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  1. Amy

    Janet in London Jan 3

    Come to East Anglia we are a sunny 3 degrees right now! 😎
  2. Amy

    Janet in London Jan 3

    It’s Rick Owens. I don’t really like puffy coats in general but I love the colour of hers. Happy Birthday Eissa 🎉🎈🎁🎂
  3. Getting supplies for Eissa’s birthday today
  4. Amy

    Janet in LA, 21 Dec

    Apparently she went to a tattoo shop!?!
  5. Amy

    Janet returns to Gary, Indiana

    Oh no sorry I didn’t mean “looked after” as in she takes after Rebbie appearance wise (although there are a couple of photos of Janet where you can def see the resemblance), I meant “looked after” as in Rebbie helped take care of Janet a lot.
  6. Amy

    Janet returns to Gary, Indiana

    Neither had I, thats why I had to post it. I read or saw an interview with Rebbie ages ago where she said that she felt as if Janet was her own as she looked after her so much.
  7. Amy

    Janet returns to Gary, Indiana

    The previous time Janet went to Gary aged 8
  8. Don’t forget Asian fashion is different to western fashion. It was possibly styled with an idea as to what is popular over there.
  9. The jacket is Christian Dior and Janet and Robert Behar designed the shirt and skirt