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  1. Proving once again she is better than your fav.
  2. I'm gonna stop you there. To mostly everyone I know IRL and social media (like, personal social media) Beyoncé is THE star. She is universally acknowledged to be in a different league than any other contemporary artist and the closest we have to someone of MJ or Whitney's caliber.
  3. Janet is in this post by Naomi for Dave Chappelle’s birthday.
  4. That nail color is a choice. I want that hoodie though.
  5. Episode 6??? I only see 3 on hbogo.
  6. Y'all hookers watching it? It's really good.
  7. Scary shit. I'm so happy you're feeling better now. Yeah... and things extra crazy out here.
  8. I enjoyed it. I'm not the target demo though.
  9. She shaded herself with that one. I fuck with WTP so I'm not gonna be shady. I didn't realize she had stans though.
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