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  1. *downloads them quickly before they disappear
  2. I'm fine with just the DJ, give us our credit lol
  3. Isn't the tour still 3 months from now. I would still be rehearsing and play it by ear
  4. I don't internalize what people say on here so I didn't realize it was that deep. I apologize for disrupting your experience.
  5. What!? Those outfits are fire 🔥 ❤️ lol. To be fair the entire show is sexual 😂 Diddy and Nelly with those dancers. KidRock surrounded by girls with his guitar. Jessica Simpson dressed like a hoe 🤣 it was a horny production
  6. Chile apples vs oranges. Again, Janet in comparison to Superbowl performers governed before Pepsi took over slays. Madonna did the Superbowl in 2012... Almost a decade after Janet. Of course technology would be better. I would not compare the MTV era to the Pepsi era. For Pepsi production Madonna's performance is not on the level of Katy, Beyonce, JLo/Shakira, or Gaga. It is more comparable to the earlier Pepsi era - like Prince and Black Eyed Peas.
  7. I rather the album be bundled with tickets
  8. Eissa won't remember most of it though, so it's not a huge stretch for her to get as many career goals in now. It's the 5-9 age range where the memories will impact him more
  9. Vogue and Music was the only part of Madonna's production that was tasteful. The rest seemed like overkill and tacky to me. The song selections were odd too. I don't remember the productions prior to Janet being much bigger when you include Kid Rock, Nelly, Diddy, and everything combined.
  10. yeah but also goes to show that they didn't care about all those light shows and Broadway production until Janet
  11. I know y'all have committed sins 🧐 confess already
  12. Netflix with limited DVD release because unfortunately that's the times we're in now. They only make good money from streaming
  13. She should sing Again to remind people of her angelic voice. Together Again and All Nite can make cameos. If she really wants to set the record straight go for Love Will Never Do
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