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  1. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    How do you think Janet feels about Super Bowl treating minorities speaking out against the same thing her tour was about?
  2. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Why do you think Super Bowl is in her interest to do again?
  3. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    These are the pix that surfaced while she was still on tour that she took on break in LA
  4. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    She won’t do talk shows but this time around I BET Janet will be on a big platform to be seen. She’s going to make sure her current relevance is more elevated than it has been. There’s obviously a plan.
  5. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    You can tell she’s about to drop a whole roll out and revamp. New music, I’m sure videos, performances to back it, and even new dancers. I bet she’s even about to give new content & some other type of big push for what she has going on. Think about how active she’s been and how it always leads to her doing “something”. It’s obvious she’s working. I have no doubt she’ll go to Europe but I think she’s trying to scale up to Europe. The fans that come here are die-hard fans but the ones she has to pull in and make buy are the ones who don’t realize she’s putting out so much work just yet.
  6. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    I don’t know how we can call AFY a more “successful” era if it didn’t have the success of TVR. Honestly TVR set the tone and expectation of AFY. And it was still at Janet’s major peak - I feel AFY was still Janet heightened but it still wasn’t Janet era or TVR. It was Janet showing - age isn’t anything but a number & she’s still killing it. You can refer back to the questions and statements of some of those interviews. Diane Sawyer, who I don’t fuck with, asked - do you ever feel like take that Britney & Christina at 35 and the killer body still going... That’s a question alluding to longevity & being in the game so long. Which really is stupid to ask but it happens. TVR was still in the expected & unquestioned height.
  7. Night - Priority Dammn Baby - Secondary
  8. It wasn't a vote! Unbreakable must go!
  9. Janet Looking for Dancers

    We know her bday is in about a month something will be emerging soon.
  10. Janet Looking for Dancers

    Nah I'm truly betting if she hits the road again Europe will be touched.
  11. Janet Looking for Dancers

    It definitely was the announcement lol in all fairness to Janet though, the only reason why people know & anticipated an announcement is because fans DEEPLY follow/monitor her team members. Janet herself didn't play up a big announcement & then delivered this - this time. BUT we all know music & performances are definitely coming. She's put a new team in place, she is keep her social media engagement consistent & current, she's also doing performance dates. So we'll see when that hits. Question: is the song playing in the background a recognized remix by anyone or is it new?
  12. Janet Looking for Dancers

  13. On the chorus yes, but the verses - are just ok.
  14. Ever heard this Janet song before..?

    It was shortly after Velvet Rope because she had already sampled Big Yellow Taxi. So your years are right. Na. No one should know about this.