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  1. No one owes an explanation for the obvious. Janet has a right to handle the things that happened to her however she pleases and everyone is entitled to see it for what it is to them and feel how they do.
  2. My Little Theory....

    In my opinion Justin should not be the key to her closure. He shouldn't be the one who gets to give her "her moment". He doesn't deserve that and neither does she. They should have gone to HER, but with all the racism and prejudice going on right now in the NFL they don't deserve her being open to them.
  3. My Little Theory....

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT WANT JANET TO DO THE SUPER BOWL WITH JUSTIN! I also would be HIGHLY disappointed if she did! Now that that's out way - I know many fans speculate (more so hope) Janet is extending the tour to overseas and the rumored documentary (that has not been confirmed) coming out at some point - but what if Janet does a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl & that's how she launches the next leg of her tour and/or music? Its kinda tradition whoever does the Super Bowl they are usually going on tour after & the SB is the launching pad for their newest work. It would. Also create a heavy buzz around her. I don't want it done this way, and although I can't see Janet doing awhole tour speaking against white supremacy & allowing white privilege to bring her back to the stage...it will be interesting to see what or if she's planning anything.
  4. Something new

    I think the goal with this era was to mix other eras. Honestly I didn't like the white liner under her eye during the UB era. But I guess the best is when she looks the most natural to me. VR & Janet era vibe.
  5. Something new

    I always feel the make up makes her look older and at times the design can be kinda draggish - and her make up looks BEST when she is smiling. She's a beautiful woman seriously. Naturally so.
  6. She looks really good. Janet with no make up always looks younger and even better.

    Whoever she's texting is important lol.

    I didn't initially care for Slo Love either but I love it now.

    From the tracks we've heard that did not make the album - the unreleased we have, is there much of a difference in your opinion?

    Now this I can understand but let's also keep the time table in perspective. Super Bowl was February, and had EVERY intention on being the promo start for DJ which was released a month later. DJ was already done. She already had that direction & that's where she was at the time. I believe she COULD have fought back but avoided it and her back was against the wall but the timetable she didn't really have time to do that. The album was done.

    I'm not counting interludes as "staple tracks" I'm showing how the interludes - like they always had were the thread of the theme. "How empty of me to be so full of you", "We're in a race between education & catastrophe", "To a world sick with racism get well soon", "You know you want me" Each of those interludes were threading between tracks. They showed the theme, direction, insight of creative thought, deliberate concept of tracks & album. Janet has had multiple songs that mention sex throughout the years but I don't consider them sexual songs. AFY is about being single & independent & guys fear to approach but she talks about him having a nice package to ride. You're willfully missing the concept by watering the tracks down. Janet was LITERALLY creating that album in honeymoon phase with her & JD. From island hopping to fucking continuously she was back in love. You just didn't like what she felt at that time. Now what could be argued is she avoided the heat and didn't fight back against what she was facing. So she came out with an album diverting the attention but nonetheless most of the album was already done. It came out in March so it shows you where she was before the fiasco.

    I agree about Discipline. 20YO literally was a contractual obligation she was trying to fulfill. She gave the label something so she could be done. I disagree with DJ - you can't say she had something to say including sexuality & vulnerability - then say DJ she had nothing to say when it was an expansion on those topics based on her current position in life. Vulnerability - Looking for Love, The One, Spending Time With You, Truly, My Baby, Thinking Bout My Ex, Slo Love Sexuality - Strawberry Bounce, Sexihibition, Warmth Damita Jo title track was about you guys think you've known Janet up to this point but there's more to the story.

    Honestly, I think DJ had a very easy to read theme & it literally was a representation of her life at the time. She had JUST went public with JD & they had been dating in honeymoon phase for a while - their entire relationship became REAL while on an island vacation together. Which is why the album predominantly sounds like it's rooted on an island. He was introducing/influencing new sides of herself i.e. Atlanta's strip club culture - which introduced us to Strawberry Bounce. The whole album talks about love in a very new found way...those many characters reference was a direct correlation to the fact of her being her FULL self at the time in this new relationship. It sounds personally like AFY without the independence of being single. The only songs I'm not crazy about are LYDLM & ANDS - which gets a pass because I love the choreography & like to see it performed live but the song has always been kinda eh. Lastly, it has some great ballads IWY & TBME, and ummm Janet & JD both are major fans of oral which has always been rumored (from multiple women he's been with) to be something he's great at - which is why the sex tracks were centered around oral. The song not only had theme it was relevant to where she was.
  14. Discipline photoshoot – NEW OUTTAKES

    There was no concept to Discipline. There were just songs & to make it SEEM like there was a concept she basically would use the definition of discipline to sell it. I don't think the album was bad though but it didn't have a concept

    I like Island Life more personally too, and I kinda get what you're saying but STCML has a lot of life and energy in it. The Island Life performance live sounds very good but the highlight moments vocally she doesn't really go into.