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  1. Damn why can't we just really bond and spread love.. I would love to hear stems from Janet, so I can really sit back and be in Aw..
  2. Her good loyal fan for 36 years plus ...that's sad
  3. Well Gil blocked me when mentioning it haha
  4. Janet refuse to get dressed and it's no excuse
  5. I just recovery .... This was simply THE BEST SHOW.. her personality and she danced!!
  6. Ordered my tour program and metamorphosis book! Aug 9th ! Here I come
  7. Got mine yesterday..beautiful
  8. Let's claim tonight in the name of #Metamorphosis. Please check out this Janet mix tape! JANET :Vinyl Black Mixtape 1) Got Til' It's Gone (Conversations In a Cafe mix) 2) If/Nasty (Smoke & Mirrors mix) 3) That's the way LOVE goes (The Metamorphosis blend mix) 4) This Can't B Good ( The Uptown mix) 5) You Want This ( The Tunnel club mix) 6) Because of Love (The Vinyl Black mix) (Into: flashback nation mix) 7) So Exited (Afro Beats with bass) 8) Rock with You (The Lenox lounge mix) 9) When I Think Of You ( Iconic 80's Dance Mix) 10) All For You (Empire Skate Key Mix) Please Enjoy 💙
  9. Never .. I just need production! Visuals...I'm ready
  10. Tina was the best.. hands down
  11. I would love some re masters !
  12. Judging from the background it appears to be an outside venue... maybe that retirement cruise
  13. Ordered! Excited ! https://ume.lnk.to/ControlVinylPR
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