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  1. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    well traveleeeeeedddddddd
  2. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    not Dream Maker lol
  3. The media is STRONG brain washing tool. I recall going to the Rock w\ You Tour in Atlanta, the media reported low ticket sales and posted pictures of empty seats behind the stage. That show was damn near sold completely out! This came down to her last name, being African American and on top of the WORLD... Janet could do no wrong prior to Super Bowl held in Texas (clears throat). A lot of people turned their backs and noses up to Janet. The critics, fans, Record labels and Executive, Radio, movie rolls (I can go on). Everyone was trying to "fix" a falling pop star to be the Hero! If it was Britney, Justin or Madonna intentional or not, people would have praised a tit and supported the music. Prince was blacklisted and targeted for BS until he passed. Damita Jo theme was SEX... and happened to the most underrated gem to this day. The unreleased songs were even hot!
  4. *in my Janet voice* So many Hits you guys!
  5. My hometown.. I will be there! let's go Damita !!
  6. Janet at JFK airport

    No. Thank. You!
  7. ... I'm unable to can! * in Pat's voice from Why Did I Get Married* Damita is taking ALL MY MON-KNEE!
  8. Janet at JFK airport

    Janet + Pink = No Edges

    In a perfect world. The media would not stop until Janet history was damaged like many of the black artist that came before us. What upset me the most is Janet denoted a lot of her money, time, voice, power and heart to help the world HEAL and a titty was her downfall. Not drugs, abuse but a TIT! . Janet was Black Mega Star that did not have 1 flip under her belt, Performing at the Super Bowl in TX ( red state: sexism, racist, republican) with Justin Timberland. This started Youtube and was on every news outlet for weeks. Sorry, there was no return from this backlash

    Totally agree. If sales were solid and everyone praised it I believe that the fans would have embraced it and I agree with Csmitty. Janet is a visual artist first and foremost. We are accustom to seeing at least 7 videos if not all 7 on tour per album. DJ was cut short with 2 urban videos (again BET only played Janet and the urban community do not purchase music), we got " I want you" which was nominated by the Grammy performed once, "Don't stop" which was performed 3 times on TV and never played on the radio, JALW which video was scraped and R&B junkie was pulled from radio... We as fans did not have that full Janet experience.

    Dream Street and 20 YO are the bottom of the barrel, actually they're underneath the barrel..lol She introduced Strawberry, the album was all about SEX and pleasing her baby on different levels. Is that not a concept? Not to mention she killed SNL and JAY LENO.

    Janet paints a vivid picture and vibe of pure bliss. From them vocals, to harmony, to arrangement and melody. This song falls right in line with When I think of you and Escapade, just happy and carefree. I'm so confused with the Dislike of the Damita Jo project. The critics disapproved (After the SB, FYI all media out lets work together), Fans believed, musically the album was all over the place which is something I do not understand. I assumed the fans appreciated Janet's ability to smash all genre, throw backs and new trends of music. The album was not dated nor cheesy and Janet wanted to experiment which I respect as an artist. I came across Non Janet fans who to this day LOVE the DJ album. I believe this album will be a gem once she is no longer alive which is a shame.

    Island Life>>> someone to call my love ..
  14. Busta Rhymes was not at the VR concert in NY however, she did say hey busta (A West Coast slang). If you recall Poetic Justice "who u calling a busta". LOL

    Finally coming down ... Philly show was mindblowing, floor seat 10 rows away from the stage. #BROOKLYN was outright speechless row 6. The way Janet murdered that staged, played with the crowd. I would love to hear new music as a reflection of her current space.. Phil and NY, I was shot by her offical camera man. Joey is funny and gil was a cunt but oh well lol . NEWARK, the crowd was lack luster but the dancers showed out and little John is so nice .. take a look at this Custom Made Jacket i rocked https://www.instagram.com/p/BblD25QnZ49/

    This is why I love Janet Faded Teyanna went nuts I'm sure
  17. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    I stand firmly behind DJ!
  18. #VelvetRope20 #VR20

    Help Please! I've been on a hunt for 2 high resolution photos from the VR cd booklet. Janet with heavy eye make up, tongue out and showing the mickey tattoo. The Second photo Janet's head is down wearing red latex on. I'm in need of the high quality if possible! Thank you in advance.
  19. The Other News Thread

  20. The Other News Thread

    Anything is completely underrated just like the entire DJ album excluding Thinking Bout My EX Here goes nothing! Got Til It's GoneMy NeedYouVelvet RopeAnythingI Get LonelyWhat AboutTogether againRope BurnFree XoneSpecialEmptyGo DeepEvery TimeTonight the night
  21. The Other News Thread

    Reflection Great Read