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  1. Pretty much sums up the whole album for me. Yikes...
  2. iMacourey

    En Vogue - Electric Cafe

  3. I like the song, and the video's cute. Not sure how the style/concept relates to anything in that Man Of The Woods trailer he released though.
  4. iMacourey

    En Vogue - Electric Cafe

    Any En Vogue fans in here? So En Vogue (current line-up: Cindy, Terry & Rhona) announced back in 2014 that they were coming back with a new album, titled Electric Cafe. As an En Vogue fan it has been a really painful wait and it does very much seem like they're never gonna get their act together. But in the last few months we've seen the release of 3 songs, including one released today and a track with Snoop Dogg released a couple of weeks ago, so there's hope yet apparently. Here's their new song "Rocket" which was released today: What does everyone think of it? Will the album ever see the light of day?
  5. iMacourey

    New Song? (VIDEO)

    Was that ever a single though?
  6. iMacourey

    New Song? (VIDEO)

    Nah, that accolade belongs to Nothing.
  7. iMacourey

    Mariah Carey Fucked Up

    This is my new favourite live performance of all time. Seriously though, what the hell happened? At a stretch, she could probably be forgiven for missing her cues for Emotions if she really couldn't hear the music. But there was really no excuse for the WBT part of the performance - she clearly had no intention to sing even a single note of that live, and even her lip-syncing to that was just dropped halfway through the verses. Does she even know the lyrics to her own songs? Even her fans in the audience did a better job of lipping along to her songs!
  8. iMacourey

    Vocally OVERRATED

    When Jessica Simpson first came out she was an incredible vocalist - "I Wanna Love You Forever" is such a difficult song to sing and her vocals were awesome on that song. Her debut album wasn't great, but I thought she did a great job of separating herself from the Britney Spears and Mandy Moores of the pop world. But unfortunately her vocals got worse and worse with every album. With her second album she became just another Britney clone (although at least vocally she was still quite good), but by the time her third album came out (around the time her reality TV career was kicking off) she started doing this annoying breathy-thing with her voice, like she was trying to sound younger, cuter, and girlier than she was and she basically became unlistenable.
  9. Thousands of British refugees make dangerous journey across the Irish Sea
  10. I wish I could laugh at such stupidity, but it really is too sad. Cornwall, the county where I originally grew up, are now in the awkward position of trying to get £60 million worth of funding that they will no longer get from the EU. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/brexit-cornwall-issues-plea-for-funding-protection-after-county-overwhelmingly-votes-in-favour-of-a7101311.html Good luck trying to get that funding from the Tories!!!
  11. I saw one lady interviewed on TV this afternoon, and the conversation went something like this: Leave voter: I'm thrilled that we are finally taking back control of our country. Reporter: But what about the millions of pounds in funding that you receive from the EU to keep the coal fields open in communities like yours? Leave voter: Well, I didn't think about that. LOLZZZZ
  12. iMacourey

    What Janet album took the longest to grow on you?

    Well All For You never grew on me at all - even now I only listen to the singles + Trust A Try & Come On Get Up. And 20YO I've never really liked. As for everything else in her discography (not counting her first two albums, which I admit I have never given a proper chance) I guess Discipline took a while to grow on me, as did janet. actually. Control, RN1814 & TVR were pretty much instant for me. And the latter two still rank amongst my favourite albums of all time, by anyone.
  13. iMacourey

    Damita Jo vs. Unbreakable (the songs)

    Damita Jo
  14. Haha I thought that too! ?