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  1. Just listened to Made For Now I can't get into it I don't hate modern music, but the reinvention of Janet this time is so
  2. Damitajo

    Janet Jackson’s. - multittracks

    Aren't you on Madonna-Infinity.com too? I'm too broke and clueless as to where to get trading material so hearing anything involving her stems for trade makes me
  3. Create a tour you wished happened! Janet Jackson Dream Street Control Damita Jo 20 YO ^albums that never got a tour.
  4. Damitajo

    Janet on vinyl

    I have like 60 Janet vinyls all her albums and some singles I suggest Discogs, local record stores, or Ebay
  5. Damitajo

    Janet's Unreleased/Rare/B-Sides

    Really? The Japan promo vinyl, if it is one, says Speed It Up (Put It On You) and a couple other sites say Speed It Up (Put It On You)
  6. I've been trying to collect all of Janet's Unreleased/Rare/B-Sides as part of a compilation. So far I have Rock N Roll Start Anew French Blue You Need Me Work Skin Game Part 1 & 2 Escapade (Instrumental) Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me) 1814 Megamix (Long version) That's The Way Love Goes (Instrumental) Whoops Now (Not really rare) And On And On One More Chance 70s Love Groove Again (Piano/Vocal) Again (French Version) Can't Be Stopped Accept Me The Beat Of Black Wings Gods Stepchild Who Ruff I'm Here Could This Be Love Love Me Speed It Up Clap Your Hands Put Your Hands On What Can I Say Roll Withu Weekend Days Go By Let Me Know HeartBeatLove Promise Of You Love U 4 Life Is there anything missing that's obtainable?