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  1. I have never seen Andy Cohen’s show, what I say it like?
  2. No I’m neither. Just plain British.
  3. I think she drove when they were in Hawaii
  4. I’m 32 but I’m the baby and my parents had a bit of a gap between myself and my sister so they were in their mid to late 30’s when I came along
  5. That’s really true, I did think she was a bit older than that tho. Age has a habit of creeping up on us, Rebbie will be 70 this year and my Dad is 73
  6. She passed away in her sleep today aged 74 💜
  7. Her hair is great like this 😍
  8. Euro dates are being released soon
  9. Annabel’s is amazing, it has the most gorgeous flower displays
  10. I was thinking back to her recent live chat on Instagram and she said they should be stretching...it made me think she would be doing a performance soon.
  11. Janet will be headlining the last day of the Cincinnati Music Festival on Saturday 25 July. The festival starts on Thursday 23 July. Other acts featured are The O’Jays (on Janet’s day), Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson, Fantasia and Tony Toni Tone. I think more festival dates are likely to be added, it makes more sense touring this way with a toddler. Possibly another short Vegas residency too?
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