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  1. FreelovesJJ

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    I’m not a fan of Can’t B Good but SloLove & Lonely I’ll take any day! Even Take Care but I don’t need it but wouldn’t mind. She’s damn near given me every track I’ve asked for live! Literally.
  2. FreelovesJJ

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    No matter what Janet says in interviews she knows exactly what it’s going to be. She knows when it’s coming and MANY projects are a “work in progress” often up to the week before they release
  3. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    It’s funny that you go up for Janet yet this entire era with everything she’s said and done you’ve been a complete contrarian to. You didn’t even know what the fuck the breakfast club was, like MANY of the people here, but it has millions of followers and advit supporters. You literally think your fucking small ass bubble is a reflection of what people are collectively experiencing. There are artists who a whole group of people don’t listen to yet they sell out stadiums. Markets can be abundant & diverse According to Janet RnB will never die and it is her genre. “It is “our” music” according to Janet herself. So if I’m far up their musical asses what the fuck is she? She’s mentioned them in about as many interviews as she has Jimmy & Terry. Not only as ppl she supports but people she would love to work with. She has even taken her time to PERSONALLY go to HER concert. You OBVIOUSLY don’t listen bc you would know Daniel Cesaer isn’t making much sexual music. Its not my opinion that’s smug it’s that when dealing with a condescending ass hole you have to talk to them at their level. You have complained since this entire process started. You take shots at everything & still you don’t get how an EP can be working in Janet’s favor, again due to your bubble, so you call it a waste. Fuck outta here.
  4. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    You’re literally not someone who has any reputable opinion on RnB & to some degree music at all. Your opinion is usually catty and uninformed. Jimmy & Terry’s contributions are not significant enough to the point where they’re seen as lead producers. Period. Lastly HER just performed to a crowd of 10k people. RnB is very alive and well. You’re very detached and live in a bubble. Nonetheless, an ep makes complete sense for her strategy it doesn’t make sense for you because you can’t grasp how it works.
  5. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    Every album has some RnB on it. Every single one because Janet is an RnB artist who was about to cross to pop & Pop itself is nothing but a blend of multiple genres that were made Popular. Yet in recent years Janet hasn’t had a solid or classic - on repeat RnB ballad or mid tempo. HER & Daniel Caesar’s lane is a very good lane for Janet to play in. I want to remind you that you were also against Janet working with anyone but Jimmy & Terry because of the albums you hated - yet you have Made for Now. You’ve been against the EP idea, yet you’ll be bumping it & very happy with the roll out. Stop discrediting before you give it time to be experienced. Before you even take a listen.
  6. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    Besides the fact I completely disagree with Damita Jo being anywhere near a bad album...idk what you would call RnB Janet that MATCHED up to her other RnB music. For me, I’ll take - I Want You Take Care No Sleep im sure I’m missing some but if you’re not familiar with artists like Daniel Caeser and HER you should listen to their music. It would be GREAT to hear Janet dig back into those lanes.
  7. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    Also - @Dal have you seen it’s official that Maroon 5 are the Super Bowl halftime? I’m not saying this to be an asshole but I really want everyone to realize how deep the super bowl affected Janet’s life. Her redoing it doesn’t feel like a win for her…it’s a bit traumatizing and she’s worked hard af for the last 14 years to distance herself from even being mentioned or correlated to that event at all.
  8. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    Janet saying she wants to work with Daniel Ceaser & H.E.R. Really has me hype that she’s even thinking in that direction. While a good amount of what’s “being worked on” is up tempo stuff. Those artists specifically would give Janet the RnB vibe I feel she hasn’t captured in awhile. No Sleeep great RnB but it’s not IGL, FHTF, ATAP...those staple tracks she has. I think those artists have very dope RnB roots. I hope they’ve inspired her to create within those lines.
  9. FreelovesJJ

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    The talk definitely wasn’t between her & JT directly.
  10. FreelovesJJ

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    She never said she considered it she said there was a conversation, and per her response the day before - you can tell she MIGHT have been asked & she said Hell No. Literally lol.
  11. FreelovesJJ

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Feel it Boy would be a nice lead in and mix to a Caribbean set.
  12. FreelovesJJ

    The Official BMI AWARDS Thead

    It doesn’t air on tv. The thing is, besides the tribute you wouldn’t want to see it on tv. It’s not that good & to MOST ppl they wouldn’t get it. Its a very industry and amongst your peers award show. Publishers, publishing companies, writers, producers, etc. are the ones being awarded. It would be boring to the general public. It also doesn’t fully move like the avg award show. Janet was honored as an icon…but this is such an honor because it’s actually for her writing and MUSIC crafting. The guy gave a CRAZY stat about her music, something along the lines of having 6 songs with over 12 million radio spins & 3 songs with like 18 million spins. To put it in perspective he said you would have to play those songs back to back on the radio 24/7 for 68 years. To reach those numbers. I’m going to speak with someone to clarify how that stat breaks down but that’s what he said.
  13. FreelovesJJ

    The Official BMI AWARDS Thead

    I attended tonight’s BMI awards - Honest to God, it was the BEST TRIBUTE Janet has EVER received in her entire career. It was FUCKING EPIC!! Janet said so herself. She was teary eyed & this wasn’t a “being nice” moment she meant every word - “I have had so many tributes over my career, and I am so blessed, but this was the best I have ever seen. I’ve never seen anything like that.” The tribute opened with Ciara, giving a speech to open the tribute up & introduce a group of young dancers. Literally about 50 kids ranging in age to about late teens. Then H.E.R. came out and performed Black Cat on a guitar, then she also sang Anytime Anyplace and KILLLLLLED IT!!!! Next, very randomly, they had Jessie Smollet, perform & he opened it up like the Doesn’t Really Matter at the VMAs, but just the dance opening. Then he performed That’s the Way Love Goes & a piece of Alright. Then they had, Normani perform PP with the mirrors and the chair and everything she KILLED IT! She didn’t pull the chair stunt off and nearly fell but her recovery seemed a part of the act. She did great. Like great. Next was Justine Skye & she performed Let’s Wait Awhile, KILLED IT!!!! Great vocals! Make up was reminiscent of Janet. Very much so. The mole the eyes everything. Then they closed the performances with TEYANA TAYLOR who performed IGL & it was everything you’d imagine it to be. She even had a wardrobe malfunction, little joke - they covered “all” of Janet’s highlights lol. Then Missy gave a final speech and introduced Janet. Janet’s speech was heartfelt & very beautiful. She looked amazing. All the artist wore variations of her look in some way or another. It was so epic. You could see Janet was taken aback and everyone there in the industry kept talking about it after it was over.
  14. FreelovesJJ

    Janet pays homage to MJ's "Remember The Time" in a new Skit

    I wonder if the video will be longer. Kway seems to have “something” big coming this evening at 5pm PST
  15. FreelovesJJ

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    I learned she recently fired someone, I learned she got semen in a jar from a “fan”. I learned she still has an admirable space when it comes to JD. It’s not much, and these interviews aren’t made to be much but that one seemed like they were cool in the radio world of relationships. That bit he tried to pull off was just not going to work & childish. Janet’s soft, gitty, & shy persona still has her coming off childlike…so every once in awhile she has to remind she’s grown & doesn’t want to play along.