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  1. GTIG

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    She has an announcement tomorrow morning so
  2. GTIG

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    Wait ...I'm vibrating
  3. GTIG

    Literally got my Janet wallpaper...

    I've been waiting one since forever!
  4. Are you always sassy..for no reason?
  5. I have 1 wish and 1 wish only.... leave GIL at home
  6. JANET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the Slayage begin!!
  7. Agree 100%, for my coins, I'm gonna need something new and not just a new black bodysuit.
  8. JJ being blacklisted damaged everything. I truly believe, the Damita Jo album is EVERYTHING and the B-sides were solid. Her Vocals and the vibe was great (such a summer album). So what if the project did not sell (regardless of the SB or not), so what if the critics were negative... The album touched on different genres of music which is something I always LOVED about Janet and her current music lack.
  9. Just stop talking to me...