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  1. "No Sleeep" — Winner "Dammn Baby" — Runner Up
  2. Get "Night" tf out of here. Ugh.
  3. Bye "Night", ughhhhhhhh
  4. Get "Night" out of here. Please.
  5. LyricalLesson

    The Official Azealia Banks Thread

    I can't wait for "Ain't Know" with Safaree and now that "Pyrex Princess" clip she teased on her instagram has me hype ... ??? I'm Jonesing for this record more than I had anticipated...haven't looked forward to an album release in quite some time. She's REALLY impressing me each time I hear something drop ("Chi Chi" is hands down one of the best rap singles of 2017)
  6. LyricalLesson

    Billboard spills on Chris Brown

    Favorite songs by this wack ass vocalist are: "Now & Later" "She Ain't You" "With You" "Birthday Cake Remix (with Rihanna)" "No Air (with Jordin Sparks)" "Nobody's Business (with Rihanna)"
  7. LyricalLesson

    Singles Rate: 2004

    Probably me...I HATE that damn song.
  8. THIS SHIT IS HOT!!!!! I'm ALREADY loving it more than the original. LOVE the clear single voice on the verses, LOVE the new "daaaaamnnnn" on the chorus, and I'm LOVIN' the beat on the breakdown!!!!
  9. LyricalLesson

    2016 Billboard Awards Thread

    Rihanna MURDERED "Love On The Brain"...hands down THE best vocal of the night. She performs the hell out of that song EVERY TIME she sings it live. She, to me, has owned the first half of 2016.
  10. LyricalLesson

    Singles Rate: 2003 (Winner announced!)

    This year was fantastic...SO many 8's 9's and 10's given out! I screenshot my votes so I can remember when the placements are revealed. I LOVE playing this singles rate game.
  11. LyricalLesson

    Damita Jo vs. Unbreakable (the songs)

    As much as I LOVE "Unbreakable" (it's one of my favorite tracks on the album, and one of Janet's best vocal deliveries of the past decade), I'm going to have to roll with "Damita Jo"...It's the perfect introduction to its parent album. The chorus is FIRE, the beat is an infectious head nodding banger, the concept -- a self description of herself and her alter egos -- is crazy unique, and the lyrics are sharp and self-assured, delivered with a subtle confidence and poise. That last line in the second verse just seals the deal for me: "...a little lady, a whole lot of class / but do me wrong, I'll get in dat ass"
  12. LyricalLesson

    Singles Rate: 2002

    I'm 5'6 1/2" . . . What does that make me?
  13. SLAY-Z "The Big Big Beat", "Skylar Diggins", "Used To Being Alone" & "Big Talk"
  14. LyricalLesson


    Dayz, I have to say, I have fallen in LOVE with "Dammn Baby"...I always liked it, loved the lyrics and message, but since they announced it would be the next single, I revisited it and I've taken on a new appreciation for the entire aesthetic of the track. The production is PHENOMENAL, it makes me feel like I'm in a different time and place. You pop into my head every time I hear it, because I remember you being ALL over the board professing your love for it. I COMPLETELY "get" it now, ESPECIALLY after the fantastic visual she gave us to accompany the song. Perfection!!!
  15. LyricalLesson


    Yo...I know Janet wasn't amused...but...keeping it 100 -- her dancers KILL'T that twerking though