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  1. YASSSSSSSSSSSS. I am sooooooo here for this!!!!!!
  2. Thank you! Cake Day. I like that. Thank you sugar!!!! Got some frosting for me?
  3. Aw that's so sad. Hope he's doing ok.
  4. You mean vaquero? My birthday twin. Why doesn’t he post anymore?
  5. I’m 31 today. I don’t feel any different, but maybe it’s been a more gradual change this year.
  6. I was blackout drunk when I posted this and I just read this for the first time and I found it interesting how DARE y'all ignore it.
  7. Wow this was a good topic and y'all paid it DUST.
  8. Whose entire discography you've heard. I mean every single song they've released. Is that even possible?
  9. Aquaria. Hmm if only Rihanna were a recording artist she could perform at her own show.
  10. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!!! I’ve been able to add more than 1,000 favorites on pornhub!!!! Currently at 1,016 and growing.
  11. I wouldn’t consider alcohol a drug but, other than that weed occasionally and cocaine once. I’m pretty boring.
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