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  1. He was cute too. Should I have sucked his dick? Have y’all ever propositioned a driver?
  2. Anyone else getting Britney teas from the cover though?
  3. Aquaria

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    So you're saying you look easy.
  4. Aquaria

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    Hoar. I got a blowjob in the back of a cab. Not to completion though. By the driver. ? Kidding. But not about the head.
  5. Aquaria

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    You seem sexually frustrated.
  6. Aquaria

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    From the driver?
  7. Aquaria

    The Re-Introduce Yourself Thread

    I know we are a small group, but I must admit there are a few members I have no idea who they are, whether it be name changes and forgetting or never interacting in the past, etc. Plus, we actually do have like 1 or 2 new members so it'll be nice to get those folks acquainted with all you hot messes I'm Roc. I joined in 2006 at age *counts* 16/17, I am 25 now () I live in ny, I am a graphic designer, and I am the resident Gaga Loon.
  8. A Star Is Born becomes Gaga's fifth number one album following Born This Way (2011), ARTPOP (2013), Cheek to Cheek (2014), and Joanne (2016), which breaks her tie with Taylor Swift and makes her the only female artist to top the Billboard 200 five times this decade.
  9. Aquaria

    The Official CHARMED Reboot Thread

    Welp, anyone watch? I actually enjoyed it and will be tuning in again next week! With the new Sabrina coming soon too it really is the season of the witch.
  10. I have mixed feelings, I'm sure it will be very fun to look at, but I was not wowed by that footage. The Cave of Wonders was much more impressive in the animated film... this shit should be jaw dropping. HOWEVER, the actor they cast as Aladdin can put his diamond in my rough any day of the week.
  11. Aquaria

    Was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" a masterpiece?

    If you meant this as shade to me it is brilliant.
  12. Each song on that album is a hit. It is Gaga at the height of her powers. It actually is like a parent to me because it helped raise me as a young gay in NYC. So what do you think, is this controversial album a masterpiece? KEEP IN MIND: It's my birthday so you SHOULD AGREE WITH ME.
  13. Aquaria

    Concept: Time Travel but only...

    ...able to see your future Instagram feed. Could this be a Black Mirror episode... What'chall think, would you look? ?
  14. Aquaria

    Concept: Time Travel but only...

    They can’t participate.
  15. Aquaria

    Concept: Time Travel but only...

  16. Aquaria

    Mariah’s “GTFO” + “With You”

    Thumbnail looks like she's fallen down a well.
  17. Aquaria

    Is Water Wet?

    This has been driving me crazy. Answer and give your logic.
  18. Aquaria

    Is Water Wet?

    You ignored the first one, which is what I’m saying. Agree to disagree I guess.