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  1. Damn she said they would never all tour together and they never did.
  2. So we gonna pretend Ciara isn't a Dancer and a model in her own right?
  3. using ciara to distract from the topic i see
  4. I said 30+ 🙄 I used to DJ at skating rinks when I was 14 and play those artists on teen lock in nights. What I'm sayinG though is the 90's Block Parties tours seem to have better promotion. No one remembers what So So Def is unless you're from Atlanta 🙄 Ruff Ryders, Bad Boy, people remember that.. hell Flip Mode Squad
  5. So So Def is not a household name for those under the age of 25. Heck... Def Jam barely is.
  6. Janet gonna do whatever she wants, but wouldn't it be better to perform at some festivals in Europe like she did here? That way casual listeners can be reminded of how talented she is.
  7. This is the first time I'm even hearing about it. He should of did something similar to the 90's Block Party tours. House of Blues venues, and cater to the 30+ crowd. No one knows what So So Def is or means in this generation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/So_So_Def_Recordings#Current_Artists His best artists are no longer on his label ^ .
  8. EphraimAdamz

    What are Janet's Best Music Videos?

    All of this is irrelevant until her team gets her catalog on YouTube ☕
  9. EphraimAdamz

    Evolution of Janet Jackson Megamix (2019)

    U kinda shady skipping the Make Me era and Damn Baby era acting like queen didn't have a career lol but it was good
  10. EphraimAdamz

    Artists That Are Famous But You Never Hear Thier Music

    Scratch that. My friend reminded me it's because so much music now isn't family friendly. I didn't think of that.
  11. I'm not sure if it is because of streaming. But since I rarely turn on the radio, I only use YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora to discover new music. Something I've noticed is that there are artists that are always in the media, but you can spend a whole day at the mall and not hear a single one of thier songs. For example, Kendrick Lamar... super famous, but I can spend a whole day outside and not a single car driving by is playing him. However walk into someplace as simple as Walgreens and thier playing Escapade. Why do you think this is?
  12. EphraimAdamz

    Rhythm Nation 2019: The 30th Anniversary!!!

    Just finally release the tour. Any unreleased songs from that era would be a nice addition as well. No need to re-release the whole album tho.
  13. Nice. Hope we see new outfits
  14. EphraimAdamz

    What are Janet's Best Music Videos?

    Easily RN and All For You. Her YouTube era fans will remember Feedback and Made For Now
  15. EphraimAdamz

    The Untitled Album

    So far we have a Latin/Afro/Caribbean theme, no?