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  1. Amy

    Happy Birthday Roc!

    Happy Belated Cake Day! Hope you had a good one.
  2. Amy

    Janet in London

    The Goddess got BACK! Do you see that booty?!?
  3. Amy

    Janet in NY

    I think it’s Rick Owens, like this one but I don’t think hers has a front pocket https://www.theoutnet.com/en-ie/shop/product/backpacks_cod9679066509594232.html#dept=INTL_Rick_Owens_DESIGNERS
  4. Amy

    Janet in NY

    DM posted them over 15 hours ago
  5. Amy

    Janet in NY

    I love the colour of her coat
  6. No that was Lala D’Iore, she won the competition to dance with Janet at the Billboard’s
  7. This is the same wrist she had a support on last year.
  8. That’s the room number 4 bit
  9. I think that’s a really high number. I would consider a complete album (without interludes) to be around 10 - 12 songs.
  10. She is on her own label
  11. Made For Now will be released on vinyl August 16 Tracklisting: 1. Made for Now 2. Made for Now (Latin Version) 3. Made for Now (Benny Benassi X Canova Remix) 4. Made for Now (Ryan Skyy Remix) 5. Made for Now (Dirty Werk Remix) 6. Made for Now (Eric Kupper Radio Remix) 7. Made for Now (Eric Kupper Extended Remix) 8. Made for Now (Girls Make Beats Remix) UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/VINYL-Janet-Jackson-Daddy-Yankee/dp/B07TNVWMKY/ref=pd_ys_c_rfycrnr_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07TNVWMKY&pd_rd_r=DSB01T9XV06DCGHZ7RZB&pd_rd_w=hFmJE&pd_rd_wg=mNFeZ&pf_rd_p=e83f36ba-a532-4987-ba7a-d3d2fa0abb43&pf_rd_r=DSB01T9XV06DCGHZ7RZB&psc=1&refRID=KJY85F2ZT11ESGVV74ZR US https://www.amazon.com/Made-Now-Janet-Jackson/dp/B07TNVWMKY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Janet+Jackson&qid=1565724878&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  12. and when your manager is one of your other brothers
  13. I’ll wait and see. Just because he has been sent a track doesn’t mean we will end up hearing it.
  14. Maybe she is saving the best for last!?!
  15. I am a little confused tho. There are 5 dates but the article above only mentions Janet as headlining on the Sunday. So is she only doing 1 of the 5 shows? It seems along way to go for one performance.
  16. I thought she started following them when they did the article about her getting ready for the Billboards 🤷‍♀️
  17. They should ask her to do their 73 Questions and In The Bag features
  18. 😲 so that’s why she is so covered up! It’s because she has a big ol tattoo of Jermaine’s face on her body 😂
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