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  1. I just wonder if the album will be reworked to reflect all the current events with 2020. I'm here for a RN meets Velvet Rope album
  2. Janet has grown to become unpredictable over the years and I've grown to enjoy it. Up Close and Personal tour leaked magically. I'm sure it's not a coincidence. Patience and more treats will come
  3. A drive-in concert would be better. (meaning Janet still having a stage and being there physically) It's still live and still social distance
  4. Different actresses should play Janet at different ages in her career. As a child. another for JanetJackson/Dream Street, and another from Control to Damita Jo
  5. You asking a lot lol. RN, All For You, and State of The World are my favorites, but I can see why others prefer Velvet Rope
  6. Lol okay!!!! come through quarantine leaks! This was my first Janet tour. smh I know lol. Not her best but holds a place in my heart
  7. drake dropped a music video. apples vs oranges i know
  8. chile there will probably a riot by then
  9. Unbreakable sold 100,000 in pure sales. That was 2015. Times have changed so much even since then. Of course all the festivals she's done the passed few years have certainly helped, relying on just dropping the album without even a music video or at least a song that tackles the Coronavirus issue is risky. I would release the Bruno Mars track along with some sort of world peace anthem
  10. Without a performance or promo I'm sure her team is probably concerned about it going #1
  11. why ya'll let her flop so badly lol. I've heard worse
  12. yet jlo gets away with it today. crazy lol
  13. No Sleeep was basically just Janet
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