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  1. Yeah the breakdown was meh but still cool to see a take on this song from a completely different culture. The crowd was going off cuz she is from the group girls generation which is HUGE in Asia. They do have a song that was a little hit in my VJ club days that I came to like. Its a little banger
  2. This Korean pop tart does if, Not bad Or like that Chinese chick in the if video is all "eeeeeeeef"
  3. Also I forgot to mention I saw RWU live 3 times. Loved it each time. I saw SOTW 3 times. Twice last year and once this year. She got better in each SOTW show and switched things up at all shows too. Her band is great. Her dancers fit. So yeah everything shes doing is a real good look for her
  4. It was a good show. But looking back at this moment SOTW 17 and 18 murders it Janet's vibe the last 2 years has been slaying me. i dunno there is just something different in her A kick, a fire. And she still is so damn authentic and sweet and charming as she always has been, RWU seemed very forced now that I look back. But being the showman she is, she delivered of course. But I dunno everything Janet is doing lately just feels right. And the public and media has really been embracing her again so that helps
  5. msboz

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I havent posted in mutha fuckin ages so hiiiiiiiiieeeeee. Awesome performance last night. She really killed it. Gave me the feels i used to get watching her as a kid. I did not like her outfit at all but her set was so on fire it really doesnt matter.
  6. Anyways. Who else will be in Lake Tahoe. ? I
  7. See you guys at the Miami show
  8. msboz

    Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    Since control she was getting bigger and bigger each era. AFY was the peak
  9. msboz

    No Joke: Janet TOUR Coming September 2018

    I actually think Janet doing festivals is a good thing. A lot of people that probably wouldn't go to a janet show have the chance to see her and be like DAMN! I didn't know she was that much of a BAD bitch. This will be a good thing for her brand
  10. msboz

    No Joke: Janet TOUR Coming September 2018

    Noticed the same thing. But I did post it first in the July mark your calandar thread a few hours ago. Summer/Fall tour is going to happen. Unless jj is April fooling us lol. My guess is the dates will coincide with a new album? Thots??? I’m excited and already planning finances for travel and getting my wig snatched again
  11. msboz

    July! Mark your calendars

    its on live nations website too
  12. msboz

    July! Mark your calendars

    And I just saw a event added on her FB page seconds ago. State of the world tour sep 1st hollywood casino amphitheater in IL And now its gone....
  13. msboz

    I missed this place

    My first thought was what did game do now lol. Glad pj is back