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  1. Burn it Up was good when it came out, but died out quick for me, personally I liked Janet & Missy on The 1 & on Son of a Gun. Game gets off on hating on Missy for whatever very unnecessary & personal reason but I'd like to see Janet expand her duet list. Toni & Janet would not have worked vocally together, not because of it being 90s nostalgia depending on the artist that actually could work. - but I'd love to see Janet expand. With who I'm not sure yet.
  2. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    Completely agree! Song should have been gone along with Take Me Away. So many other tracks that are much stronger have been forced off. I don't get it.
  3. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    I can't believe TGF survived this long and over LU4L The Great Forever
  4. Janet out with James and Holly

    That was my point
  5. Janet out with James and Holly

    I'm loving Janet out living her best life. She's been so reclusive over her entire life and career but I think she gets that the times have changed. I think now that celebrity is about being public and out living she's coming around more. But for her London is the best place to do it because she's not hounded by people constantly even if they do get some shots here & there. It's not like the US.
  6. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I agree that IWY is a dope track. I do think IGL is a ballad it's just not a very slow one. It rises & slows but tempo as far as vocally & mood is a ballad to me. I don't think it has to be very slow to count.
  7. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Oh actually let me take some of it back - I REALLY like Lessons Learned & Promise of You but she has not had a strong R&B ballad ie - IGL, FHTF, even IWY since 2004 ish. Strong R&B. Ive never been a big fan of Can't Be Good. It's ok.
  8. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Take Care is the shit. I do forget about it and I also love Love 2 Love, I love Truly and then some others pop up in mind but overall they've been more hit or miss. The midtempos are also doing ok but I know what it could be. So part of it is just my thoughts on where I know she could go & how dope that would be IMO. Honestly lyrically it's the most honest and real. But vocally & musically it doesn't give me what I need. It's a bit of a snooze fest.
  9. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I just feel Janet hasn't had a solid ballad in many years. No Sleeep was cool, but her ballads and midtempos haven't been great since maybe AFY. Roll Witchu is classic though. (Mid tempo) I'd want her to have something along the sounds of KING, HER, Sevyn (Before I Do), Syd (Let me Know) etc.
  10. Music is coming.
  11. Janet gets a Starbucks

    I'm pretty sure she uses a pen and pad. She barely knows how to end a video for social media. She's not writing whole songs on her phone. If anything she might use the recorder for melodies...but writing songs nah. Janet is 51 and old school with it.
  12. Janet gets a Starbucks

    I like to see her with a note book I hope it's for writing songs. It could be meeting notes but i hope it's songs & ideas.
  13. Tupac's Apology to Janet

    There is an audio interview where Tupac admits he was wrong with the situation with Janet does anyone know where I can find it?

    She'll hit Europe her next go round. Don't forget there's new music coming...she has a lot of work that she'll be doing. Personally, I don't think it's smart to hit US right up again but I'm sure in the next run of things she might double back later. But Europe is very likely.
  15. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    Take Me Away - can be taken away! The Great Forever you're next.
  16. New pictures 26/2

    I was gonna ask what the weather was where she is lol and she's back to wearing the shoes and semi outfit she wore on the date with Wissam back in the day.
  17. Tupac's Apology to Janet

    He mentioned how he was immature and her experience meeting him then would be different from "now" (the moment of the interview obv) and he apologized for some of the interactions and maybe how he spoke of her in media.
  18. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    It can hit the ROAD IMMEDIATELY! One of the best tracks! This song is fire! It must stay, along with Dream Maker... My vote: Should've Known Better - it's really a weak song. There's a couple lines that's respectable & I can feelbut the idea of "I should've known better" than to think you'll was worth a damn about getting things right is kinda weird lol. But Take Me Away will be next on my list & Well Traveled should still be here.
  19. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    I don't understand you all. lol I just don't get what you hear....
  20. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    Should Have Known Better. I already got my knock off list - but Dream Maker is one of the albums best tracks, by far.
  21. When I wrote that Janet was trending at number one.
  22. This symbolizes Janet's official return to public grace.
  23. This moment is not about JT she's using her pull. She is trending more than the Super Bowl itself. She absolutely should stand in her glory after being black balled, banned, disgraced, financially punished - Janet used to hit back through music: Scream, You Aint Right, Truth. This all about Janet so she would be capitalizing off the love given to her. This is free marketing, it's being picked up by other celebrities, major publications, globally. If Janet does that the conversation would be about how she snatched the narrative, got justice 14 years later, & why she's still a legend & iconic.
  24. No that would be smart marketing. She would be capitalizing on all her digital impressions. If you are being celebrated give them something to consume. It would also drive the tickets of her next performances. People are looking for Janet go to them. This is free promotion. The video would go viral & people (black twitter) specifically would create memes, conversation, she's already been picked up by celebs & the Shade Room. This would be brilliant.