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  1. Black Eagle

    Would you say....

    No. Not even close. Stevie Wonder has 25 Grammys, an Oscar, Golden Globe, Kennedy Center Honor and the presidential medal of freedom. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cher and Barbra Streisand are both EGOT winners and Kennedy Center honorees. John Legend is also an EGOT winner.
  2. Black Eagle

    What is Janet's... Best lyrically written song???

    “Are You Still Up.”
  3. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    She wants to be taken care of because she never had much of a father to begin with. That’s why she seeks out men who inevitably end up dominating or controlling her in some way. That’s something she’s probably aware of and needs to contend with before she gets into another relationship or the cycle will just continue. Or God forbid, she’ll pass that down to her son the way her mother passed it down to her.
  4. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Janet flat out said she tried to change James. And with René, the proof is in how long she stayed in releationships. Janet has a problem with keeping people around longer than they need to be. She’s loyal to a fault. It’s no coincidence that she decided to give René writing credits in 1997, and they were broken up by 1999. She was trying to save a dying relationship. There’s a reason she had him photograph her tour books and direct her videos. He had nothing else going on and she was trying to accommodate an insecure man who felt in the shadows of her. She shouldn’t have needed to do any of that and she was being enabling by coddling his insecurty. A woman who is 52 with three divorces and has yet to have a relationship that sticks is a red flag. That’s not all on the men. There’s some problems the woman has as well.
  5. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    James was a drug addict two years before she married him. She still chose to marry him. René was jealous and insecure years before she married him. And she even stated she was uncertain the day of the wedding, but still, she chose to marry him. She made bad decisions and though Eissa is a blessing, having a baby with someone like Wissam was not a good idea either. That’s why she’s in a messy situation now with Wissam and custody. Wissam may not have been verbally abusive before the marriage, but he was definitely controlling long before Eissa came along. The way Janet dressed and acted changed dramatically starting in 2013/2014. She should’ve gotten out then. Now that she has Eissa, she’s stuck with Wissam for life. And that’s not all Wissam’s fault.
  6. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Janet has been in controlling relationships her entire life. Almost all of them have been. At some point, there has to be some accountability on the part of the person who continuously gets into relationships with controlling men. Especially of a woman who is 52 and on her third divorce. Janet chose to put herself in a subservient relationship. Unless she was just that naive not to see the writings on the wall when it came to Wissam. The man was a Muslim. What did she expect? Just like she shouldn’t have married a drug addict named James Debarge and an insecure nobody named Rene Elizondo, she shouldn’t have married a controlling man with a strict religious upbringing. But Janet loves to think she can change men once she marries them and that’s her biggest flaw and the reason why she’s on her third divorce. It’s not all on the men. Janet is just terrible at picking men and uses poor judgement in her relationships. This still has nothing to do with the fact that she was lazy during Unbreakable. Janet was a grown woman who supposedly was “in Control.” She could’ve been more assertive if she chose to. You all coddle Janet too much. She is older than most of you on here. Hold her accountable for once.
  7. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    What does any of this have to do with the fact that Beyoncé and Rihanna have more #1 dance hits than Janet? No one ever stated that they were better than Janet. But the question was asked and it was answered. Your insecurity is showing. It isn’t necessary.
  8. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Beyoncé has 22. Janet would probably have more had she cared to do anything with Unbreakable after it was released. She got lazy and was rightfully passed.
  9. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    She was in 2009. She’s in fourth place now. Madonna, Rihanna and Beyoncé are ahead of her.
  10. Either they’ll do one woman and the rest men or follow the same formula as last year. Two women and four men/male bands. No way they can’t induct at least one woman though. In this #MeToo era, the backlash would be swift. This actually would be the best time to induct two women at once due to the social climate we’re in tbh.
  11. Her performance in Poetic Justice was incredibly mediocre at best.
  12. They were generous giving her a top 10 ranking tbh.
  13. Black Eagle

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    All For You is full of whispers. She even admitted she had a sinus cold while recording several songs, and you can hear it. She actually sings in full voice on Unbreakable. “Gon Be Alright” alone is vocally better than anything on All For You.
  14. Black Eagle

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable is the better album. It’s vocally better, lyrically stronger, and she covered much more ground lyrically and sonically. That album genre-hopped while still being cohesive. Something janet. tried to achieve.
  15. Well, someone has to. Janet refuses to talk or give her own self credit for what she does. Her modesty is why a lot of people don’t give her credit for writing and producing her own music. It almost always goes to Jimmy and Terry.