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  1. Aquaria

    Sharaya J - She's A Bitch from "The Four"

    THIS IS FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥 Makes me wanna rap again.
  2. Aquaria

    Janet’s social media posts

    Air out that puss girl 💨
  3. Aquaria


    What’s that mean?
  4. Aquaria

    Celebrity Deathmatch 2018

    You need to say the winners toots.
  5. Aquaria

    Celebrity Deathmatch 2018

    MY MATCH: Mariah Carey vs. Ariana Grande They have a whistle note battle, going so high only dogs can hear and you see each of them with veins bulging in their temples about to explode from the pressure the other is exerting. THEN, Ariana takes the ref mic on the cord and strangles Mariah with it. And she says “It pays to be able to use a live mic.” **mic drop**
  6. Aquaria

    Celebrity Deathmatch 2018

    This is not real... but who do YOU want to see face off in the most gruesome way possible? Name your match and who would win! Let’s get ready to rumble.
  7. Aquaria

    A Memo to Bottoms

    Give him another chance! Us bottoms, I mean, bottoms, have a lot to deal with.
  8. Aquaria


    It was messy as fuck. We’re all so civilized now.
  9. Aquaria


    You’re probably thinking of LoveProfusion, he was the biggest Madonna stan and a cunt about Janet. Paul is so sexy.
  10. Aquaria

    Cazwell - “Cakes”

    Watch on mute if you need to but got damn. 😍😫🤤
  11. Aquaria

    A Memo to Bottoms

    It is. But Madonna made a song about it so it’s alright.
  12. Aquaria

    A Memo to Bottoms

    You’re always talking about this Ethan character. I just listened to “Hung Up” and got my life but it sounds like you’re.... hung up.
  13. Aquaria

    A Memo to Bottoms

    You’re a goddamn (literally) mess.
  14. Angela said it. Teyana can dance but......