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  1. EphraimAdamz


    This. What's the tea on VIP? We sit close or something?
  2. I still play feedback when I'm DJ'ing at the clubs. Discipline and Curtains still set the mood when Becky cums over so the album is alright in my book
  3. EphraimAdamz

    Janet’s Dad in poor health

    Awe damn RIP.
  4. You took the words from my lips. They so fuckin phony
  5. Everything was good except that Grandma sweater she had on lol
  6. i see JLo performing Smooth Criminal
  7. DNA is a cute song from them
  8. lol kelly clarkson did that
  9. Its probably the first 10 mins of the state of the world tour
  10. He's not appropriating, but if he ever flops he can always release a spanish song and that Latin crowd will eat it up and praise him the same way they do JLo
  11. EphraimAdamz

    Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

    Walgreens always plays When I Think Of You, Fed Ex plays Enjoy
  12. EphraimAdamz

    Tupac's Apology to Janet

    he was mad janet give up that kitty kat
  13. EphraimAdamz

    Create a Janet tour that never happened

    20 YO... I guess her usual hit's, but include So Excited, Call On Me, Show Me, Do It 2 Me, This Body, Get It Out Me, and Enjoy
  14. Never mind I found it. For VIP what does "Upfront VIP viewing area & bar at the Panorama & Pavilion Stages" mean?