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  1. Aquaria

    CHARMED reboot, first look!

    I'm feeling this new poster!
  2. Aquaria

    The Avengers...

    Ooh looks good!
  3. Aquaria

    Mariah’s “GTFO”!!!

    I LOVE IT.
  4. Aquaria

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    I wanted witches god damnit. Nice to see the Antichrist show up... we'll see. Expectations are low.
  5. Aquaria

    Mariah’s “GTFO”!!!

    It's called GTFO?
  6. Aquaria

    Janet covers "Instyle" Magazine

  7. Aquaria

    Happy Birthday Bailey!!

    Happy Birthday sweets
  8. Soooo good!!! I love King Bach too, his fine ass.
  9. Aquaria

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

  10. Aquaria

    Janet to receive BMI Icon Award!

    Is this the softer side of Game?
  11. Aquaria

    Janet to receive BMI Icon Award!

    According to my BMI I’m obese. But congrats to Janet.
  12. Aquaria

    VMAs prediction?

    Classic Madge.