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  1. Episode 6??? I only see 3 on hbogo.
  2. Y'all hookers watching it? It's really good.
  3. Scary shit. I'm so happy you're feeling better now. Yeah... and things extra crazy out here.
  4. I enjoyed it. I'm not the target demo though.
  5. She shaded herself with that one. I fuck with WTP so I'm not gonna be shady. I didn't realize she had stans though.
  6. I think what's key as allies is taking the back seat and supporting. Listening. Amplifying black voices. As Brittany Packnett Cunningham (@mspackyetti) keeps saying, "We Save Us." What we as allies can do is continue to educate ourselves and our non-BIPOC friends and family. Donate to causes and as I said before amplify black voices. Also, taking care of mental health right now is SO IMPORTANT. I feel like even the most "solid" people right now are feeling this strain, let alone people affected by anxiety, depression, etc. You're right that this is not something we "move on" from and it's important to continue to stay engaged and keep supporting this movement. That being said, I've been reading it's healthy to limit your social/news intake to a designated time and cap it off so you are not incessantly refreshing your feed and building more and more anxiety.
  7. I truly hope you are doing ok as can be and hanging in there. I love and support you (and all in this thread). As awful and heart wrenching as this is... look at the entire WORLD rising up to demand justice. It is inspiring.
  8. I appreciate this thread... it's hard talking about this. I know everyone is struggling and I just never go too far in depth because I don't want to dwell there or add to their worries by worrying about me. Covid was/(is!) 1 thing... the isolation had taken a slight toll on my sanity but I've been able to soldier through as I am more of a lone wolf anyway. I was able to keep hope alive that the world would emerge wiser and forced to change for the better. What's been happening recently... it makes me feel there is no justice, and no hope. I feel I need to stay informed but I realized how unnatural/scarring it is to see so much real life violence playing out, so I've been starting to put a cap on how much I'm looking at. It's been really fucking me up, and I can't imagine how my black friends must feel. It's just sick, and evil, and it's honestly giving me a phobia of people in this world and what they are capable of. How are you holding up Angie?
  9. Aquaria


    Even though we are not all as active this forum holds a special place in my heart. Thank you Angie for keeping it running all these years, that fact most of us have been posting together for at least 14 years is crazy to think about.
  10. Aquaria


    I got a bad feeling when I saw this thread title. omg I am SHOCKED. We were friends on facebook too. Damn. So fucking sad I can't believe it.
  11. The most iconic song of the last 80 years. The best collaboration in pop music history. 😪
  12. Selz can you do anything about these bots????
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