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  1. You little super sleuth, I mean slut, I mean sleuth
  2. oOooohhh lawdt my body is ready
  3. Omg hi!!!!! It’s barely on. How ya been toots?
  4. I completely agree, could see this about 15 years ago... but not now. I like your idea though, I’d love that.
  5. Season 6 should be next on the queue! That’s a really good one. The best season is definitely All Stars 2 though, in my humble opinion. Who’s your favorite winner so far / favorite queens?
  6. Funny enough, seasons 1-6 are now on hulu here so I'm just finishing watching season 1 for the first time. So Selz, do you know all the winners already? Or are you going in blind?
  7. It’s so good to finally see you stanning Hotsy.
  8. YASSSSSSS!!!!! Truly a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT. The most iconic song and video of ALL TIME!!
  9. YASSSSSSSSSSSS. I am sooooooo here for this!!!!!!
  10. Thank you! Cake Day. I like that. Thank you sugar!!!! Got some frosting for me?
  11. Aw that's so sad. Hope he's doing ok.
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