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Let's honor Janet Jackson's most innovative song...

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Taking a page out of the good auntie's book, the information you are about to receive is 100% fact.





Empty is Janet's most innovative song.

among one of her most slept on.


Before we even touch the production, let's get right into these lyrics:


Is this a new way to love?
Never face to face, is it enough?
Does it really count or am I a fool?
So tell me, please, am I wasting my time?




Your phrases, descriptive
And through the textured words
With beauty, you post it
And use such colored verbs
We've never met, ooh






(When I close my eyes)
I can see your face
(When I lick my lips)
I can taste your smile
(When I see your name)
My heart starts to race
(If I can't read your thoughts)
Then I feel empty



This gospel. Surely it must have been written in the 2010s?

Oh THE 90S????




























Janet speaks on the modern day dilemma. Using the internet to seek companionship. Birthing the business model/concept of sites such as eHarmony and match.com, as well as the sole reason you are able to log on your Jack'D accounts to look for trade.


Thank you Janet Jackson. 




Now lets get into this SOUND. Jimmy Jam & Sis really put in work for this one, as they saw the genius of these lyrics and could not give this any ole production.


From the xylophones, the windows 98 error sounds, and the robotic countdown, we get the experience of LOGGING IN to janet's deepest emotions, feeling the exhilaration of exploring this new concept of "eLove."






Eventually, though, the emptiness is apparent at the end of the track.


damn, disconnected. 





which leads us to her final thoughts.




How empty of me... to be so full of you. 




damn Janet Jackson. why?


discuss below.

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Tinder ha soundtrack!


I love that it's getting love from publications! Such a great song.

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When I clicked into this thread, I said to myself, "If it's not about 'Empty,' I'm not even going to read it."

But then I seed you, LawdToday, and I knowed there is a God! LOL!

No, but seriously, this song is so incredible and so prescient. How it remained an album track and was never relased as a single; how she has never performed this song live is beyond me.

It seems like that song was imported from the 23rd century.

The melody, the harmonies, Janet's lead vocal performance, the lyrics, the production--everything about that song is simply perfection.

Even The Guardian knows it:

In a Pitchfork article on TLC’s 1999 album FanMail, Lindsay Zoladz investigates that album’s foreshadowing of today’s sense of dislocation brought on by technology, at one point referring to it as “a transmission from the future”. On The Velvet Rope, Janet pre-empted them on the futuristic, glitchy ballad Empty, a song that anticipated Tinder by about 15 years. Fascinated by the implications of people connecting to others through a computer (“I wonder what kind of reality that creates, and what kind of romantic frustrations it produces,” she mused at the time), it perfectly sums up both the illicit thrill of communicating and sharing intimate details with a stranger and the oddly unsatisfying dislocation that can create (“if I can’t read your thoughts, then I feel empty”). While FanMail’s overriding conceptual approach now seems dated, the way Empty is constructed still feels forward-thinking, even with the slightly hackneyed, looped modem sound that forms part of the song’s intro. In fact, part of Empty’s majesty comes from the sonic layering; that initial modem sound quickly joined by a cluster of glacial bell sounds, a two-stepesque scattershot beat that seems to mirror the tap-tap of a keyboard, and processed choir that harmonises with the very human lilt of Jackson’s sweet vocal. Out of all the enduring Janet Jackson songs, Empty feels like the one most referenced in 2015, specifically in the fusion of electronic music and R&B showcased by artists such as FKA twigs and Kelela.



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When I clicked into this thread, I said to myself, "If it's not about 'Empty,' I'm not even going to read it.


I said the same thing. 'Empty' is so sonically delicious and Janet's voice on the track is very mesmerizing.


Ya'll better stan for Miss Empty.

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Empty deserves ha praise



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1,2, 3,4! Fiyah! Fiyah!  Her most brilliant song ever!  I swear I don't understand why she has never performed it live and why anyone hasn't had the capability to convince her to do it so.  I swear the performance could almost be reminiscent of a Rhythm Nation type production as far as how many dancers she puts in the video.  "We never met!!!!!!!!!" 


The vocal arrangement is out of this world, pure heaven.....her background vocals are so brilliant  "When I close my eyes....." I just melt.


I could hear Bjork covering this song.

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