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  1. Well, someone has to. Janet refuses to talk or give her own self credit for what she does. Her modesty is why a lot of people don’t give her credit for writing and producing her own music. It almost always goes to Jimmy and Terry.
  2. Black Eagle

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    I just had a thought. Maybe she IS a filmmaker now because she filmed the soon-to-be-released documentary already.
  3. Black Eagle

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Madonna has a new album coming out this year. Janet has tour dates and festivals coming up, but y’all know she won’t promote. Come on now.
  4. Black Eagle

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    She isn’t, but she is perceived as one by the media for whatever reason.
  5. Black Eagle

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Janet’s not a filmmaker, so I doubt it. Most likely Madonna. Times like this is when that Being T documentary would’ve been beneficial to her resume.
  6. Black Eagle

    FYE Festival Canceled

    Co-headliner. Janet did one night, Florence and the Machine did the other. The fact that the whole festival was canceled proves it wasn’t because of Janet because this crowd is definitely Florence and the Machine’s demo, so the fact that sales were still low speaks volumes. You wouldn’t cancel two nights and dozens of other artists performing because of one artist. There are tons of festivals this summer. More than usual. So low sales combined with over saturation sounds valid.
  7. Black Eagle

    JD and Janet’s music

    20 YO was a reaction to the underperformance of Damita Jo. Discipline was a reaction to Janet wanting to escape Virgin after 20 YO and start fresh with a new label. These were reactionary albums, not albums she made because she wanted to make them. That’s why they failed. Virgin wanted JD because of the success he was having with Usher and Mariah. But JD did not fit Janet’s style at all. If Damita Jo would’ve been more successful, I guarantee neither 20 YO or Discipline would’ve happened.
  8. Black Eagle

    More new photos in London

    As many shopping outings as she does, one would think she would have a more extensive wardrobe.
  9. Black Eagle

    Janet's team talk with Sway!

    No. The late-80’s and 90’s dancers matter. They were able to execute some of the most difficult choreography that can be given to a dancer. These new dancers lack so much of their technical and expressive skills.
  10. Black Eagle

    Janet's team talk with Sway!

    She really thinks we’ve cared about any of her dancers beyond the 90’s.
  11. Black Eagle


    Good review. Ended Consequence of Sound.
  12. Black Eagle

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    That AMA performance was not a tribute. It was promo for Number Ones.
  13. Black Eagle

    Kelly Alexander-- tomorrow!!

    He’s the only one, aside from Janet, that would actually make these interviews interesting. Actually Janet said she was contractually obligated not to speak about their relationship, per Rene’s request. She’s just extremely private, so the deal was just fine for her. So really she could be sued if she talked about him.
  14. Black Eagle


    You and I both know she is not doing any festivals or promo for that matter. I agree that it’s a good idea as well, but we all know it won’t happen.