list. Not to mention the Atlanta show was one for the books. But I saw that show 3 times and every time it delivered a bit more then before.
  13. I just don’t get it. That’s the thing...there’s such a better way to tie in a metamorphosis. This was just odd to me. I feel like the Icon performance with the multiple outfits from her past was more of a showing of her journey. Some themes from SOTW visual. These weren’t her most flattering looks. They could have repurposed images from the past never before seen & blend them together to make one photo of her today. She could have done a much more youthful vibe & had her photos from the past like a timeline on a wall & her in front of them. Used Eissa’s handprint & a love note written to him from her next to the hand print or just his hand. This feels random & disjointed & unflattering. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to be the case of the RN show in SF.
  14. Feedback wins on just about every front but the better song... both had those extreme produced vocals but what I love about Dammn Baby is the IGL resang bridge... the song choice makes it hard but everything else... Feedback without a doubt.
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