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  1. Right lol. There was plenty material to add
  2. If the album is coming in 2020 I would just add it on
  3. janet better not ever bump into me cause i'll be the first one asking for a photo lol
  4. Hmm I could see a weekend concert in NY kinda thing like how she's doing now with Hawaii
  5. 2009 VMA I was with a friends watching it live and when Scream started, everyone was cheering, but I wasn't cheering yet. It was Michael's verse and she wasn't on stage yet. People were like "where's Janet". I said "because it's not my girls part yet". Then I struck a pose in the living room at the same time the glass shattered lol. All you heard was "Ohhhhhh shit", and Janet strutted out
  6. For some reason I always thought this was a 90s record not Damita Jo era
  7. so we gonna act like Feedback on SOTW didn't slay? And isn't that what the new generation likes? "Hair-ography" or whatever they call it. Instagram poses on stage. Can't blame Janet for staying relevant. Choreography doesn't seem to be relevant in the industry anymore. People just want to "turn up" and "twerk". All your Jlo's, Paula, Usher, Jason Derulo, NeYo, etc big dance numbers seems like a dying trend. Ciara has been struggling and she's one of the best stage dancers of this generation, yet people seem lost or confused when watching a broadway-esque style number. Even Chris Brown traded in his big set pieces to become a rapper. It's really sad. Tinashe was another new artist that people paid dust on stage. Yet these are all phenomenal performers, but people rather attend a Cardi B concert or whatever while Missy and her dancers receive credit 20 years late
  8. One difference I will say Janet has over Madonna is that Janet's influence lives on in younger artists more than they cite Madonna as a influence. There have been way more tributes, shout outs, and interviews from next gen artists for Janet.
  9. U really putting words in people's mouth today lol. We're talking about "modern day" Janet. Roughly 2006 forward. Those were the two best tours from this past decade
  10. what works for them doesnt work for everyone. it was messy. the superbowl was better organized for janet
  11. Billboard 2006, VMA 2009, Xfactor 2009, American Idol 2010, and EMA 2018 were all cool Rock Witchu and SOTW win for tours hands down.
  12. i think its just the times we're in now where production is more important than talent lol. I know that's not what you're saying but this generation is shallow. Billboard 2006 was the perfect balance in my opinion
  13. Janet slayed but the stage design and over crowded amount of dancers was wack and took away from the performance. I consider all that to be part of production
  14. I have to agree. From choreography to costume changes Janet slayed SOTW. I can watch her beginning to end and get my life. Bigger production doesn't always mean better. Her Billboard performance showed that too much production can be a waste and distraction.
  15. a whole lot of facts as to why i dont smoke as much
  16. But aren't like 8 of the songs from RN tho. That's a lot actually
  17. weed, but not regularly. i used it more for sex or socializing Ecstasy 2-4 times in my whole life I drink often. i'm dj a after all
  18. Normani is good, but I agree we were getting all flash and little stage presence. It's ok to break away from the choreography for a moment to connect with the crowd and give them some substance. That's all that was missing.
  19. Throw It Back is hot, yall tripping
  20. I feel like janet only releases footage when the media says something that isnt true then she throws them off their game. My two cents
  21. Clubs that fit over 500 people are rare, most have closed down. The Tunnel, Limelight, ect. The average bar is about 80-200 people. There's maybe a few big venues left
  22. Most of the mega clubs have closed
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