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  1. Aquaria

    Night Clubs?

    Can you give me some examples?
  2. Aquaria

    Night Clubs?

    I used to go out when I was younger, clubs can be a lot of fun and I do miss dancing like crazy. But these days I just stick to bars and lowkey stuff. I'm sure clubs are doing fine in NY but I wouldn't be the one to ask.
  3. Aquaria

    Night Clubs?

    You can be the change you want to see.
  4. Aquaria

    Night Clubs?

    Like did you just hear about "brunch"?
  5. Like a paper bag on your head?
  6. Tell him you need the job back. Tell him you’ll do anything to get it back. I have a work crush.
  7. Take a walk on the wild side Normy. Last night I got off to a vid of a guy pissing on another guy, licking up the piss off the floor and the guys feet and then sucking his dick. It was hotttt.
  8. I’m into some nasty shit too though. Like farting vids.
  9. Do you mean felching? I had to google that, you is nasty.
  10. So tell us all the juicy details.
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