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  1. The Sacred Prostitute

    What is Janet's... Best lyrically written song???

    Lonely or My Need
  2. The Sacred Prostitute

    Janet Jam & Lewis: Deconstructing 30 Years of Music

    Actually I did do a search for both "Janet Jam & Lewis" and "Deconstructing 30 Years of Music" before posting and nothing came up. Thanks for your concern.
  3. Sorry if I'm late to the party. It's been over a year since I have logged on. I'm sick today working from home and thought I would catch up on my Janet correspondence. But has this been posted? I remember snippets were posted when the tour started for Unbreakable. I listened to all of it earlier and I'm in heaven. Janet knows her musicology. One of the best things I have listened to ever! Janet knows her voice and I love how the catalog was deconstructed for certain songs. Truly a revelation for anyone who is fan of Janet and musicology.
  4. The Sacred Prostitute


    Janet was candid af.....brevity at its best! I'm going to love this new Momma Janet. Bitch aint got time for the old song and dance Janet. Sept. 7th! Bitch aint playing around.
  5. You guys still talking about hypothetical alternative facts?
  6. The Sacred Prostitute

    Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert

    She relied on her amazing talents! She killed it. No huge sets taking form stealing attention from the music. Great job! And the bitch sang live and sounded amazing.
  7. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

    Janet is carrying her bed with her!
  8. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

  9. The Sacred Prostitute

    CLE.com: Rock & Roll HOF Predictions

    Welcome to ShowBUSINESS!
  10. The Sacred Prostitute

    Miss Clinton if ya nasty!!! I'm done!

    Whoever did this!!!!!!! Clap for this hooker!
  11. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

    I really don't know and probably won't know until she announces it. I would not ask nor would my clients tell me if they were told not to. It's a simple formality in the business that we must follow. I'm just a middle man at the end of the day.
  12. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

    More pics to come and Janet actually wears glasses on and off.
  13. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

    Thank you....I just had to say that because I rarely post what I know because people will jump all over your ass and not believe you but I wanted to post something positive as far as the non believers saying Janet wasn't pregnant.
  14. The Sacred Prostitute

    New Picture

    I told you there was a shoot.