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  1. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in London Jan 3

    Now as far as MJ’s ridiculous competition with Janet and the others he was insatiable about being on top. It was problematic, nonetheless, it’s separate from Jermaine.
  2. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in London Jan 3

    Jermaine deserved a lot of the treatment he received. He discredited Michael because Michael wanted to go solo. He used to make comments about Michael needing to give it up, WHILE Michael was recording Thriller, saying the music would never be as much a hit as with the brothers. Jermaine is the one who initially left the brothers thinking he would be the solo star & the cards didn’t fall that way for him. So when they didn’t he called himself trying play MJ as he began his solo career. This is why Mike called Janet, Toya, & Rebbie on the stage at the Grammys & then thanked Jermaine - then all the sisters laughed. He was shooting back at that shit Jermaine had been talking. Jermaine always thought he was supposed to be the solo star.
  3. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in London Jan 3

    The other woman looks warm. I have seen Janet dressed for a blizzard in LA lol
  4. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in London Jan 3

    Janet’s fashion is & has always been touch and go. It’s not her strong suit & with no ill intent you can look at her thighs/hips & see she is/has been getting thicker. That’s usually when the baggier stuff comes out. Look at the Essence pic then look at the other.
  5. FreelovesJJ

    What is Janet's... Best lyrically written song???

    By far it’s “You” - the fact that she spelled Conscience backwards to align with the theme of talking to yourself in the mirror. It being a personal reflection of your inner voice. The whispering intro to the verses which play as a voice in her head/her spirit keeping her in line. It’s literally her smartest & best written & artistic song. There’s some other honorable mentions just because they lyrically have great messages. But “You” is brilliant & she’s never done anything as intricate since.
  6. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in 2019=What Are You Expecting Now???

    Lmao! I’m so vexed. It’s funny how ppl didn’t want that EP - but look what you got instead. Be careful what you ask for. The EP’s role our would have been much better.
  7. It was definitely the best show she had done, up until STOW. Because the set list was unmatched. I loved the theme of it. She was telling some very personal things that I don’t think ppl caught in the good vs. evil. She had an amazing stage. She just killed it. SOTW wins in set list at this point but RWU was an epic show.
  8. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I’ll just say in performance - it’s not “just clothes” or she would walk up there in sneakers & sweatpants. It’s thematic & I’m sure she chose that for a blend of a “global/tribal” effect. It gave more Islamic chic then anything but IMO & many others it wasn’t flattering. It was distracting. Her Jimmy Fallon look would have really captured the song more. She definitely did a great job & her intro had me HYPE but for a group of fans who love her for her artistic delivery - I don’t think mentioning a part of the art that threw it off (costume) is a complaint. She literally pays ppl for this.
  9. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I liked the intro a lot. Really liked the production & drums & all. Wish she chose a different outfit...but hey. I love she’s out performing and killing it.
  10. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Fair, but maybe I should rephrase. She had to build up her touring brand & trust, in general. Just show that she will and does commit to days and pulling it off. Everything will be interesting to see.
  11. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    It’s no disrespect to Janet literally none, but Janet didn’t just “abandon” her international fans. She had to build herself back up amongst the international base - especially to do a large scale arena tour. Now we might see, & MAYBE could have always, seen her do “hot spots”. A couple dates in London, do MAYBE Paris. Hit Japan if she can. Janet would love to have the international dollar as much as the American dollar but I don’t believe the sales were really there.
  12. Where’s what? That he was dating Angie Martinez during this era? If that’s what you’re asking it’s well known but it’s also in her book. She actually fist fought Wendy Williams because she disrespected him on air & at the time they worked for the same radio station. She insinuated that Tip was gay & closeted...while they were together and everyone knew they were together. Angie walked into the studio and beat Wendy’s ass. Literally. But if you’re asking where is it that he was cool with Rene you can hear in the recording him speaking to Rene who seems to be outside the booth. He’s even calling his name - not to mention Rene is in Poetic Justice.
  13. That’s what I’m trying to figure out though what would be the other way she blew up? While being married to Rene who was also in the movie & who seems to be in the studio with them & cool with Tip? They definitely seem to have a vibe but idk.
  14. During the recording of the era, I was guessing but wasn’t sure. Those years there being no social media we only saw her when she released really
  15. I thought she said that because she was husky at the time lol