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  1. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Long as she gives me crazy harmonies! I'm fine. Take Care Anything Again Anytime, Anyplace Moist When We Ooh (maybe not a ballad) Come Back To Me China Love
  2. Janet and Randy in London

    and it's THEEEEE JANET JACKSON. So yeah.
  3. Janet gets a Starbucks

    She can write songs and meeting notes etc in her phone. Lol Not everybody does it the old fashion way.
  4. Janet and Randy in London

    People in London don't freak out about celebs walking by them? lol

    lol It's just time for a new album and new tour with big production
  6. New pictures 26/2

    I think she is smaller than she was on tour. Cause I seen videos and pix of her with the blue jeans on sotw and these look smaller on her.
  7. Joe Jackson Precious Moments

    He's been showing love to all his kids. The only one that recently bashed the family and said they should kiss her fat ass is Joh'Vonnie ugly ass
  8. Does Janet own the rights to her masters?

    I think she owns the rights to Unbreakable. Idk about before tho.
  9. New pictures 26/2

    lol I know those shoes are old. I seen her wear them years years ago. Like 2009-2011 Anywho, she looks so small now.
  10. Janet with Eissa in London

    lol Eissa giving the middle finger in the last pic?
  11. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Ten Remain

    Y'all really dislike Broken Hearts Heal? wow
  12. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Ten Remain

    Umm. lol Trying not to get mad and take this seriously... Cause some of yall are TRIPPING! But After You Fall can go. I liked it at first but it makes me sleepy. lol
  13. New Pictures - Janet in London

    She looks great.
  14. Janet Jackson saw a 150% increase in Streams yesterday cause of the superbowl and #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay celebration on Social Media! Justin Timberlake saw 214% increase yesterday... He had Superbowl Halftime Show and performed on Jimmy Fallon live a couple hours later... and no his songs weren't # 1 on Itunes after the halftime show or his performance on Jimmy Fallon. Oh yeah no none of his songs were # 1 on Itunes after his halftime show or his performance on Jimmy Fallon
  15. Well I honestly thought he sucked and was boring and he was and so was Gaga imo. I also watched audience videos of Madonna, Beyonce, Bruno and they were actually loud.