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  1. GTIG

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    You Ain’t Right vs Unbreakable All For You vs BURNITUP! Come On Get Up vs Dammn Baby When We Oooo vs The Great Forever China Love vs Shoulda Known Better Love Scene (Ooh Baby) vs After You Fall Would You Mind vs Broken Hearts Heal Trust A Try vs Night Son of A Gun... vs No Sleeep Truth vs Dream Maker/Euphoria Someone To Call Me Lover vs 2 B Loved Feels So Right vs Take Me Away Doesnt Really Matter vs Lessons Learned Better Days vs Black Eagle
  2. terrible ! I do not like his work at all!
  3. GTIG

    Cool fan-made video of Janet

    Great Video!
  4. My needs You can be mine Funky Big Band
  5. GTIG

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    "The talk" could've been with anyone..
  6. Only Penny I tell ya.. I love that woman !
  7. GTIG

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    She is annoying lmao i just love her ass and that gum
  8. Loved the video and TRL was the dope
  9. GTIG

    Janet on TRL FRIDAY 8am EST

    This was nut
  10. GTIG

    Janet on TRL FRIDAY 8am EST

    Ok ... I received an email from mtv .. OD happy !!
  11. I will enjoy this Janet Over Load! Bliss
  12. Totally understand however, the article come across as if Janets involvement is slim to none.