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  1. Amy

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    Oh...um...I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, the only other person I know who is doing a cruise is Chico DeBarge... #MadeForSailing #AhoyThere
  2. Amy

    Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I’m late to the party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
  3. Amy

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    “The Janet Jackson award for Slaying goes to...........Janet Jackson!”
  4. Amy

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Which year tho ?
  5. Amy

    Janet Jackson Stems

    Sign up to a Madonna forum, ugh I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it.
  6. Amy

    LaToya Jackson Ordered to Pay $360k in Unpaid Rent

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Jeffre Phillips? He was (is?) her business partner for the last 15-20 years but I heard that they are no longer friends and I haven’t seen them together in a looong time. I’m guessing someone like him would have dealt with the day to day bill paying and not LaToya.
  7. Amy

    Janet Jackson Still in Studio

    Can anyone read what’s on the whiteboard? All I can make out is Daddy Yankee and BET. Not sure if it says M4N under Daddy Yankee.
  8. Amy

    Janet Jackson Still in Studio

    Does she ever have a bad day!? She looks better than 99% of the worlds population.
  9. Amy

    The Official CHARMED Reboot Thread

    How does it compare to the original?
  10. Amy

    The Other News Thread

    Fans launch petition for complete Janet Jackson archival campaign Following Jackson's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, fans have banded together to get her massive catalog the archival campaign it deserves This year saw Janet Jackson make her triumphant return with “Made For Now”, her first single since 2015 acclaimed album Unbreakable. The R&B legend also appeared on The Tonight Show to perform the track, marking Jackson’s first late-night TV stint in nearly 15 years, and she served as the subject of Discography, Consequence of Sound’s own podcast celebrating historic music catalogs. The momentum of 2018 has all led up to last week and perhaps the biggest news of her career yet: a coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 nomination. With Jackson and her career-spanning catalog firmly back in the spotlight, Discography fans have launched an official Change.org petition, calling on her label to finally launch a proper archival campaign the Grammy-winner deserves. Classic acts from that same time have received countless reissue packages dedicated to their iconic work, complete with outtakes, demos, alternative mixes and the like, but believe it or not, fans have been without any modern, massive Jackson re-releases — even from her most popular eras, 1989’s Rhythm Nation and 1997’s Velvet Rope. “We as fans are saddened by the fact that none of the classic albums (Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet. The Velvet Rope etc) have never been re-issued, remastered nor re-released,” the petition pleads. “While Ms. Jackson keeps setting trends and breaking records with her tour, there is a whole generation of music lovers waiting to be introduced to Miss Janet’s back-catalogue of music. “Millions of fans have been requesting for a special or limited release of any vinyl, album or tour for decades now,” continues the petition, which is less than 100 signatures away from its goal. We feel it’s the right time to do so, and we feel that as loyal fans we deserve to enjoy and purchase the albums we love as remastered and repackaged items, as well as on vinyl.” A search online proves the petition true: For well over a decade, fans on various forums have wondered about and asked for a complete reissuing of Janet’s catalog. As the petition notes, maybe now finally “it’s time” labels honor their requests. Check out the petition Here
  11. I’m not going to get excited...I’m not going to get excited...but I am just a little bit excited
  12. Amy

    Concept: Time Travel but only...

    I don’t post on Instagram. But most people only post the good or staged part of their lives anyway so how would it be a true indicator of what your future is like?
  13. Amy

    Any Runners on the Forum

    ? stopped smoking. Allen Carr seems to be the go to guy, he works with a lot of high profile people too. I have never seen my mother run, not even for a bus. She does clubbercise classes which she says are really fun.
  14. Amy

    Any Runners on the Forum

    My Mum stopped 3 years ago, she used Allen Carr’s audio book.